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What Are Your Must-haves For A Trip?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by moondebi, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. moondebi

    moondebi New Member

    Do you make a list of things required during planning a tour?

    We all do, be it a planned or unplanned trip.

    My must-have list contains my cell phone (with Google maps), credit card, ATM card, a first-aid box, and a pair of sunglasses.

    Apart from the luggage, these are some essential portables which I never forget. Sometimes, few more items get added depending upon the type of the travel.

    Forgetting a few basic things may lead you to difficulty later, which could spoil the pleasure of traveling. Proper planning is the key to make a trip enjoyable.

  2. Sramana

    Sramana Member

    Yes! I do. Love preparing for a trip almost as much as the trip itself ;)

    Here's my checklist for a week's worth of travel:

    1. Phone, phone charger, either loaded with sim/data or armed with some info about where to purchase it once I get to my destination, if international.
    2. Notebook with phone numbers, addresses of hotels etc. This is in addition to having the info on my phone. Pen.
    3. Camera, battery/charger
    4. Credit and debit cards. I call my bank ahead and make sure they work in the country I will be travelling to, if going international.
    5. Identity card. Usually pan card, office id if travelling in India, passport if travelling outside the country

    Usually carry all of this in a backpack/handbag.

    1. Good pair of shoes for walking. 5-6 pairs of socks.
    2. Clothes: I prefer T-shirts and jeans/shorts depending on the weather. 2 pairs of pants, 5-6 shirts, I mix and match.
    3. A light jacket if essential.
    4. Bathing costume if visiting anywhere with a water body
    5. Night pants. Can wear with the same t-shirt worn during the day, and thus save space.
    6. Umbrella
    7. One dress, in case of a fine dining opportunity (you never know!)
    8. A few snack bars

    Usually this fits into a small night case that I don't need to check in on flights. Saves time!

    I also check for the local emergency numbers, address of the nearest hospitals / police stations etc.

    I have never carried a first aid box along. Only a few key medicines. Seems like a no-brainer now. Thanks for the suggestion!
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  3. cabrannon529

    cabrannon529 New Member

    The one, very thing that I make sure to take with me wherever I go is my laptop and an international charger. Another thing would be a pillow - I seem to not be able to fall asleep on any pillow other than the one I use at home, for some odd reason.
  4. ghandi87

    ghandi87 New Member

    Writing down a list of must-haves when planning to travel, either domestic or international, definitely makes the trip run smoothly and let's one do away with procrastination. Whenever I travel, I do it for leisure and it usually lasts for 3-5 days so I don't really need much. A passport and or a Visa is already part of the things one must not forget. Here are the basic essentials I always bring with me in my backpack:

    1. Mobile phone & Charger (so long as there's Wi-Fi, I need not worry about my current sim card not working in the country I'll be going to.)
    2. Cash and Debit Card ( I don't have a credit card.)
    3. Identification Cards ( I bring all that I have just in case.)
    4. I feel comfortable in cotton shirts and shorts with a pair of espadrilles or sandals for tropical countries. I bring 2-3 pairs of 'em and I also thrown in 2 light fabric dresses just to mix it up.
    5. Undies, of course.
    6. Bath essentials. I don't use ones that the hotels offer. Instead, I bring them home as souvenirs.
  5. Omondieve

    Omondieve New Member

    I always make sure I carry my phone (fully charged), debit & credit cards, some cash in the currency of the country I'm travelling to and my travel documents. Out of experience, I have learnt to have an international charger because different countries seem to have different sorts of charging ports.
    I've also learnt to carry a few pain killers and vitamins, a good book, some Oreos:) and a makeup bag.
  6. alifakhoury1

    alifakhoury1 New Member

    Since I love my electronic devices, I won't hesitate taking most of them with me. I will definitely take my phone with me, my laptop that happens to be my best friend at the same time, and my camera! I need my phone because, well... Who doesn't? I must take my laptop with me because I can't live without it, I have everything on it and I will need to keep track of everything on it, if I run out of memory on my camera, my laptop is there to help me and store all the pics from my memory card. And since we I am going on a trip, I will need to take pictures that will last forever, I will for sure keep my camera with me my whole day and try my best to put the life of the area I am at in the pictures that I take! I might even take a video camera with me and make a short movie on my trip that summarizes everything I did! And just like any other human, I need to take some clothes and some money!
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  7. Gabydi

