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Regular Cruises Or Boat Trips. Are They Available?

Discussion in 'Cruise' started by JennandJerome, Nov 27, 2015.

  1. Thanks to anyone who can help me here. We are interested in seeing India by ship but when I search online I only find information onluxury cruises that make a stop there. Is there any kind of domestic cruise option available?


    J &J

  2. Tyson

    Tyson New Member

    I'd tried to find this out too. Seems that nobody knows about this or has an answer. I want to try and travel up the coast by boat instead of the train. I would love to pass the time on the water and see a little of the landscape by sea.

  3. RBean

    RBean New Member

    You can book trips that cruise the interior waters of India. They take you by villages and make stops along the way. Go online and enter boat cruises in India and it will bring up a few of coast and river cruises.
  4. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    I've seen things like river cruises of the Ganges - I agree with @RBean that if you just do a search online you'll probably find a bunch of tour providers in your country that you could book through. I can't see on your post where you're located, but if you let us know where you are based I'm sure people could suggest booking companies to go through - that way it's all booked from your home country before your trip, rather than having to worry about it when you're there! :)
  5. hellotraveler

    hellotraveler Member

    All I could seem to find are trips to and from Mumbai at Travelweekly's web site. But that doesn't seem to be a good fit for a lot of the other areas to travel to. Maybe some of the people local to India or frequent travelers there can chime in and help out further on this subject.
  6. Travis

    Travis New Member

    I was also searching for this and can’t find anything at all. I wouldn’t mind taking a cruise up the cost of India and stopping at several ports on the way. I think spending the day in each port you can see a lot of India