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Best cancer hospital in Mumbai

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chit Chat' started by Pradeep, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. Pradeep

    Pradeep New Member

    I am coming to India with my dad to visit our family in Gujarat. As we will be in India, I want to take the opportunity to get a second opinion on his health as he has recently been diagnosed with cancer.

    I would like to go to Mumbai to a good hospital and would like to find out which is the best cancer hospital in Mumbai. I can then make plans to make a trip to Mumbai and speak to someone at the hospital prior the visit.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, welcome to the forum!



    Cancer occurs when abnormal cells grow and divide in an uncontrolled way. As such, the abnormal cells can sometimes metastasise in other parts of the body, especially when undetected. When it comes to treating cancer, it is said that India is on par with even other western countries, including aspects of doctor expertise, equipments and medicines. Even patients from abroad reach India to get their treatment here, because the level of expertise of the doctors in the country is up to the international standards. In Mumbai alone, you would find various cancer treatment hospitals that can help you or your loved one suffering from the disease. Below are some of the best cancer hospitals that you can find in the city of Mumbai.

    Best Cancer Hospitals in Mumbai

    1. Tata Memorial Hospital - The Tata Memorial Hospital was established in 1941 by Sir Dorab Tata. It has since then changed management, from the Ministry of Health and now, to the Department of Atomic Energy. It started out as just a small hospital with around 80 beds in its premises. Fast forward to today, it has become the most renowned cancer treatment hospital in the country. It has expanded into a 600-bed hospital, treating over 30,000 patients annually. The hospital is both a private venture and government venture, aiming to help the less fortunate cancer-stricken individuals of the country. About 60% of the patients here are treated free of charge annually, from the consultation, up to the treatments and other needs of the individual. Further, the Tata Memorial Hospital conducts free online consultation for patients in and out of the country, primarily for those further away from Mumbai. Patients only need to upload the images of their medical reports and a computerised system would analyse the results. After which, an oncologist would further diagnose the disease and the proper treatments required. As of now, the head of the hospital is Doctor Rajendra Badwe, a graduate of the Dorab Tata Scholarship program. His researches on oncology are highly regarded and praised by fellow medical personnel. Other oncologists in the hospital are Doctor Amita Maheshwari and Doctor Ashish Vijay Bakshi.
    • Oncology Head - Doctor Rajendra Badwe
    • Schedule - Monday to Saturday (9:30 to 17:30)
    • Address - Doctor E Borges Road, Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400012, India
    • Contact Number - +91 22 2417 7000
    2. Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and Medical Research Institute - This hospital started out as a cardiology centre in 1999 established by Doctor Nitu Mandke. In 2007, Tina Anil Ambani, along with her husband, opened the Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and Medical Research Institute, dedicated to both Dhirubhai Ambani and Kokilaben Ambani. Dhirubhai Ambani was the founder of the Reliance Industries, one of the most successful businesses in the country. His philosophy though was that private sector companies also plays some important role in the uplifting of the health sector of India. As such, his son and current Reliance Industries chairman, Anil Dhirubhai Ambani, along with the wife, Tina Ambil Ambani, opened the hospital in 2007 in lieu of their father's philosophy. Though the hospital is a multi-speciality one, its cancer department has been rated highly over the past few years. One of the most important features of the hospital is that they have top-notch equipments as well as the latest treatments ready for cancer patients. They also offer the Day Care Chemotherapy Unit, which allows patients in chemotherapy to reach home the same day, for a more comfortable ambience for the individuals. They also offer Robotic Surgery, which allows for a more precise and controlled surgery procedure. The hospital is also one of the few institutes which has the Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Scan. As of now, the hospital has over 600 beds, catering to over 30,000 patients annually.
    • Oncology Head - Doctor Rajesh Mistry
    • Schedule - Daily OPD (24 Hours)
    • Address - Rao Saheb Achutrao, Patwardhan Marg, Four Bungalows, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053, India
    • Contact Number - +91 22 3099 9999
    Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and Medical Research Institute.jpg
    Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and Medical Research Institute