    Gabydi Member

    I’m one of those who travel very heavy! I carry everything you can imagine, I usually think “Oh, maybe I will need this headlamp, I should take it.” If I go to the beach I’ll carry a jacket and sweater just in case it rains. If I go skiing, I’ll carry a swimsuit in case there’s a Jacuzzi. I always bring everything with me, and people who travel with me know this and are always asking me for stuff. The funny thing is that through the years, and after a lot of travelling I’ve come to realize that I almost always use everything I bring with me.
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  8. Alexandoy

    Alexandoy Member

    Since we are frequent travelers, we have a checklist of things that we should bring in the trip like passport and tickets, credit cards, cash (usually in US dollars), and other important matters aside from clothing. We actually plan our trips way ahead in advance, something like 6 months. Our trip to Vietnam on the 25th of this month was planned 3 months ago when we bought the discounted ticket. Our subsequent trips later this year have been planned early this year. It is important for a traveler to have a checklist for a guide because it's a spoiler when you forget something to bring for a trip particularly if you are going abroad.
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  9. Nicola

    Nicola New Member

    The minimal essentials are travel documents (passport+tickets), phone (+charger) and money. The rest are accessories; great to have them with me, will not die without.
    How I pack depends on which kind of trip is ahead - which kind of clothes, medicine, tools might be necessary along the way. No trip is the other one alike.

    But a book to read, and a book for writing always travel along with me.
  10. Rubie

    Rubie New Member

    I havn't done any international travels yet but I love to. Basically the most important thing to bring for me, is my fully-charged cellular phone, travel documents, personal travel hygeine, money and first-aid kit. And since I have a child to bring, I must also bring his personal traveler's bag, eqquipped with his personal belonging.
  11. fatema

    fatema New Member

    I haven't really went out of the state before. I live in California, and the farthest I've been is like Las Vegas. It's 5 hours away from where I live. I go to beaches quite often, but it's only like 2 hours away. Where I really want to go, is Hawaii. A lot of people during the summer go there. It's so gorgeous! Just imagine on a plane, waiting to reach to Hawaii! I think everyone wants to go there though, am I right?

    Sorry I went off topic for a second!! I got exited talking about all this traveling! Well my must haves for traveling is not that much. I travel with my parents a lot! So I always bring a backpack with extra clothes, I have to bring lotion, my phone of course, and a charger. It depends what time of day it is, if it's early morning, I usually take a pillow with me.
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  12. travelguide

    travelguide Active Member

    I think the most important factor is to have a check list of the things you are going to carry during the trip. Always make sure that you got everything in your backpack after going through your checklist. I do it every time and believe me, there can be silly but necessary things that you can miss out due to negligence. Anyway, even if you forget anything, you can purchase most of the things on the go except personal things like mobile phones, ID cards etc. It is always helpful to have a travel map of the city you are going to visit.
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  13. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    These days I try not to plan too much. I figure as long as I have my passport and a source of accessing money, then I can pick up anything I need or may have forgotten when I am at my destination. I'm all about keeping it simple!
  14. Untamed13

    Untamed13 New Member

    I'm very meticulous and organized when I work but for some reason I totally hate planning my trips. I don't know I guess it feels more like an adventure when I don't have my whole trip broken down into small manageable pieces. I never travel with anything more than my rucksack :) and I like it best when I just have the clothes on my back, a good pair of shoes and some money in my pocket.

