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Suitable itinerary for exploring the seven sisters

Discussion in 'North East India' started by Akshay Natu, Nov 3, 2016.

  1. Akshay Natu

    Akshay Natu New Member

    Hello ITF members, my name is Akshay, and I am a travel enthusiast from Mumbai. I am planning an extensive holiday in North east India, and intend to completely explore the seven sisters.

    Can experts and locals help me in making an Itenerary? I would mostly be travelling by road, on a motorcycle. I intend to make this a relaxed exploration, rather than a touristy trip. Hence I have allocated about 9 weeks for the whole tour(from siliguri to siliguri). Can you please help me compile the must visit places in all of the seven states?

    Thank you all in advance. All your suggestions and feedbacks regarding my plan are most welcome.