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Shooting an amateur documentary in India : which visa ?

Discussion in 'Visa and Passport' started by jonaternet, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. jonaternet

    jonaternet New Member


    I wish to go to India to make a first documentary as amateur, It should be just a first trip to find interesting locations, but I still also intend to shoot images, and therefore come with audio and video material, light enough but not really discrete. I may also hire an assistant to translate and hold the microphone.

    The theme of my documentary is the recycling of objects, a subject that had fascinated me during a previous trip in India. I therefore willl be filming modest people like farmers or craftsmen in places that are not normally filmed by tourists. I will be requesting the prior authorization of the people filmed, and plan in advance the shooting sessions with them.
    I suppose I could apply for a tourist visa, since I am not employed in a job that requires a journalist visa.
    Applying for a journalist visa means I must also apply for filming permission with the XP division of the Ministry of External Affairs, and therefore indicate * All * the locations of filming planned while I do not know them yet, and indicate who is my employer, when I am self-employed and will probably not sell the images I am shooting...
    Moreover, the time needed to get these permissions are indefinite and may put me totally out of the wanted timeframe (end of january - end of april) .
    So my questions are ,
    1 - Is it actually allowed to shoot a documentary as a non-professional hobbyist, with a T-visa ?
    2 - No matter which visa I choose, do you think I can be bothered by the police while shooting ?