    EDIT - Oh and most definitely no cell phone for me :p
  15. GammaRay

    GammaRay Member

    When I go to other countries I always make sure to bring three things: food, money and ID.

    Under food I make sure to bring atleast one bottled water during summer especially, Asia tends to be a really humid region most especially in South Asia. Snacks like peanuts and granola bars are also essential as you will never know when or where you can get your next meal. Money is very important for obvious reasons just remember to have your money exchanged before you leave the airport also never leave your hotel without emergency cash. ID is always important as many borders ask for before you're allowed into certain territories. You should also bring your credit card if you're going international and make sure your embassy knows where you are just in case your passport gets lost.
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  16. pwarbi

    pwarbi Active Member

    When I travel I usually only tend to take the bare essentials with me because more often than not m, anything else you need cabmn be picked up when you get there.

    With advances in technology and transport, the world is a lot smaller place these days, and many things are now available all over the world and are no longer specific hysteria to one region.
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  17. fatema

    fatema New Member

    Yes, you are so smart! I was thinking of like the carry on items. Totally didn't think of other important stuff like my passport and water in case! That's such a good idea! Even a small first aid kit wouldn't harm anyone. I'm pretty sure if you're on one plane, they have, but you never know. Your safety is never too much. Thank you so much for those ideas! I will for sure remember that next time I go on a trip!
  18. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    Ahh, that's a good point about water and snacks - certainly if I'm somewhere where the tap water isn't safe to drink I'll always carry bottled water with me when I am out and about. I've found that generally speaking, the places where I haven't been able to drink water directly from a tap have had cheaply priced bottled water, so it's not like it breaks the budget.
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  19. fatema

    fatema New Member

    I've learned a lot from reading this forum to be honest. I learned that when you travel, you always have to be safe. It doesn't hurt anyone to bring a little bandages, or wrap, or little snacks. Sometimes when your coming home from the beach, you might get a flat tire on the road, that's why you always need some drink, or food. Now I know to always be safe while traveling.
  20. ilivetofly

    ilivetofly New Member

    Hmm I will agree with most people here, a phone is essential!

    I would advise everyone who is traveling that they should pick up a sim card in the local area because almost all communications can be done through the internet and access to the internet in an emergency is vital. A local sim card will almost always cost less to use the internet then using your sim card from home.
  21. sillyllucy

    sillyllucy Member

    Some of my trip must haves are my passport, copies of my credit cards and print outs of my itineraries and tickets! I keep originals and I keep copies at all times! I like to be prepared and over prepared when it comes to travel! I also need a good sunblock, sturdy water bottle and comfortable shoes! I like to take a clothing line with me too in case I have to hand wash some of my clothes in a hotel.
  22. ilivetofly

    ilivetofly New Member

    Ah I forgot! I always take a role of duct tape with me when I am traveling ever. I have had my case break far too many times and duct tape is great for holding it back together. Its also super useful for blisters and other foot injuries.
  23. Ashwin Mahesh

    Ashwin Mahesh Member

    I have to disagree with all those who say a smartphone is a must for travel, you're better off without one.

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  24. arthnel

    arthnel Member

    It's always a great idea to have such a must have list. I usually take the basic as everyone does like my cell phone, credit cards and cash. I take my ID also and my passport is always secure. I usually also write a contact list of as many persons or hotels in the area I'm traveling to. I traveled out of the US once and my phone got lost. It wasn't easy calling someone in US who had to call someone else in Belize to give me some assistance. If I had that number written down it would have saved me a lot of crucial time. I also keep a bag of toiletries handy with soaps and toothbrush, toothpaste - that sorta thing.
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  25. Daniel

    Daniel New Member

    Some of my must have items for any trip are small durable foods such as cereal bars, sweets and other things, but a map is a must, and also taking a Swiss army knife can be a good idea, which I have found to have been really useful for many things. If taking cash, I place it in a small compact place in my bag, a cell phone can be a good idea, but cannot be 100% reliable as battery might run out, hence why I use maps. In addition I do take some pills for headaches and other problems I may encounter, and a durable bottle for refills whenever I can.
  26. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Here are my must-have items for a trip:

