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Smoking In Public

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Delilah, Feb 6, 2016.

  1. Delilah

    Delilah New Member

    Is it true that women should not smoke in public in India? If so, what is the reason? Is it something to do with the local culture?

  2. Chahal

    Chahal ਜੱਟ ਕੀ ਤੇ ਘੱਟ ਕੀ Staff Member

    I see plenty of girls smoking in public all over India. No one would raise an eyebrow if that's what you are thinking.

  3. Debapriya Deb

    Debapriya Deb Active Member

    As per the law, smoking in public places is banned in India. Legally it's an punishable offence. Having said that it's not strictly enforced anywhere, except for a few metro cities. I have been fined twice for smoking in public in Bangalore, but that's limited to a few posh areas like the MG Road or Koramangala. I can see lots of people smoking in public (including myself). So unless you are caught by the police, it's acceptable.

    As far as whether girls should smoke in public or not, such moral policing is something which you should not care about. In most of the places in India, nobody cares.
  4. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Smoking in public in India was prohibited since October 2, 2008. This includes auditoriums, hospitals, public transportation and cinemas. It also includes offices, restaurants and amusement centres. Basically, you can only smoke on roads or your own home. But there was a misunderstanding between two different health officers, one allows smoking in the road and the other doesn't.

    Anyway, the point is that smoking in public in India isn't really allowed, whether you're a female or a male. Supposed to be, if you're caught, you have to pay a fine of Rs 200. But in reality, this law isn't strictly implemented unless you're in a few cities who are serious about this law.

    It was actually Kerala that started it all, being the first city to ban smoking in public places. But the city that has had major success in being smoke-free would be Chandigarh. The success of their banning of smoking became popular hence the city became known as "Smoke-Free Chandigarh." Soon after, other cities followed their example, like Shimla.

    Now, let's go to the issue at hand, which is women smoking in India. Right now, India is almost as modern as other countries. It's not rare to see women smoking cigarettes here. And although the number of men smoking has decreased, statistics show that the number of women smoking cigarettes in India has increased over the years. The number of men who smoke are still many as compared to women though.
  5. Bonzer

    Bonzer New Member

    There's a blanket ban on smoking in India in public places. It was enforced by previous Man Mohan Singh government. However, to suggest that the ban applies to women alone is absurd. Thank god, it's a free country and there are no draconian laws in India. Both men & women are treated at par.

    If anyone has told you that the ban applies to women alone and it's a cultural thing, then you are misled and most obviously so.
  6. Fredy Mejia

    Fredy Mejia New Member

    Most people in India don't want women to smoke in public as it makes a huge impact on younger women. Indian culture represents a lot, they have very strict marriage arrangements, and before parents wanted women to find a good man to marry but now parents want their boys to find a good girl to marry, due to the increasing population of women smokers in India. I personally think that women all around the world should be free to do whatever they want, without being judged, despite India still judging those public smoking women I believe they are allowing their women to have more freedom than ever before.
  7. GammaRay

    GammaRay Member

    Well, smoking in public is banned in India but as the saying goes, "If no one's watching..." right? Kidding, it's very bad it's close to epidemic the way people litter the streets with their cigarettes but it doesn't look like the ban is strictly enforced. I suggest to only smoke at designated areas and throw your butts where they belong-- in the trash after all you're just a guest in their country be nice.
  8. integrity101

    integrity101 Member

    Prohibition of smoking in public is not a gender issue and neither is it strictly enforced. You'll find both men and women smoking freely along the roads and in their homes. It is only in some posh neighborhoods or public buildings that the ban is effected. Otherwise nobody really cares about women smoking in public.
  9. Norjak71

    Norjak71 New Member

    As far as I know it's okay but make sure you check with local regulations before doing it. Always try to respect the culture there if you are just visiting and you will be met with respect as well!
  10. ladydaydream

    ladydaydream New Member

    As others have said, it is illegal to smoke in public, but it isn't unheard of. I think as long as you are respecting others and not blowing smoke in people's faces, no one will care much. I don't think gender is much of an issue either. Just be careful and polite and you should be fine.
  11. cecejailer

    cecejailer New Member

    I think it's not exactly illegal to smoke in public, more like it's illegal to smoke around others and somewhere with a low roof. At least that's how it is in Brazil: the government claims you can't smoke anywhere in public but no one cares if you do, as long as you're not blowing your smoke in someone else's face!
  12. ashley0323

    ashley0323 New Member

    When I visited india in 2014, it was considered prohibited to smoke in public. You can actually get in trouble for it if you are caught. I can agree with this though. The second hand smoke is awful and they are trying to keep their air pure.
  13. Casiox

    Casiox New Member

    Well, I have never visited India, but it would not be a bad idea to do so, I think it's a nice place that I would like to visit, however, I personally think that smoking in public should be banned in some countries, it really is harmful to nature and the ambience itself, I did not really know it was banned in India, but it's a good thing to know that they have a clean and fresh ambience in their public areas.
  14. Dybbuk Jones

    Dybbuk Jones New Member

    India is trying to cut down on public smoking, but it looks like it's more of a public nuisance clause like littering, spitting on the sidewalk or public urination where the enforcement is dependent on whether the police officer was having a bad day. There might be a perception that women shouldn't smoke in public from the inequality of enforcement in the same way as American drug laws tend to come down hardest on minorities.

    I imagine that there might be more enforcement of smoking bans in the future, but most people tend not to be too strict about outside smoking. Indoor smoking is something that got banned throughout America starting in New York City and the the outside of every bar is still called the "Bloomberg Lounge" because that's where you can smoke.
  15. clair02

    clair02 New Member

    Public smoking has been banned in almost all of the countries, and I think that was a really great decision, but I have never heard of the law targeting only women. Maybe it had something to do with their culture at one time, but I think that doesn't really apply anymore. Things have changed a lot as far as moral policing goes as Debapriya Deb says, and I don't think anyone really cares anymore. I'm quite sure you won't have any problems with that.
  16. audrinaa

    audrinaa New Member

    There are a lot of different ideas on this post. I don't think that I will smoke in India if and when I go. Being a woman and going to India is scary anyway. Still I can't wait to go.
  17. arunava basu

    arunava basu New Member

    Smoking in public is banned in India but not in all regions. You can smoke in public in the places where it is not prohibited. Urban Indian women also smoke a lot and you can see it in cities like Kolkata, where girls smoke on streets and nobody bothers. But it is still a bane in small cities and places where people are a little conservative. So, better avoid smoking in the open when you visit small towns or villages or else you could be subjected to public abuse. But if you are a foreigner(white), locals won't bother if you smoke in public.
  18. cardinals27

    cardinals27 New Member

    In some parts it is not legal to smoke in public. Even if you are going to a part where it is legal I don't think that I would smoke in public because it is kind of a nuisance to some people, but if it is legal where you are at that is completely up to you.