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Ruins Of The Glorious Past

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Tyson, Jan 21, 2016.

  1. Tyson

    Tyson New Member

    I was looking through the photo gallery on this site. I saw a beautiful image of the ruins of the glorious past. Does anyone happen to know if they have guided tours that would take you to some of these ruins or temples? I love seeing the past and understanding the history of the country.

  2. swalia

    swalia Guest

    You will find guided tours for most of the locations of historical importance. You can google for more information or even the local hotels can arrange for the guided tours. Local guides are also available at places of tourist attractions which can take you on a guided tour of the place.

  3. Andre

    Andre New Member

    This is fantastic to know. If you decide to take a tour on your own do these locations have recording devices. I have visited a few places that you rent a small recorder with earphone. As you walk around and come to a place of interest the recorder tell you the history. I liked this very much and it allowed me to go at my own pace.
  4. Travis

    Travis New Member

    Now this is a possibility. I love looking at history and ruins. I wonder if we could visit more than one location on the tour. I would like to spend one day exploring the history and past of India. This might be the answer I was looking for.
  5. Arianne

    Arianne Member

    Do you know where those ruins were photographed? I've heard of the ruins of Hampi and they look fantastic. It takes 3 days to go through the whole place, it's fairly large. It's considered a UNESCO world heritage site.
  6. Vinaya

    Vinaya Member

    India is an ancient civilization. It has a glorious history. However, tides of time ruined everything. Furthermore, India was also attacked and rules by foreigners for a long time.It started with Alexander and continued until 1947 when India became free. You can find ruins of historical cities,temples and other monuments in many places. Before you make a plan to visit the ruins, make sure where you want to visit.
  7. Andrew

    Andrew New Member

    If this has happened and India is now free why don't the people restore some of these ruins. I think it would be fantastic if India tried to regain back what it has lost. Restoring some of your ancient ruins would really be wise for the culture of India.
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  8. tabby

    tabby Member

    I was just browsing TripAdvisor and checking out ancient ruins in India. Among the widely reviewed by tourists is one called Ellora Caves in Aurangabad. I think this is something I would enjoy exploring myself. Others listed in the site include Chennakesava Temple (Belur), Vijayanagar (Hampi), Monuments at Mahabalipuram, Chand Baori (Abhaneri), Badami Cave Temples (Badami) and a host of other ancient ruins. As pointed out by Vinaya, India is an ancient civilization. There is much to explore and deciding on what to prioritize is a must.
  9. Chanterelle

    Chanterelle New Member

    I also like historical sites, especially if they are not too crowded. (Not sure how feasible that hope is in India though.) I know in some countries you are not allowed to visit certain places without an official guide from the site, which puts me off. I've done it but being talked at endlessly is irritating. I prefer to look around under my own steam.
  10. Yes this is definitely something which is needed and the there has been some effort from the government regarding this. But restoring these monuments take a lot of funds, and there are many such monuments in India belonging to various periods and various cultures. If there is not enough interest in these places from the general public it will just be a loss-making venture for the government. Some monuments like the Humayun's Tomb in New Delhi have been renovated, but only because a private entity was willing to take up the mantle