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Thailand (Pattaya ,Bangkok),Maldives or andaman which is best to travel with kids and family

Discussion in 'Travel advice' started by Makesh, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. Makesh

    Makesh New Member

    Thailand (Pattaya ,Bangkok),Maldives or andaman which is best to travel with kids and family during sept end.Urgent suggestion needed pls

  2. Lisa

    Lisa New Member

    In my own experience Thailand offers a better value for money. You have not mentioned what criteria are you referring to. If better value for money is what you are after just go for Thailand and you wont regret it. Look at resorts on the Andaman sea which are not that popular with tourists and offer great value for money. Beaches are pretty good and food is cheap.

    I am single so my perspective is a little different than yours as you have kids and family with you so make sure you steer clear of the red light districts in Thailand rest is great.

    If money is not a constraint then get a decent water villa somewhere in the Maldives. I stayed at a water villa for one night to get an experience and it was great, couldn't afford to stay longer.

  3. iamawriter

    iamawriter Member

    It is important to know from where you want to take this trip. From India there are direct flights to Bangkok from many cities whereas Chennai is the only place from where you can fly to Anadaman. Going by the travel comfort I would recommend Thailand too. @Lisa has already mentioned why she recommends Thailand. I too have been to Thailand and must say I had a great time there with my husband and other relatives.
  4. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member