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Tourist Places In Banglore

Discussion in 'Karnataka' started by Ajay Malhotra, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. Ajay Malhotra

    Ajay Malhotra New Member

    Hello All,

    Can you suggest me tourist places in Banglore??

  2. Geena

    Geena New Member

    Wow, I'm so happy for you that you're going to Bangalore. Definitely one of the best cities in India that's filled with parks and lakes.

    As for your question, may I ask what you meant by tourist places? As in, places to stay? Or places to visit?

    Pardon the frankness, but I'd love to help :)

  3. Ajay Malhotra

    Ajay Malhotra New Member

    I meant places to visit like Parks, Museums, Fountains, Historical Places ETC.
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  4. Geena

    Geena New Member

    I didn't spend as much time as I'd have loved to but I'm going to try to answer your question, Ajay.

    If you love parks, you'd be delighted to know that Bangalore is also known as the Garden City of India. The parks as well as the lakes are both incredibly impressive. For parks, I'd strongly recommend Lal Bagh and there's another bigger one called the Cubbon Park.

    For historical places, if you love ancient architecture as much as I do, you'd very much like to check out Bangalore Fort, Bangalore Palace, and Mayo Hall. As for shopping, the two places that I know of are Brigade Road and Commercial Street.

    Hope this helps!
  5. Ajay Malhotra

    Ajay Malhotra New Member

    ok. Thankyou for the information..
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  6. Geena

    Geena New Member

    The pleasure's all mine, Ajay.

    Happy to help :)
  7. rajesh

    rajesh Member

    There are many tourist places in Bangalore. Some of the most amazing places I have visited are:

    Lal Bagh (Landscape Gardens and famous glasshouse)
    Bannerghatta National Park (Zoo, Park)
    Ulsoor (Lakes, Temples, Yoga)
    Bangalore Fort (Historical Place)
    Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple (Cave temple with architectural wonders)
    Sankey Tank (Lake)
    Ragigudda Anjaneya (Temple)

    In my opinion, all of the above places are totally worth visiting.
    Hope this helps. :)