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5 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in North East India that You Are Unaware Of

Discussion in 'Destination Guides' started by Debapriya Deb, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. Debapriya Deb

    Debapriya Deb Active Member

    "Where have you been to on your honeymoon trip?"

    Ask the above question to a Bengali couple and the most obvious answer you would be hearing is either 'Darjeeling' or 'Kalimpong'. A Marathi couple is highly likely to answer with 'Lonavala' or 'Mahabaleshwar'. 'Ooty' or 'Kodaikanal' would be the response that you would be getting from a Tamil couple, while for the couples belonging to NCR, 'Manali', 'Shimla' or 'Dehradun' are the obvious choices.

    If you are tired of hearing the 'same old' honeymoon fairy-tales over and over again and dare to break out of the stereotypical mindset, then there are lots of amazing destinations in the North Eastern part of India that can give you the perfect opening stand (Sachin-Sourav?) which the new innings of your life truly deserves.

    In that context, there's an incident involving North-East India which I would like to share with you. Right after completing my graduation, I got placed in to one of the top Indian IT companies. I had to move to Bangalore from my hometown Silchar to begin my professional career.

    When I was being introduced to new team-mates, my manager, who happens to be a middle-aged lady, came to know about my birthplace and origin.

    "Oh my God! You belong to the place where even small schoolboys roam around with explosives in the school bags?" - was her frightened reaction.

    I was very much irritated, but somehow managed to supress my anger and responded to her - "Would you like to have a glimpse of those explosives? I do have a few inside my backpack."

    If you happen to carry a similar opinion on North Eastern states and their residents, then you are well off the mark. I mean, cite me a single place on earth that does not have anti-social elements! But don't you think that generalizing things based on the activities of a few spoilt brats is grossly unfair? Such prejudice will get shattered only when you get to experience the warm hospitality extended by the amiable tribal villagers belonging to the North Eastern states.

    North Easte India is full of options when it comes to a romantic honeymoon trip. With incredible scenic beauty, rich cultural heritage and impeccable ambiance, this less promoted part of the country, fondly referred to as 'the land of seven sisters', can be that ideal honeymoon destination which you have always dreamt of.

    Let's find out four unknown honeymoon treasures in the mystical North East region that can blow you off with their sheer natural splendor.

    5. Haflong

    State: Assam
    District: North Cachar Hills
    Altitude: 3170 feet (966 m)
    Attractions: Hills, Valley, Lake, Birds, Waterfalls

    The district headquarters of North Cachar Hills, Haflong is blessed with abundance of natural beauty. Situated on the Borail Hills range, Haflong is known for pristine natural scenery with its unexplored riches of numerous streams, valleys and view-points. Apart from the picturesque landscapes, Haflong is also regarded as a trekker's paradise. For the adventurous souls, it offers guided rock climbing opportunity as well.

    The hills of Haflong are also known for wide varieties of orchids and other flowering plants. Rare species of native and migratory birds are also found in large numbers around Haflong and nearby places. Haflong lake, Jatinga river, Maibong ruins, Panimoor waterfalls and Moulpong view point are a few of the major attractions at this sleeping beauty of a hill station.

    With amazing landscapes, charming valleys, dancing streams, tranquil lakes and misty mountains, head to Haflong for a honeymoon experience that you are going to cherish forever.

    Attractions in and around Haflong:

    1. Haflong Lake - The perfect spot to begin your romance in the mystique weather of Haflong. A romantic boat ride with your loved one on a foggy morning can be ideal to shatter the initial inhibitions of married life.

    2. Jatinga - Known for the mysterious birds harakiri, Jatinga is just 9 KM away from Haflong. It is also a very scenic picnic spot where Jatinga river twists and turns through the rocky ravines surrounded by dense evergreen forests.

    3. Maibong - Situated on the banks of river Mahurlies, at a distance of 47 KM from Haflong town, it was once the flourishing capital of the Dimasa Kachari Kingdom. Here you can take a few glimpses of the ruins of glorious Dimasa past.

