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Andaman Nicobar Cruise

Discussion in 'Cruise' started by MeherGohil, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. MeherGohil

    MeherGohil New Member

    My husband and I are interested in taking our kids to an Andaman Nicobar cruise, but we are vague on the details and information related to the cruise. It would be most appreciated if we could have some simple questions answered for us to find out more about the cruise, and also help us in the booking when it is made.

    1. From which destinations does the Andaman Nicobar cruise start from?

    2. Are cruises available for a different number of days or is it a fixed number of days that the cruise lasts?

    3. How many cruise liners provide the Andaman Nicobar cruise?

    4. Which cruise liner do you suggest we should choose?

    5. What route is taken for Andaman Nicobar cruise?

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello there, welcome to the forum!

    Aside from passenger ships, there are also cruises that take tourists to the Andaman Islands from different regions of the country. These are:
    • Chennai to Andaman Cruise - This cruise starts in Chennai or passes through it. Duration of journey is 60 hours or more. Ship frequency is about 4 times a month.
    • Vizag to Andaman Cruise - This cruise starts from Vishakapatnam and is about 56 hours long. Ship frequency is about once a month.
    • Kolkata to Andaman Cruise - This cruise starts from Kolkata or passes through it. The journey is about 66 hours. Ship frequency is 4 times a month.
    As I've mentioned, these cruises are only available a few times in a month. They are also fixed cruises and you have to follow the itinerary provided by the management. If you'd like more flexibility, you can opt for the passenger ships which have more regular schedules every week. Cruise ships usually drop you off in the different islands in Andaman. But after a day or two, you have to board the ship again to go back to your starting point.

    Here are some cruise liners travelling to the Andaman islands:
    • Amet Cruise Ship - This cruise ship travels from Chennai to Andaman. It's a nine-deck cruise ship with about 268 cabins. It has a badminton court, spa, dance floor, disco, multi-cuisine restaurant, lounger bar and swimming pool. They have suites, state rooms and stag cabins. Their office address is: No. 5107, H2 II Avenue, Anna Nagar, Chennai, 600040. Their contact number is: 044 26161438.
    • Azamara Club Cruises - This cruise ship travels from Chennai to Singapore, passing by Andamans, Thailand and Malaysia along the way. It's a 13 night journey and the stopover at Andaman is quite short in duration. They have all the luxury amenities as well just like the first cruise ship. Their contact number is: +1 305 341 0206.
    As mentioned above, there are also other cruise ships from Vizag and Kolkata.

    The best one from the two choices above would be the Amet Cruise Ship. Their cruise duration is only in India, unlike the Azmara Club Cruises. They also stay for a longer time in the Andaman Islands so you can explore many of the attractions there.

    It depends on what cruise ship or package you choose. Some are just direct like the Chennai to Andaman route, the Vizag to Andaman route and the Kolkata to Andaman route. But some cruise ships like the Azmara go through different locations from Chennai to Andaman to Phuket to Malaysia.

    I hope this helps.:)