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Visiting Red Fort In India And The Looted Treasures

Discussion in 'North India' started by Clara, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. Clara

    Clara New Member

    Has any visited or plan to visit the Red Fort in India? If so, I have a series of questions for you.

    What captured you most about this historical site? Was it the history or the archeticual structure?

    How long was your visit? Did you spend a couple of hours during the day or did you visit in the evening for the light show?

    I have read that during the light show there is a presentation about Red Forts history. I am wondering, if visiting only during the day, could one still gain all the historical insight or is the the light show a must see?

    Also on the subject of Red Forts history, I read that some of the jewels and artwork looted are now located in the British Museum, British Library, and the Victoria and Albert Museum. Do you think the jewels will ever be returned?
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  2. BadBoy

    BadBoy Active Member

    i visited RedFort from school side some years ago..

    the things that captured my attention was the museum and the those large areas where chrocodiles used to swim as a protection for the fort dunno what its actually called..

    Avoid going in the afternoon its burning like hell their..

    there is a market at the entrance of the Fort..

    there are many stories regarding jewels, gold etc but the one that fascinates me is that their is a tunnle which runs from RedFort in delhi to the one in Agra(a city in Uttar Pradesh)and this tunnle is over 150km long Soo Amazing..!!!

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  3. Clara

    Clara New Member

    Oh, now you have me more curious with an underground tunnel! After looking further into the history of Red Fort, I wonder who built the tunnel? Was it the Mughals who built the fort that is here today, or was the tunnel created before hand because there are reports a fort was situated here since 1080.

    Of course, with the Red Fort being a strategic military site, a tunnel is not surprising, but I could not find any mention of this tunnel in the brief research I have done, yet.

    Well, I must say, you are certainly fortunate to have visited Red Fort! I will take heed to bear in mind the weather conditions in India when visiting. Oh, a market at the entrance of the fort is certainly a bonus. Is is a large market?

    Thanks for the reply and information!
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  4. BadBoy

    BadBoy Active Member

    It's a small market 20 shops or even less..

    If u want to see a large market thn take the straight road from RedFort it will take you to Chandi Chowk famous for Sarees footwear etc..

    That tunnel thing I have only heard off but you can't go down the fort and search for tunnels its restricted.. Red fort is a huge fort.. Take some refreshments with you..

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  5. DarkStarling

    DarkStarling New Member

    The heat is something that can really bring you down, especially if you don't take precautions and live in a country were you aren't used to it. The Red Fort is huge, and the museum is very interesting, even though some of the restricted access areas were not available to me then, when I visited.
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  6. vegito12

    vegito12 Member

    My uncle and aunt went there in the beginning of this year and enjoyed the historic buildings which have a history behind them and also it was enjoyable for visiting and saw the photos they took, and also enjoyed watching the video recordings and it was nice as well. The markets were enjoyable and also bargaining is a common thing to get the best deal and this can put the seller at a loss in some cases as the person who is buying the product, may get it for less or more products, and the seller does not make as much in the end. It is interesting to see how the red fort has a museum and also it can be nice to visit in the daytime and also need to keep away from the sun, which can be very hot and not a good thing to be in as the heat can make a person sweaty and also thirsty as well.