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Which beach to visit in Goa

Discussion in 'By The Sea' started by JimmyKakkar, Jun 5, 2015.

  1. JimmyKakkar

    JimmyKakkar New Member

    I am planning a trip to Goa for my honeymoon, and want to know which is the best beach to visit there, and when I mean best I mean crowd wise and clean wise.
    I have not yet decided on a hotel yet and that all will be decided according to the location of the beach.

  2. Shiv

    Shiv Member

    Everyone has their own preference to what they consider as best, and my list is according to what I think is the best. So the best beach to visit in Goa is from the list mentioned below:

    Mandrem beach
    Agonda Beach
    Baga beach and
    Candolim’s beach.

  3. JimmyKakkar

    JimmyKakkar New Member

    Thanks Shiv, any particular order to which beach is the best?
  4. Anurag

    Anurag Member

    Candolim beach and Querim beach are the best in Goa.
  5. RajaApull

    RajaApull New Member

    You have to visit the Baga beach! It is the best beach ever! I have so much fun on this beach every week with my sister's friend's brother! It is so relaxing, the water is super good too, it is awesome! It is best beach in India, go there when you can!
  6. turtledove

    turtledove Member

    Baga beach sounds like your best bet. A little crowded at times I think, but well worth a visit. I believe it's also pretty clean, and the water there is also quite good. That would definitely be my top recommendation. Loads of my friends have visited the beach and they really enjoyed it, so I think it really may suit you. I really want to go there myself sometime actually! Candolim and Querim beaches are also quite good.
  7. Codygr89

    Codygr89 New Member

    I was planning on visiting Baga beach, two of my friends went there and had a blast! Even though they said it was storming at the time ha. Try there, I know am :)
  8. nshsarin

    nshsarin New Member

    Visit the Palolem beach in South Goa at the Goa Karnataka border. It is purely Pristine. You can enjoy Boat rides which take you in the middle of the sea. The boats halt there till you view dolphins enjoying in the sea.
    Palolem beach is also famous for its cocohuts - Huts built on coconut trees with a cosy bed to spend the night. You will enjoy yourself
  9. travelguide

    travelguide Active Member

    If you are looking for a serene and scenic beach, I would recommend Mandrem Beach which is often the first choice of honeymooners. This secluded beach provides much needed privacy for them. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia which is situated in North Goa.

    In Mandrem, you can just laze around or take a swim in clear waters. It is said that the local food is really awesome there. It is a clam and soothing atmosphere. If you are looking for the most active beach with night parties, I think Baga beach is for you which is famous for its water sports and dolphin cruises too. During January and March, you can also take part in wind surfing if you are interested. So, It is one of the most crowded and active beaches in Goa.
  10. MichelleVL

    MichelleVL New Member

    Hi Jimmy Kakkar. Great places for you and your couple to visit are Park Hyatt Resort and Spa in Arossim Beach, Vivanta by Taj in Sinquerim Beach, and the Royal Orchid Beach Resort and Spa in Uttorda beach. My best wishes and have an amazing honeymoon trip!
  11. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    I would recommend:

    1. Agonda Beach. This is counted as one of the most scenic beaches in Asia. It is perfect for honeymooners because it is serene, clean and perfect for just relaxing really. It is relatively less crowded than the other beaches in Goa, so you can really cozy up and enjoy each other's company. You can go dolphin spotting if you want to do some activity with your significant other.

    2. Mandrem Beach. This is hailed as one best honeymoon spots. It is secluded which provides privacy for lovers. There really is nothing to here except swim or laze around the sandy area.

    3. Cavelossim Beach. This is not that known to tourists which makes it a perfect spot for honeymoon couples. It has black rocks and white sands, a contrast which makes it delightful for a scenic view.

    Hope this helps!