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Religious Sites

Discussion in 'Travel advice' started by integrity101, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. integrity101

    integrity101 Member

    One of my nephews who is a student of Anthropology would like to visit a part of India with the largest number of religious sites. I've been to India before but not for religious reasons so I couldn't provide an accurate answer. Anyone here know which part of India has the greatest concentration of religious temples and sites?

  2. jnorth88

    jnorth88 Active Member

    This is a bit difficult. It depends on a couple of things. Which religions are of interest to your nephew? Also, does he want historical sites, or still functional and practicing temples and monasteries? For instance, if it is Sikhism you would have to visit the Golden Temple in Amristar. But there is also the Sun Temple in Konark. Even the Velankanni Church, which practices Catholicism. There are so many areas of interest that it is hard to say which area would work. Ask your nephew for a bit more information.