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Tirupati Temple

Discussion in 'South India' started by GudiyaL, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. GudiyaL

    GudiyaL New Member

    I would like to one day visit the Tirupati temple in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh. As this is would be a one off visit, I need to know about when the right time to go would be and so that I can pay my respects in peace and have enough time to spend in the temple.

    I see on the forum that many members have put their queries in forms of questions, I don't know whether this is a rule, but I will also do the same as it would be easier for me to get the replies back in the order that I would list them.

    1. What is the best time of the year to visit the Tirupati temple?

    2. What is the best time to be there during the day for darshan and see the aarti?

    3. Are there any restrictions when visiting the temple, as I know some temples have certain rules and regulations?

    4. Are there hotels close to the temple or is it best to stay in the main Tirupati city?

    5. I read somewhere about devotees being stuck in the darshan halls of the temple for around 8 hours, what is this all about?

  2. KK

    KK Member

    Hi GudiyaL, welcome to the forum, and there is no such rule to ask in forms of questions.

    1. Weather during summers in Tirupati can be very hot, and it can get very humid too. Seeing that your main point of going to Tirupati is to visit the temple, the ideal time to visit would be between July and February.

    2. You need to book your darshan time, buy getting a ticket which can be obtained from the Tirupati Temple website at tirumala.org or any Balaji temple near where you live. There is a cost for the ticket, but it is easier for darshan as a time slot is given, if you go for the free darshan then you should be prepared to wait in the queue for at least 8 hours. The highest priced ticket is Rs500 for which you only need to queue for 1-2 hours.
    Bookings should be made well in advance.

    3. No there are no such rules, just the general to be dressed appropriately. No mobiles or cameras are allowed inside the temple.

    4. You will find plenty of hotels which are located close by the Tirupati temple.

    5. This is the time which is takes for darshan and the 8-hour wait is for the free darshan.

  3. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello there! Welcome to the forum!

    Well, generally, the Tirupati Temple can be visited all-year round. So let us have a breakdown of the seasons in Tirupati:
    • From March to June, these are the summer months in Tirupati. Temperatures range between 42°C to 45 °C. It can be a bit uncomfortable to tour the temple especially if you come from a colder region. However, this is the off-peak season so there are less crowds and you can get better deals in accommodations nearby.
    • From July to September, these are the monsoon months in Tirupati. The region experiences mild to heavy rain showers. The temperatures go a bit lower as compared to the summer season though. Just bring your umbrella if you intend to visit the temple during this season.
    • From September to February, these are the winter months. This is also the peak tourist season in the Tirupati Temple. The weather during this time is pleasant for exploring the region. Temperature can go as low as 15°C, which is just enough for a sightseeing trip. But since this is peak tourist season, make sure that you book your hotel room well in advance.
    It's up to you what to choose. I'd prefer post-monsoon season, from September to November, when the tourists and pilgrims aren't that many in the temple. Keep in mind though that almost 50,000 devotees visit the temple everyday so what might seem like crowded to you during off-peak season, is actually less crowded than usual.

    So for the darshan, there are different available times for different people. Those who have booked online, through the TTD official website, they have the special entry darshan or seeghra darshan. Here are the timings:
    • Monday - 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
    • Tuesday - 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
    • Wednesday - 10:00 am to 9:00 pm
    • Thursday - 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
    • Friday - 10:00 am to 8:00 pm
    • Saturday - 9:00 am to 8:00 pm
    • Sunday - 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
    Online booking costs Rs. 300 and you can book as advanced as 56 days before your journey or a day before it. There are special darshan timings as well for the following:
    • Parents of 1 year old and below - Monday to Sunday - 11:00 am to 8:00 pm (Report at Supatham)
    • Physically disabled, senior citizens and bypass surgery patients - Monday to Sunday - 11:00 am to 8:00 pm (Report at main temple entrance, 2 hours before darshan)
    For those who haven't booked online or through the remote counters, they have to line up and the timings for the sarva darshan differ each time, depending on the inflow of people that day.

    Then, there's also the sudarshan, which is at Rs. 50 per person. You can also book it online or through remote counters. You can reserve tokens minimum of 3 days and maximum of 90 days before your journey. You must report to the temple one hour before your supposed time on the token.