    1. Clothes - It's very important to plan your outfits ahead of time considering the weather and climate in a particular country.
    2. First Aid Kit - Enough said! Includes medicines for headaches and pains!
    3. Camera - So you can take your memories with a camera.
    4. Cellphone - Nowadays, cellphones can be very crucial in a trip. You can communicate with others through it. You can even find your destinations with it. Don't forget the chargers! If you have portable chargers, better!
    5. Toiletries - Hotels have their free toiletries but nothing beats having your own stuff. You might be allergic to what the hotel has.
    6. Extra blanket - I'm very easy to get cold especially with hotel room aircon. So I always bring my extra blanket with me, it also helps when you are in the airplane.
    7. Money, Credit Cards, Other Documents
    8. Water Jug - I just fill it with water so that I won't have to keep buying water in plastic bottles.

    These are my essentials. I'll add more when I remember something to add!:)
  27. Pazooh

    Pazooh New Member

    Some may think this is a bit too big, but here's my checklist:

    • My "necessary" - that's what we call a bag with all the toiletries
    • ID, cash, credit cards, passport
    • First aid kit
    • My phone and laptop plus the external hard drive to store the pictures and videos
    • Tourist guides and maps, usually in PDF and stored on my phone
    • A separate phone that can last weeks on battery, to be used in emergency situations
    • My Swiss knife

    I couldn't IMAGINE leaving my phone behind, like some of you do. I need it to stay in touch with family and friends, to stay updated with the news (especially of the place I'm at currently) and for navigation. It's number one priority to me.
  28. travelguide

    travelguide Active Member

    Very true. It is one of main benefits of globalization , though it has many side effects. You can shop for anything worldwide, offline or online. Earlier people who visit foreign countries use to bring a lot of foreign items here, but nowadays nobody cares as the same materials are available here in India by paying a little more. You can also avoid the hassle of carrying it all the way.

    Yes, you are right world is shrinking quite rapidly with the advent of globalization and modern technologies.
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  29. pwarbi

    pwarbi Active Member

    I think when people first started travelling abroad for their holidays they used to be taking alsorts with them, and even I can remember my father packing tea bags in the suit case! Tea bags though, as if no other country in the world drinks tea!
  30. Delirium

    Delirium Member

    Any particular reason why you think people are better off without them? Just curious. I've always thought that everyone would categorize phones as something that is an absolute, absolute must for travels. The thought of being stuck or lost in a foreign country absolutely terrifies me, especially since I like to travel alone or separate from the person I'm going on vacation with.
  31. pwarbi

    pwarbi Active Member

    I must admit I'm curious also to know why people wouldn't want to take their phone with them aswell. I don't go to our local corner shop without taking mine, so I would certainly be lost if I didn't have it when I was travelling!
  32. Ashwin Mahesh

    Ashwin Mahesh Member

    For me personally a smartphone is a distraction when on a tour, also without having one I reached out to people when looking for help and made new friends. I look forward to such interactions.
  33. nemanjanp

    nemanjanp New Member

    I am a type of person that really doesn't bring much stuff on his trips, and usually buys all of it in the country im traveling. But, that's not very economical so I recommend that you bring most of this stuff i mention.

    First of all, you need your proper papers so you can actually travel. After that. of course comes money and clothes(including underwear). ! I usually don't bring much clothes, but you should most definatly bring as much as you can take with you! You need a medicine kit, and any kind of medicine you need. I also tend to bring my own hygiene stuff, but you can use the ones from hotel too. Some electronic devices, at least a phone (or possibly a laptop or a tablet if you have one) and your chargers of course. You could also take some snacks with you and water.
  34. SusieQ

    SusieQ New Member

    I've read some really good ideas on this forum. Thanks for all the info.
  35. KCDavis

