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Tshomgo Lake

Discussion in 'Sikkim' started by Admin, May 12, 2016.

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    Tshomgo Lake is situated on the way to Nathula pass at an elevation of 4,045 meters. The original name of the Lake, as per local gentries of the Pathing area, east Sikkim is “Tanyek Tsho”. According to them a saying goes like this:- “SHAH BYITHANG TSHO, NUB - TANGYEK TSHO” ‘Shah Byidang Tsho’ means- ‘lake of cow Yak’s plain in East’, which is said to be present bigger lake at Kupup which was nicknamed by the Army as “Elephanta Lake”. ‘Nub Taneyk Tsho’ means-‘Horse-tailed lake in West, which refers to present Tsomgo Lake. the gazetteer of Sikkim it is recorded as "Tanitzo= Tanyektsho, the lake of the horse-tail or the horse hair noose". The present name ‘Tsomgo’ is derived from the word ‘,Tshom-goh’ which means- above the lake, where Yak Herders used to dwell at a place little above the Lake and their address took the name of the lake. The Lake, however known today as “TSOMGO LAKE” and became one of the tourist destinations. The Tsomgo Lake is about 1 km long; oval in shape, 15 meter deep and is considered sacred by the local people. This placid lake remains frozen during the winter months up to mid May during which visitor get an opportunity to experience snowfall.


    In History: Sikkimese folk-Lore tells the story of how Tsomgo initially at Laten, several kilometers away from the present place, came to form present ‘Tsomgo Lake’. An old women, one night dreamt that the lake at Laten was to shift to Tsomgo and she and her two other herder friends were warned to leave the place as soon as possible. The old lady hastened to inform her friends but they paid no heed. In turn, she hurriedly milked her Dri (female Yak) and poured the milk on the ground, as an auspicious sign to greet the lake and left the place. Just before leaving, she happened to see an old lady with strikingly white hair and of fair complexion that was carding yarn, entered into the ground where immediately after the earth turned into water and thus formed this huge Lake. The two yak herders are believed to be sub-merged in the lake along with their herd of yaks. Soon the old lady's incident spread in nearby village and people talk about the newly formed lake and said that “Coming of a Lake in their area is a good omen and the lady with white hair is a water Nymph who favours Yak Herders". Since then worship of this Lake began and sanctity of the Lake has been maintained by the locals.