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Travel Buddy

Discussion in 'Thailand' started by Jayz, Dec 11, 2016.

  1. Jayz

    Jayz New Member

    Wossup travellers..
    About me : Female , love hiking.avid traveller :)
    Ok!! This is my first solo travel abroad.
    I badly need a travel companion.
    Flying from India on 20 Jan 2017, dates are flexible.
    Intend to be in Thailand for a week.

    Plan on covering following cities
    Ping me if any one's got a similar plan.

    P.S. I loooove snorkeling :)

  2. ChaiNashta

    ChaiNashta Active Member

    It would help to know what you are looking for. Male? female? age?

    More details will probably get you better targeted responses.

  3. Jayz

    Jayz New Member

    anyone 20-35 yrs..
    female preferred.
    No issues with male as well
  4. Deepak1511

    Deepak1511 New Member

    Hi JayZ..

    I am travelling to Thailand sometime in March, covering BKK, Koh Phangan (for the full moon party on 12th Mar) Hua Hin and Kanchanaburi - An upcoming conservation wildlife park called OurLandThailand. We are a group of 4, 2m; 2f.. All close friends.. Let me know if you are interested.. Will travel from Kolkata.. The plan is for 7-10 days.
  5. Jayz

    Jayz New Member

    I would love to be a part
    Timing is different though, but guess we can work that out.what are your dates?
  6. Deepak1511

    Deepak1511 New Member

    First week of March 2017. Dates to be confirmed soon. But will surely be in Thailand on the 12th for the Full Moon Party. Where are you from? Will need all of us to meet before we can travel together.