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ROOP KUND @20th May 17.

Discussion in 'Trekking and Mountaineering' started by LONE_TREKER, Apr 19, 2017.


    LONE_TREKER New Member

    Dear all,
    Planning for 8 days roop kund trek on 20 th may 17.
    Looking for interested people to come along.
    We will start from delhi, on 20th night we will take train to kathgodam from old delhi railway station.
    Is there any local guides and porter available at lohajung or pre booking from any treking company is necessary ??
    If so please reply.
    Your comment is awaited.
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  2. Mohit Eagle

    Mohit Eagle Member

    It hasn't been long since I joined this forum if I had joined much earlier it would have been great to join you on this trip, as it is a place I intend to visit one day.

    Did you manage to go on the trip?

    Is there any information or tips you can share, so I can be prepared for my trip there?