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Discussion in 'Himachal Pradesh' started by Sachin, Jun 10, 2016.

  1. Sachin

    Sachin New Member

    I would like to go Sissu in Himachal Pradesh for a holiday this coming July, and the main reason for visiting Sissu would be because it is a rare place where you would find tourists, yet a beautiful place.
    There are some things which I need to be clarified about the Sissu with the help from the forum. I know Sissu is a less visited place in Himachal Pradesh, but then I don't want to be stuck there with nothing to do or see!

    What things are there to see and do in Sissu?

    How far is Sissu from Manali?

    Are hotels easily available in Sissu?

    Are there any good restaurants in Sissu?

    How many days you recommend staying in Sissu?

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello @Sachin and welcome to the forum!

    You can visit the Chandra River which is where you can find Sissu, at its banks. You can try out different teas from tea stalls or shops. Across the river, there's a waterfall known as Palden Lhamo Dhar. You can visit the next village called Shasin where Lord Gyepang is known to have resided.

    Sissu is about 90 kms away from Manali, so that's about an hour and a half ride.

    There are only a few hotels in Sissu namely:
    • Hotel Triveni
    • Hotel PLM Dhara
    There are also homestays and camps around the area. Since this place isn't really a tourist destination, you won't have a problem booking these accommodations. But call beforehand so that you can secure a room for yourself.

    Yes, you can find some restaurants near the camp site of Sissu and Sarchu. Here they are:
    • Khyber. Specialises in Mughlai food.
    • Adarsh Restaurant. Kind of expensive but offers delicious meals as well.
    • Chopsticks. If you're craving for Chinese food, visit this restaurant.
    • SaBa Restaurant. Has different cuisines, Chinese, Indian and other Asian ones.
    • Espresso Coffee and Snacks. Good for short snacks in between trips.
    One to two days would be enough to explore Sissu.

    I hope this helps!