    KCDavis New Member

    You are very organized. I do pretty much the same thing except I usually end up with checked bags because I tend to over pack.
  36. innaf93

    innaf93 Member

    If it's an unplanned one or two day trip, then water bottle, phone, charger, wallet and a scarf, also vegetables or fruit to sack on. I really like to take one day hikes around my town, spontaneously.
  37. cheryllei9h

    cheryllei9h New Member

    I would have to have clothes of course and bath supplies. Also make up and wallet and phone. Would have to have phone chargers, camera and batteries or battery charger. I would also have to have my medicine and body sprays and suck. I'm sure there are more but that is a few things I would have to have.
  38. djordjem87

    djordjem87 Member

    I like travelling but i am not so sure about planning in a detailed way. I mean, every day at home is planned. Get up at 6, take a shower, eat, dress, go to work, work what they tell you...You get the picture. I really like to just go and feel free. What i really need is money, plastic would be preferable. I would also need some medicaments just in case i get fever or some bad bowel movement. Here that is not too expensive but i am not sure for other countries so i wouldn't want to risk my holliday. Some other stuff would be a good partner in crime to come along and the rest would get in the place by itself.
  39. Terriney

    Terriney New Member

    My must-haves for any trip that I take are:

    1. Cell phone and charger with Google maps activated; I get lost inside of a paper bag
    2. Lip gloss and tinted lip pencils to apply after every meal and snack
    3. Bodycology body scrub
    4. My bank cards to make all necessary purchases and the unnecessary ones too :)
    5. Camcorder to capture the adventure on film
    6. Two large bags of peanut M & M's
    7. Laptop computer and a mean set of comfortable ear buds

    I absolutely have to also create a to-do list to be certain that everything that's everything considered has been packed and is ready to go. I have to keep the M & M's handy to nibble on as I hum down the highway to the airport, bus station or to my destination. If I'm not driving then I pull out the lap top and write or create stories. Without my must-haves it would be one dull and tedious journey.
  40. Zhen25

    Zhen25 New Member

    I always like to make a list. First on it is always foods. I cannot leave home for a trip without a few snacks towed away in my bag. I must have my cell phone and extra money or ways to get extra money like my card.
  41. artyarson

    artyarson New Member

    Depends on a trip or a journey. For the latter I gotta have more stuff.

    If I'm just gonna visit another city, I'm not a huge fan of heavy & overloaded backpacks. For the recent short Moscow trip I filled my backpack with the following:

    1. Phones. New one and old one. With a charger, of course
    2. 3 pieces of underwear
    3. 3 t-shirts
    4. A pair of shorts
    5. A shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, toothbrush, razor

    A quick tip: If you go to another city, make sure you've downloaded its mapes into your mobile device. Offline access is even more valuble. Because you can't always rely on wi-fi.
  42. Rose @ Walnut Acre

    Rose @ Walnut Acre New Member

    Must haves for me would be a phone with a camera and google maps, credit card, several changes of clothes, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, shower soap, and antibacterial hand soap.
  43. Rezonate

    Rezonate Member

    My must have items when traveling are

    1) My cell phone. Pretty self explanatory here a cell phone has many uses from making important calls and keeping in touch with your loved ones while I travel to keeping me entertained while waiting to board on the plane and during flight.

    2)laptop computer. Having a computer allows me to do pretty much anything a cell phone would do but much more.

    3) battery pack. With a battery pack I can keep my device charged in the go.

    4)A backpack. This pretty much allows me to carry anything i need without struggling physically to juggle everything in my hands. I prefer a backpack that is all around and outdoor just in case I need to explore rugged terrain.
  44. Rezonate

    Rezonate Member

    I'm with you here electronic devices and gadgets are a must have. My phone mostly and a good camera although most phones these days have really good built in camera. Another thing I like to take with me is my Bluetooth wireless beats by Dre headphones with me. Music is a must especially if I'm traveling by myself. Lastly probably my laptop.
  45. Rezonate

    Rezonate Member

    I compiled a list of other items that in would take with me.

