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Bastar Tourism

Discussion in 'Chhattisgarh' started by MonaliShalya, May 11, 2017.

  1. MonaliShalya

    MonaliShalya New Member

    A place I want to explore is Chattisgarh and in particular Bastar. I know that the state of Chattisgarh is very less visited and not so popular with tourism, which is why I have joined this forum.

    Being a travel forum I have high hopes in finding out more about the Bastar tourism, so I can plan my trip to the destination. I hear that there are many waterfalls in Bastar so please mention how many there are and what ones you would recommend visiting.

  2. iamawriter

    iamawriter Member

    Bastar is famous for its waterfalls, temples, mountains and the historical palace

    -Tiratghar Waterfalls

    The rocks on which the water, falls are worthy of note. The rocks are huge and almost black. It is safe to bathe in the reservoir of the waterfall unlike many other waterfalls where danger signs are put up.

    -Thamada Gumar Falls
    These falls are situated deep in the dense forests and the route is worth trespassing. Here it is dangerous to bathe as crocodiles are found in there.

    Bastar palace
    Although reviews say that it is almost in ruins it is worth visiting going by its age. Part of it is converted into a hotel.

    Bailadila Mountains

    The ride or drive up there provides a visual treat. There are facilities up in the mountains for a peaceful stay. Many spend atleast two days as they say to get away from it all.

    There are those two temples which tourists will not leave without visiting. They are the Shri Venkateshwar Swami Temple and the Danteshwari Temple.