    4. Moulpong View Point - An excellent spot to catch a hawk-eye view of the Haflong town and surrounding hill ranges.

    5. Panimoor Waterfalls - Kopili River flows through a narrow gorge before suddenly dropping down and rolling over the huge rocks to form a thrilling waterfalls.

    4. Mechuka

    State: Arunachal Pradesh
    District: West Siang
    Altitude: 6000 feet (1829 m)
    Attractions: Valley, Snow, Mountain

    Arunachal Pradesh may be the least explored state in Indian subcontinent, but when it comes to scenic beauty, no other region stands any chance in front of "the land of the rising sun". Mechuka, mostly an unknown entity to the outside world, is a small town located beneath the picturesque surroundings of Himalayan Mountain Ranges, just 29 KM from the Indo-Tibet border.

    You can experience the beauty of silence in Mechuka Valley's cradle of blue mountains and snow-covered peaks. The never-ending game of hide-&-seek between the sun and the clouds adds to its inherent charms. Not to forget, the beautiful lake dipped in mist at the heart of the valley.

    The best thing to do here is to do sweet nothings! Just hold the hand of your loved one and spend hours cherishing the eternal beauty of nature without coining a single word. If you are religious by nature, then Indo-Tibetan Monasteries can be of great interest to you.
    Add a touch of exotic romanticism to your memorable honeymoon trip by exploring the virgin eloquence that Mechuka Valley has to offer.

    Attractions in and around Mechuka:

    Valley View - Uncover a vast stretch of mesmerizing lush green mountain valley covered with floral carpets and embedded with twisting streams.

    Samten Yongcha Monastery - A Buddhist Monastery set up amid pristine surroundings on a hill-top. Established more than 400 years ago, it can be treated as a smaller version of the famous Tawang Monastery. Numerous ancient statues and remains of stone sculptures can be found at this place.

    Mechuka Lake - A natural blue-water lake on the backdrop of frozen mountain peaks. The beautiful reflection of nature on the stand-still blue water is a sight to behold.

    Handicrafts - The tribal crafts made of bamboo and cane are worth a visit. Wood carved decorative items, Thangka paintings and Tibetan shawls can add to the glow of your drawing room.

    3. Ziro Valley

    State: Arunachal Pradesh
    District: Lower Subansiri
    Altitude: 5538 feet (1688 m)
    Attractions: Valley, Mountain, Heritage

    Ziro Valley allures the honeymooners with its stunning appeal and sets the foundation for stepping into the most romantic phase of your life. The surreal beauty of this virgin evergreen valley can instill a sense of heavenly feeling in your heart that no other honeymoon destination could even dream of. Ziro is famous for its pine-clad evergreen hills and vast stretches of rice fields all around.

    The wonderful view of sunrise can bring the true essence of love at the very beginning of your married life. Even when the sun sets down, a magical spell of romanticism engulfs the atmosphere that can paint your canvas with colorful dreams. White water rafting at the Palin river can also turn out to be a memorable experience. Sidheshvar Nath temple and Holy Rosary church also attract large volume to tourists.

    If your soulmate happens to be a music lover, then plan to attend the Ziro Music Festival - a 4-day annual event organized in the month of September when the valley is invaded by thousands of music lovers from all over India.

    Attractions in and around Ziro Valley:

    1. Sidheshvar Nath Temple - It's an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple has a huge Shiva Linga measuring 25 Feet in length and 22 Feet width.

    2. Holy Rosary Catholic Church - The largest Catholic Church in the state of Arunachal located on top of a hillock.

    3. Palin River - A tributary of Subansiri River that flows through Ziro Valley and New Palin town. An ideal picnic spot, it offers the opportunity of white-water rafting.

    4. Trekking Trails - A number of inviting trekking trails are waiting to be explored in and around Ziro Valley. Hiring a local youth as guide can open up the hidden treasures of Ziro valley in front of you. Enjoy the enchanting atmosphere and enrich the explorer in you.

    2. Yuksom

    State: Sikkim
    District: West Sikkim
    Altitude: 5840 feet (1780 m)
    Attractions: Valley, Mountain, Eco-tourism

    Yuksom offers an unique combination of untouched natural serenity with the prospect of adventure during your honeymoon trip. For the environment concsious souls, the residents of this picturesque village have successfully adopted promotion of eco-tourism. Yuksom is considered to be the first model village for eco-tourism in the North-Eastern region.

