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Tourist Visa Rip Off

Discussion in 'Travel advice' started by Philip Trett, Feb 7, 2018.

  1. Philip Trett

    Philip Trett New Member

    Just paid £122 for a 7 day tourist visa, what a RIP OFF. I am now regretting buying the flights!

  2. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Which country's visa and who did you pay that money?

  3. Londoner

    Londoner New Member

    It's cost of Indian tourist visa from the UK for up to six months. Sadly VISA to countries like India (£122), China(£177) and many Asian countries are very expensive. Bare in mind, cost of vaccination on top.
  4. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    I think it is a lot of money just to get into India. I had no idea that's how much every one coming from UK pays. I just checked what the UK charges Indians and that's not much different either Rs7981 for a six months visa.

  5. Londoner

    Londoner New Member

    Thing is that as a British passport holder, we are so used to not paying for visa to many countries. Personally, I feel India has so much to offer as tourist destination and cost of visa should not be as much.
  6. Philip Trett

    Philip Trett New Member

    "Just paid £122 for a 7 day tourist visa, " this was for a British passport holder living in the Middle East travelling to India.

    I understand there are some politics at play here but it can not be doing the Indian tourist industry much good!
    Or my good will on arrival !!
  7. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    I am not sure what makes you believe that having a British passport should be a free pass to every country. Us Indians pay a lot more for visiting the UK for comparison sake. To give you an idea, Nepali citizens dont even need a passport to visit or work in India. No visa fees nothing. It really depends on Government policy which in my view is dictated by the other country's policy towards their own citizens.

    Paying that amount for a visitor visa is still not a bad deal in my opinion because you make up for it by spending a lot less on your holiday in India. Hotels are cheap and so is the food and public transport and taxis etc. Quality of accommodation has also improved over the years.

    Visa process could be easier , no doubt about that.