    Here are some general guidelines you can follow:
    • Dress appropriately. For women, they can wear sarees or chudidars. For men, they can wear a shirt and dhoti. You must remove your shoes before entering the temple.
    • Make sure you have paid obeisance to Ishta Daivam or Kula Daivam before going to the Tirupati Temple.
    • Bathe in the Swami Pushkarini and worship Sri Bhu Varaha Swamy in his temple before you visit the Lord Venkateshwara in his shrine.
    • Make sure you're clean when entering Lord Venkateshwara's shrine.You can chant, 'Om Namo Sri Venkatesaya' but other than this, you must observe silence.
    • You can then bathe in Papavinasanam and in the Akasa Ganga teertham.
    Here are some restrictions in the temple:
    • Do not bring food inside the temple, it's not allowed.
    • Don't pray with only one hand.
    • Don't sit with your back facing the deity.
    • You cannot wear flowers or garlands inside the temple.
    • Quarrelling, spitting or doing any kind of nuisance will be dealt with accordingly.
    • Gadgets, cell phones, cameras and calculators are not allowed inside the temple. You can leave them in the cloak room or just at your hotel.

    There are hotels close to the temple and the temple itself has accommodation options. You have the following options for hotels:

    Budget Hotels Near Tirupati Temple
    • Woodside Hotel - This is just 0.4 km from the temple. The good thing about this hotel is it's located very near the attractions of the city as well as the transportations. Room rates start at Rs. 755 per night which is pretty decent. You get basic amenities, like air-conditioning, bed and an attached bathroom. They have their own restaurant but I don't recommend it. It's better to just find nearby eateries, which are many around the area. Their address is: 20 G Car Street, Tirupati 517501.
    • PVR Residency - This is about 10 kms from the temple. Their Non AC Room is at Rs. 977 per night. Although they're a bit further, they do have good enough facilities for guests. Their rooms have basic amenities like a bed, telephone and attached bathroom. They also have room service for guests. Their address is: 20-3-133/2, Siva Jyothi Nagar, Near Postal Colony, Chittor District, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh 517214.
    Mid-Range Hotels Near Tirupati Temple
    • Hotel Raj Park - This is about 0.4 km from the temple. Their room rates start at Rs. 2,500 per night. Rooms have air-conditioning, WiFi, writing desk, television, mini-bar, coffee maker and an attached bathroom with bath tub. Their restaurant is open 24 hours and has multi-cuisines. Their address is: 18-1-5/4, National Highway 205, T.T.D By Pass Road, Near Nandhi Circle, Ramchandra Nagar, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh 517501.
    • Hotel Sindhuri Park - This is about 8 kms from the temple. Their room rates start at Rs. 2,500 per night. Rooms have LED television, attached bathroom, safety deposit and air-conditioning. They also have a restaurant and a conference hall. Their address is: 14-2-118, 119, T.P. Area, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh 517501.
    Luxury Hotels Near Tirupati Temple
    • Marasa Sarovar Premiere - This is about 10 kms from the temple. Their room rates start at Rs. 3,999 per night. Rooms are complete with amenities like tea/coffee maker, television, attached bathroom, bed and mini bar. The hotel also has a cafe, restaurant, swimming pool and fitness centre. Their address is: Upadhyaya Nagar, Karakambadi Road, Tirupati - 517507, Andhra Pradesh.
    • Pai Viceroy Hotel - This is about 9 kms from the temple. Their Superior Room is at Rs. 4,500 per night. It has ample space and has complete amenities like television, seating area, attached modern bathroom and WiFi. The hotel also has two restaurants, a souvenir shop and a business centre. Their address is: 18-1-5/6,18th Ward, Tirumala Bypass Road, Near Kapila Teertham, Ramachandra Nagar, Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh 517501.
    It's your choice but if you'd like to access all the temples, then it's best to stay in the hotels near them.

    The management holds the devotees in the darshan waiting hall. You cannot wander around and you must wait your turn for the darshan. Because of this, you have to wait for a few hours for the darshan. However, this is only for the free darshan, for those who paid online, the line will be shorter and you won't have to wait for long hours like that.

    I hope this helps.