    As the base camp for trekking to Mt. Khangchendzonga, Yuksom handles a large influx of mountaineers from all parts of the world. However, the winter (January and February) is the lean season and ideal for honeymooners to witness its pristine beauty.

    Besides the lovely weather and unbounded natural riches, adventure sports, including rafting, kayaking and bungee jumping are also the much sought-after flavors at Yuksom. Buddhist monasteries and historical monuments adds to the diversity of this tiny little Sikkimese village.

    Attractions in and around Yuksom:

    1. Rathong Chuu Valley - The colorful Rathong Chuu valley at Yuksom portrays a romantic and cuddling appeal.

    2. Yumthang Valley - No less than a paradise on earth. Beautiful, peaceful and there's love in the air.

    3. Adventure Sports, Kayaking & Rafting - For the couples who are seeking bit of an adrenalin rush, Yuksom is the origin to several enthralling treks, hikes and other adventure sports across the North-Eastern state of Sikkim. Rafting, kayaking and bungee jumping are some of the activities that attract the travellers. Besides, the Yuksom-Dzongri trek is a popular high altitude trek along the Rathong Chu River in West Sikkim.

    4. Monastery & Gompa - Yuksom also has a number of famous Buddhist monasteries and historical monuments. The natural splendor of Yuksom is further accentuated by its history, architecture and Buddhist legacy that evolved from the 17th century.

    1. Dzükou Valley:

    State: Nagaland
    District: Kohima
    Altitude: 7998 feet (2438 m)
    Attractions: Valley, Mountains, Streams, Wildlife

    While others promises the sun, or the moon, or the stars to their better halves, promise her a world where love and romance prevails in the air!

    Located at the height of 2438 m above the sea level along the Nagland-Manipur border, it's no less than a dream come true experience for the nature lovers to walk through the lush green valley carpeted with exotic flowers, misty hillocks and enchanting streams.

    Have you ever come across an out-of-the-world wallper and thought that such a beautiful place can only be seen in dreams? One visit to Dzukou Valley would be enough to shatter that thought.

    You will be ecstatic to discover the amazing landscapes of the vast stretch of beautiful grasslands along its hilly terrain. The twisting Dzulekie stream weaving through the heart of the valley adds to its pristine charms. It's the place where the blue sky romances the pleasant breeze and showers its blessings on the newly married couple.

    Attractions in and around Dzukou Valley:

    1. Japfu Peak - Located at an elevation of 3048 m, it's the second highest peak in Nagaland. Popular with adventurous tourists, Japfu Peak offers a great view of the amazing Dzukou Valley. Decorated with varieties of Lilies and Rhododendrons throughout the trekking route, Japfu Peak is also home to several exotic bird species. The mystical view of sunrise from this peak can be a cherished memory.

    2. Pulie Badze Wildlife Sanctuary - Overlooking the Pulie-badze Peak, this is a must-visit place for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers. It is home to various wild animals and birds - including a few rare species.

    3. Dzulekie Stream - Flowing through a sleek and narrow gorge along the evergreen sub-tropical forests, the Dzulekie stream seeps underground at some places. It's a popular picnic spot and ideal for spending some quality time with your spouse and children amidst natural surroundings.

    4. Kohima - The Capital of Nagaland, Kohima city is located on a mountain cliff. It serpentines along the top of the mountain ranges to offer breathtaking views of the lush green mountain valleys. The towering peaks, the tearing clouds and the misty breeze can make it an absolutely delightful trip for the tourists. Kohima War Memorial, constructed in the memory of World War II brave-hearts is another major tourists’ attraction here.


    Calm yet beautiful, tenderly yet appealing, trendy yet classic - the colorful North Eastern states can ignite love and romance in newly-married couples like no other honeymoon destinations in India. Getting to know each other by spending quality time together is the main objective behind honeymoon trip. And the beautiful North East could facilitate that quite easily. Visit the enchanting land of seven sisters to make your honeymoon as sweet as honey and as magical as the moon.

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