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Seniors Tours In India

Discussion in 'Itinerary' started by gerbera, Jan 25, 2016.

  1. gerbera

    gerbera New Member

    My grandmother heard that my friend and I are going to India next year and has decided this is a place she wants to visit. She asked me if there are senior tours in India? She's looking for something that is easy to do with not too much walking.

  2. Danny Luke

    Danny Luke Member

    Yes, there are tours and packages being offered by certain travel agencies that specifically cater to senior citizens. All you really need to do is go online and look. For a start, I highly recommend that you go to the official website of Senior Citizen Travel (Senior Citizen Travel | Discounts & Destinations for Senior Citizens) and look for listings there about travel itineraries in India for seniors. If you can't find one there, you can always contact any travel agency that promotes India tours and ask if they can redirect you to an agency that offers senior tours.

  3. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello there! Welcome to the forum!

    There are some tour operators in India that have senior tours for the elderly. Here are some that I was able to find:

    1. The 50+ Voyagers Travel and Adventure Club - They mostly offer tour packages for elderly couples. They can be found in Bangalore. Here is their address: No. 894, 2nd Floor, 1st Main Rd, S.T. Bed, 1st Block Koramangala, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034. Their contact number is: +91 80 2553 3702. Here are some of their packages:
    • Marvels of Kerala - This tour explores the backwaters of Alleppey, Munnar and Kochi. It is for Rs. 22,000 per person. The rate already includes the meals and the transportation. It also includes a houseboat stay for the guest. The transportation included has AC as well. This is a 4 nights and 5 days tour.
    • The Shadow of Misty Mountains on Backwater - This tour explores Munnar, Alleppey and Thekkady. It is for Rs. 24,800 per person. The rate includes the transportation, accommodations and meals already. It also includes a houseboat tour of the backwaters. This is a 6 nights and 7 days tour.
    • The Queen of Blue Mountains - This explores the cities of Ooty and Coonoor. It is for Rs. 15,000 per person. The rate already includes the meals, resort and transportation. It doesn't involve much walking and the transportation is an AC one too.
    • The Unforgettable Romance of Himachal - This includes Kullu, Manali and Shimla. It is for Rs. 24,500 per person. The rate includes meals, AC transportation and accommodation. You get to explore popular tourist attractions in the mentioned cities. It involves a bit of walking but nothing too extreme.

    2. Elder Treks - This is an international tour agency but they do have tours for elderly or senior citizens wanting to travel to India. Their contact number is: (416) 588-5000. They also have a UK number: 0808-234-1714. And a US number: (800) 741-7956. Here are their packages:
    • Classic India - This explores Rajasthan, Khajuraho, Agra, New Delhi and Varanasi. Major tourist attractions in this cities are included in the tour/sightseeing. This package is for 21 days and costs Rs. 466,566. This includes 3 internal flights and can accommodate up to 16 travellers. All meals and accommodations are included in the rate as well. The activity level for this tour is two: so it involves some trekking of up to two hours or sightseeing for one to two hours.
    • Mountains and Monasteries of Northern India - This explores New Delhi, Amritsar, Dalhousie, Dharamshala, Nagar, Sarchu, Leh and Nubra Valley. It mostly involves sightseeing tours of temples and other attractions in the mentioned cities. This package is for 21 days and costs Rs. 333,298. There is one internal flight involved. It can accommodate up to 16 persons too. It includes all the accommodations, meals and transportation needed. The activity level for this tour is also level two.

    3. Holiday Travel Company - This is an Indian-based tour agency with several branches in the country. Their office address in Delhi is: Arvind Marg, Near Attri Homeoclinic, Himachal, 174303. Their contact number is: +91-9418093019. Here is their package:
    • Shimla Manali Tour Package for the Senior Citizens - This explores Shimla and Manali. Major attractions of Shimla and Manali are included like: The Mall, The Ridge, Rohtang Pass, Scandal Point and many more. Accommodations are already included as well as meals. Foods served are specially made for seniors, less oily and has less spices.

    I hope this helps!

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