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Rishikesh in December

Discussion in 'Uttarakhand' started by AshaNarayn, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. AshaNarayn

    AshaNarayn New Member

    I have holidays available in December, and I would like to plan a trip to Rishikesh in December. Although there is nothing stopping us from going in December, what we would not want it the time of the year to stop us from going places within Rishikesh or doing certain activities.

    Thew main activity which we wish to do is river rafting, would this be possible to do in the month of December?

    What would the weather be in like in Rishikesh in December?

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hi there, welcome to the forum!

    December is considered as part of the winter season in Rishikesh. During this time of the year, the region experiences colder climates. Temperatures range between 11°c to 23°C. Average daily temperature is at 17°C. From the middle of December until early January, temperatures can even go as low as zero degrees or sometimes even lower. This is actually the best season to visit Rishikesh as the temperatures are pleasant enough for sightseeing and joining in adventure activities.

    However, if visiting during the winter season, it's advisable to bring heavy woollens to prepare yourselves from the cold. If you come from a lower altitude region, be prepared for the chilly nights. Other necessary winter essentials are woollen socks, long sleeve shirts and jackets. You can also bring boots and good grip shoes in case you'd like to indulge in trekking. Blankets are also essential especially if you're staying in a home stay or guest as they don't always provide extra quilts.

    With regards to river rafting, this activity is done between the months of October to June. So yes, you can still participate in river rafting even in December. Ideally, the best times for river rafting are between February to June and between October to the middle of December. Although rafting can be done in December, the cold temperature can make the activity more challenging especially for inexperienced rafters. But if you're up for a thrilling adventure, river rafting during this month can be an experience that you won't regret and forget.

    Other activities that you can do in Rishikesh in December are bungee jumping, giant swing, flying fox, trekking, camping, rappelling, rock climbing and mountain biking. You can also participate in yoga and meditation courses around Rishikesh. There are also numerous attractions around the city that you can visit like ashrams, temples and waterfalls.

    I hope this helps you!:)