    3. Parmanand Deepchand Hinduja Hospital and Medical Research Centre - This hospital was founded in 1951 by the wife of businessman Parmanand Deepchand Hinduja, who is Lalita Girdhar Hinduja. The Parmanand Deepchand Hinduja Hospital and Medical Research Centre was the first ever hospital in Mumbai to provide for a breast cancer screening centre, which allows for early diagnosis and treatment of the disease. The hospital has over 400 beds in its different units. It also provides for subspecialties in cancer like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery and a separate cancer urology unit. Though this is a private venture, the hospital provides for charity services in their OPD, for about 20% of the patients who needs them. With the latest equipments like the Gamma Camera PET Scan, Gamma Knife and Digital Linear Accelerator Clinac 2300 C/D with MLC, the hospital is also up to date with modern technologies. The head oncologist of the hospital is Doctor Asha Kapadia, who has interned and did her residency in the United States of America.
    • Oncology Head - Doctor Asha Kapadia
    • Schedule - Monday (14:00 to 16:00), Tuesday (11:00 to 14:00), Wednesday (11:00 to 16:00), Thursday (9:30 to 12:00) and Friday (11:00 to 16:00)
    • Address - Veer Sawarkar Marg, Asavari, Mahim, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400016, India
    • Contact Number - +91 22 2445 1515
    4. Fortis Hospital - There are four Fortis Healthcare Hospitals in Mumbai, but the one in Mulund West is regarded as the best for patients diagnosed with or suffering from cancer. The Fortis Healthcare is headquartered in Gurgaon but has other branches in Amritsar, Delhi, Chennai, Jaipur and of course, Mumbai. The famed healthcare clinic also has branches in other countries like Dubai, Sri Lanka and Singapore. The hospital is also recognised by the Joint Commission International (JCI), which means that it passed the extensive and rigorous standards set by the commission. The Fortis Hospital in Mulund was established just in 2002 and specialises in various fields like internal medicine, paediatrics, radiology and of course, oncology. For oncology, the departments can further be sub classified into surgical, medical, radiation and palliative medicine. The head of surgical oncology is Doctor Anil Heroor, who graduated from the Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas Medical College. He also did his residency training at the Tata Memorial Hospital, which was mentioned above. Other oncology specialists in the hospital are Doctor Deepak Kumar, Doctor Tejinder Singh and Doctor Haresh Manglani.
    • Oncology Head - Doctor Anil Heroor
    • Schedule - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday (10:00 to 12:00)
    • Address - Goregaon Mulund Link Road, Mulund West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400078, India
    • Contact Number - +91 22 4365 4365
    Fortis Hospital Mumbai.jpg
    Fortis Hospital

    5. Global Hospitals - Global Hospitals is located in Parel in Mumbai, managed by the Southeast Asian company known as Parkway Pantai, based in Singapore. This hospital is newer but provides the most modern and technology-driven facilities. With over 400 beds and state of the art facilities, the hospital is more than capable of handling medical-related cases. Their specialties range from cardiology, gynaecology, hepatology, oncology and many more. Their oncology department can be subdivided into breast oncology, medical oncology and surgical oncology. They mainly treat blood cancers like leukaemia, Hodgkin's lymphoma and neuroblastoma with stem cell transplantation. Chemotherapy is yet another treatment option for patients here. You can consult with Doctor Kamran Khan, one of the oncologists at the Global Hospitals. He studied and trained under the famed Tata Memorial Hospital as well. With over 23 years of experience, he has gained much expertise in the field of surgical oncology, particularly in gastroenterological and gynaecological oncology.
    • Oncologist - Doctor Kamran Khan
    • Schedule - Monday to Friday (17:30 to 19:00)
    • Address - No. 35, Dr. E Borges Road, Opposite Shirodkar High school, Hospital Lane, Wadi Bandar, Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400010, India
    • Contact Number - +91 22 6767 0101
    6. Sir Jamsetjee Jeejebhoy Group of Hospitals - This group of hospitals are affiliated with the Grant Government Medical College. These hospitals include the following: Sir Jamsetjee Jeejebhoy Hospital, Saint George Hospital, Gokuldas Tejpal Hospital and Cama & Albless Hospital. These four hospitals specialise in various fields like cardiology, nephrology, urology, ophthalmology, psychiatry and radiotherapy oncology. For their radiotherapy oncology, the department is located in the Cama & Albess Hospital. The head of the department is Doctor Dilip Nikam, a selfless and humble man, who chose to work on a government hospital instead of a private one. Despite being a government venture, the hospital has state of the art facilities including Linear Accelerator with 64-Slice CT Simulator and Day Care Chemotherapy Centre. The OPD of the hospital provides for free treatments for less fortunate patients as well. Despite all these treatments, prices here are lower as well, compared to other private hospitals. Yet the quality of health services are never compromised when you go to this hospital .
    • Oncology Head - Doctor Dilip Nikam
    • Schedule - Daily OPD (24 Hours)
    • Address - JJ Marg, Nagpada Mumbai Central, Off Jijabhoy Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400008, India
    • Contact Number - +91 22 2373 5555
    7. Seven Hills Hospital - The first Seven Hills Hospital was established in Visakhapatnam over 30 years ago. In 2010, the Seven Hills Hospital in Andheri East in Mumbai was inaugurated and established. Catering to patients with needs in various area like cardiology, nephrology, cosmetology, paediatrics and of course, oncology. Their oncology department can be divided into medical oncology, surgical oncology and radiation oncology. For medical oncology department, their head is Doctor Indoo Ambulkar while for the radiation oncology department, their head is Doctor Hari Mohan Agrawal. The former uses chemotherapy, along with the latest developments in the field, to treat cancer-stricken patients. The latter uses radiotherapy techniques such as conventional radiotherapy, three-dimensional conformal radiotherapy, intensity-modulated radiotherapy, image-guided radiotherapy and many more. Sometimes, a combination of both might also be required. However, the Seven Hills Hospital is a private venture so the rates might be higher.
    • Oncologists - Doctor Indoo Ambulkar and Doctor Hari Mohan Agrawal
    • Schedule - Monday to Saturday (11:00 to 16:00 for Doctor Ambulkar and 10:00 to 17:00 for Doctor Agrawal)
    • Address - Marol Maroshi Road, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400059, India
    • Contact Number - +91 22 6767 6767
    Seven Hills Hospital mumbai.jpg
    Seven Hills Hospital
    8. HCG Apex Cancer Centre - The HCG Apex Cancer Centre is an oncology specialty clinic located in Borivali West in Mumbai. The HCG Apex Care Centre has over 100 beds and has various state of the art facilities for cancer patients. It is the first of its kind in Mumbai, having in its roof all the departments of oncology like medical, radiation and also surgical. The modern Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Scan machine can diagnose cancer more accurately. It has a separate Bone Marrow Unit as well for those patients who might need bone marrow transplants. Other facilities like a Sonography Machine, Mammography Machine and CT Scan Machine are also available in the centre. There are many oncologists in the centre but you can try consulting with either Doctor Nirmal Raut or Doctor Amish Patel. With the HCG Apex Cancer Centre, you are assured of a more specialised and focus medical attention, because it specifically caters to oncology patients.
    • Oncology Head - Doctor Nirmal Raut or Doctor Amish Patel
    • Schedule - Monday to Saturday (9:00 to 21:00)
    • Address - Holy Cross Rd, IC Colony, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400103, India
    • Contact Number - +91 93 2433 7000
    9. Jaslok Hospital - The Jaslok Hospital was founded in 1973 in Pedder Road in Mumbai. It was founded by husband, Seth Lokoomal Chanrai, and wife, Jasoti, as a means of providing affordable healthcare irrespective of the patient's status in life, caste or religion. It is also famous for providing luxury healthcare services in the means of suite-type accommodations, personalised cuisine slash menu and even airport shuttles for patients. The specialties provided for by the hospital include internal medicine, ophthalmology, orthopaedic, pulmonology and oncology. Their oncology department can be divided into medical, radiology and surgical as well. Various oncologists can be consulted for, depending on the type of treatment that the patient needs. Doctor Anjana Sinai is the consultant for the breast oncology, Doctor Ganapathi Bhat is the consultant for prostate oncology and Doctor Basade is the consultant for haematological oncology.
    • Oncologists - Doctor Anjana Sinai, Doctor Ganapathu Bhat and Doctor Basade
    • Schedule - Doctor Anjana Sinai at Friday (9:00 to 10:00) and Doctor Ganapathi Bhat at Wednesday (10:00 to 11:00)
    • Address - No. 15, Dr. Deshmukh Marg, Pedder Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400026, India
    • Contact Number - +91 22 2353 3333
    Jaslok Hospital.jpg
    Jaslok Hospital

