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Where In India Would Be The Most Ideal Location For A British Male Working In India To Live?

Discussion in 'Travel advice' started by SolaNova, Jan 17, 2016.

  1. SolaNova

    SolaNova New Member

    At the moment I am considering about applying for a position as an English Language Teaching assistant through one of a various amount of programs avaliable. I have a few different countries avaliable to me currently when applying. So I'm just interested on other people's opinions on where would be the most ideal region/city within India for a young British male working abroad to base himself in if given the option to pick. I'm thinking in terms of affordability, safety, housing etc...

  2. johnstatler14

    johnstatler14 New Member

    Well, India does not have a high cost of living, so if you're going to be making a British salary, living in India, I'd say you could live like a king just about anywhere! I think rent and utilities would be the only things you'd have to worry about being pricey. Good luck!

  3. Startlet245

    Startlet245 New Member

    Sounds like fun. I thought most of the English teaching jobs in India were in training centres, so if you are looking at something in a school the chances are they will provide you with accommodation.
  4. Seraphina

    Seraphina New Member

    This is an interesting idea and it's making me wonder if I should look into doing something like this. It sounds like a great way to really immerse yourself in a foreign country for a while.
  5. SolaNova

    SolaNova New Member

    Ah I think the salary will be more in line of a typical teaching salary in India. I had an idea that and utilities would use up the majority of any income, but I just wondered if anyone on this forum might be able to point if there are any regions or towns of India I should prioritize over others for whatever reasons people can think of on this here forum.
  6. SolaNova

    SolaNova New Member

    On the websites I have looked at so far the teaching jobs listed are ones at schools Both primary and secondary or local equivalents, and that accommodation arrangements can vary from school to school or teaching program provider.
  7. Startlet245

    Startlet245 New Member

    I had a look online just now and it struck me that the best deals are for qualified teachers (which makes sense), but I also saw some posts for TEFL teachers with a credible teaching certificate, and those offered decent salaries and a free apartment. Maybe a better way to approach this is to think about what you want (or need) from a job. How important is the salary, say? Could you imagine trying to find your own place to live? Rather than choices based primarily on location you could look at getting a TEFL qualification in India, and then have a chance to get a decent job anywhere in the country.
  8. SolaNova

    SolaNova New Member

    I might look more in to obtaining a TEFL certificate after Iam done with university but I have seen quite a few posting for teaching English from all over the world and the only major requirement is a degree and in some cases a diploma. Salary is not an exceptionally vital aspect for me as most of the listings I have seen offer a monthly stipend to live off of. My main concern I think is perhaps finding a position in what is regarded to be a safer region of India.