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Vythiri Resort

Discussion in 'Hotels' started by Karishma, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. Karishma

    Karishma New Member

    A group of friends and I will be in Wayanad, which is in Kerela for a 2-week break, and are considering Vythiri Resort as our accommodation.
    Before making our final booking, we would like to get some reviews about the resort and also have some questions which we would like answered, which would determine whether we should proceed with the booking or not. Although the resort does look good and is a 4-star property, sometimes there are issues and bad reviews about the best accommodations.

    1. Is there access to WiFi in all parts of the resort or just in common areas?

    2. Some of the rooms have a pool, is the pool covered with a roof in case it rains?

    3. Does the hotel organise sightseeing guides?

    4. Is there a stream which runs through the resort? Is there any facility to sit by the stream or is it something which you can view from a distance?

  2. Anurag

    Anurag Member

    1. Yes, you can get access to free WiFi, which is available in the rooms, lobby area and coffee shop.

    2. Some of the rooms which have pools are covered, and some are covered in wooden decks with some space between them. If you do book a room with a pool and require a roof over the pool you should specify at the time of the booking.

    3. There is a tour desk at the resort, from where you can book your sightseeing day trips.

    4. The independent cottages (Vythiri Haven) have a sit out by the stream, the rest of the rooms just have a view of overlooking the stream.

  3. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Karishma! Welcome to the forum!

    WiFi is available in all public areas in the resort. However, you can avail of their chargeable WiFi which is supposed to be faster. It's at Rs. 100 per hour, which is decent enough. You can go to their office near the reception to avail of this WiFi.

    They have a public swimming pool which guests can all use. However, this one isn't covered by a roof. So when it rains, the pool won't be safe from it. However, you can avail of their rooms that have private swimming pools. These rooms have covered private pools which you can enjoy. Here they are:
    • Honeymoon Pool Villa - There are four romantic Honeymoon Duplex Villas with their own private pools. The second floor has a glass floor so you can see the ground floor. It also has its own private veranda for viewing the jungle outside. The rate is at Rs. 30,000 per night.
    • Pool Villa - There are about three Pool Villas each with their own private pools. There are two bedrooms, one for the children and one for the parents. There's also a living room area that the family can relax in. The rate is at Rs. 22,000 per night.
    • Honeymoon Villa - There are six Honeymoon Villas with their own private pool and jacuzzi. It contains one bedroom and a living room. The rate is at Rs. 17,000 per night.

    Yes, the hotel does organise sightseeing guides:
    • Two-Hour Guided Trek - The resort is surrounded by tropical forests. The resort provides the guests with a guide to tour the forest. In this tour, you might be able to spot the Nilgiri langur, the Malabar giant squirrel, the Malabar grey hornbill and the yellow browed bulbul.
    Aside from this, you can also visit the nearby waterfalls in the resort.

    Yes, there is a stream which runs through the resort. There are no facilities to sit out at the streams. But you can enjoy the water of the streams and sit out in the huge rocks in it. Just be careful though, but it's a great way to pass some time and enjoy the water. Alternatively, you can avail of one of their cottages to view the stream from your room:
    • Vythiri Haven - These cottages are a bit further away from the other lodging properties. You can hear the frolicking of the water from your room. There's also a private sit-out so you can enjoy the views of the streams from your room. The rate is at Rs. 15,000 per night.

    I hope this helps!
  4. Karishma

    Karishma New Member

    To be honest this is quite costly, especially with the amount of internet I use!

    Do you know what mobile internet works well in the area?
  5. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello again!

    Mobile connectivity is quite low in that area. You might still be able to get some signal with your mobile phone in some public areas in the resort. But staying in the rooms, mobile connectivity can be weak or can even be none at times. However, some mobile networks do work better than others. Here they are:
    • Idea - This is the mobile network with greatest signal out of all the options here. But it's still significantly lower than the signal in the city.
    • Airtel - Limited connectivity, might not work in rooms.
    • Tata Docomo - Limited connectivity as well.
    • Reliance - Good option, although there will be times that it won't work on rooms.
    • BSNL - Very limited connectivity.
    Furthermore, the weather dictates your mobile's signal as well. So if you're going during the monsoon season, chances are, you won't have any signal at all. Aside from that, certain areas of cottages have better mobile signals.

    I hope this helps!