    10. Lilavati Hospital - Last on the list is the Lilavati Hospital located in Bandra West of Mumbai. This hospital was established in 1978 by the Lilavati Kirtilal Mehta Medical Trust. Awarded in 2016 by Reader's Digest as one of the most trusted hospitals in India, this institution is highly praised around the country and also around the world. It is a 300-bed facility with modern and state of the art equipments for the need of the patients. Aside from various departments like cardiology, urology, obstetrics & gynaecology and many more, the hospital also has a separate oncology and onco-surgery department. The former specialises in areas like radiation oncology, medical oncology and bone marrow transplant. Doctor BK Smruti is the one of the resident oncologists here. On the other hand, the onco-surgery department specialises in surgeries, chemotherapies and also palliative medicine. Doctor Jagannath and Doctor Deepak Parikh are just some of the resident onco-surgery physicians here.
    • Oncologists - Doctor BK Smruti, Doctor Jagannath or Doctor Deepak Parikh
    • Schedule - Doctor BK Smruti at Wednesday and Friday (18:00 to 20:00), Doctor Jagannath at Monday to Friday (16:00 to 18:00) and Doctor Deepak Parikh at Tuesday and Thursday (16:00 to 18:00)
    • Address - No. A791, Bandra Reclamation, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050, India
    • Contact Number - +91 22 2675 1000

    While cancer can be a scary disease, the earlier that it is diagnosed, the higher are the chances of survival of the patient. So as much as possible, have that yearly check-up, eat more healthily and live a more active lifestyle. For those who are already diagnosed with cancer, keep your faith high and make sure you seek the help of a professional from a distinguished institute or centre, like the ones mentioned above. I hope this helps you.


  3. pravish

    pravish Member

    Tata memorial hospital in Mumbai is by far the best cancer treatment hospital by far. Other hospital around the city have been frequently accused of overcharging and no proper treatment. You can always trust Tata memorial hospital and the fees what they charge is far too less when compared with other multispeciality hospitals. I haven't heard a single person who had a terrible experience with this hospital.