    Traveling anywhere takes away the comforts of home so when I travel i would like to be as comfortable as possible. Here are some things to bring with you to make you feel comfortable.

    1)A small traveling pillow. What makes you feel more at home and comfortable than a pillow. Personally I bring those pillows that wrap around your neck. These are adequate enough.

    2)A small tube of toothpaste. Just because you're traveling and away from home doesn't mean you have to neglect your personal hygiene. Keeping up with your hygiene during travel make you feel more human and more clean and upbeat

    3)A journal or diary. Keeping a written track of your travel adventures not only keeps you busy but it also will allow you to go over your travels after its all said and done and reminisce about your experiences.
  46. Rezonate

    Rezonate Member

    Another thing I forgot to add to my list which I forgot to add to my list is a small first aid kit that is ideal for traveling. You never known if you may need one especially traveling to somewhere remote and exotic like thailand where the nearest hospitals can be far from you.
  47. Rezonate

    Rezonate Member

    I like the two large bags of peanut m&ms lol. There's nothing like having a good snack to munch on during travels.I remember taking grey hound cross country and every time we would stop at a resting place or somewhere i would get off and buy snacks to take with me.
  48. Rezonate

    Rezonate Member

    This is a good useful tip I've never thought of myself. I know duct tape has its many uses but I've never actually thought about taking some with me while a travel. Thanks for the suggestion!
  49. ceres24

    ceres24 New Member

    I have a long list of what to bring during a trip. I tend to be quite an OC when it comes to these stuffs. It might help you guys as well. AS for the list, here's mine:

     Plane ticket
     Passport
     Hotel Confirmation
     Credit Card
     Valid ID
     Slippers
     Shorts
     Dress
     Top
     Bra
     Undies
     Pambahay
     Sunnies
     Watch
     Jewelry
     Hanky
     Medicine kit
     Water
     Snacks for airport
     Padlock for bag
     Ziplocks
     Phone charger
     Camera chargers
     SLR
     Digicam
     GoPro
     Card reader
     Charge cameras
     Power bank
     Universal charger
     Travel Expense Notebook
     Friction pen
     Shampoo
     Soap
     Sunblock
     Lotion
     Moisturizer
     Cologne
     Deodorant
     Toothbrush
     Toothpaste
     Mouthwash
     Facial wash
     Toner
     Cotton
     Cotton buds
     Napkin
     Sling bag
     Alcohol
     Wet wipes
     Comb
     Ponytail
     Sarong
     Cardigan
     Pashmina
     Snorkle
     Aqua shoes
     Eco bag
     Make up
     Eye mask
     Swimsuit
     Cover-up
     Health card
     Plastic (wet clothes)
  50. mayasupernova

    mayasupernova New Member

    One has to plan it pretty well ahead, before the adventurous travel.
    I would never go on a trip without the essentials, like my papers, visas, passport; my cell phone, maps, swimming suit (depending where I am heading, though), a scarf, some jacket (since the weather can easily change, and it is important to have something warm), if not a jacket, then some kind of warmer cardigan, tools for personal hygiene, thought I can always buy a toothbrush or a toothpaste in some other country, money of course, cards, too; additional pair of sneakers, since I love walking and those get ruined quickly for me at least, some lighter clothes, and make-up.
  51. Ritika Sharma

    Ritika Sharma Member

    Yes,it helps me to keep all things that are required during journey so i can enjoy my vacations very well.
  52. bretthuda33

    bretthuda33 New Member

    I prefer when going on a trip to take the least amount of items possible, if any. I will make sure I have enough money and clothes but that's about it. I like to take in the different energy of being in a new place and I just can't do that while having non-essential items with me. If you really want to enjoy your trip it is important to not bring your phone, but maybe a camera would be useful at times. Again, it's hard to be involved with what your doing when you want to take pictures and do other things.