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Best Food In India

Discussion in 'Food & Drinks' started by studentlibrary, Sep 12, 2015.

  1. studentlibrary

    studentlibrary New Member

    I am a fan of Indian cuisine, I love the aroma and the taste of the food so rich in spices. I plan on visiting India very soon, please tell me which foods I should try and give me a brief summary of what the ingredients of the meal are...Just thinking about it activates my salivary glands.
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  2. travelguide

    travelguide Active Member

    It would be better if you could give some idea about which part of India you are planning to visit. In India there are so many food cultures across the county. So, it will help to find out the best one that is available in the State you are going to visit.

    Otherwise, you can just mention whether it is South India, North India and so on. You will definitely get valuable inputs here once you specify your location. All the best to your trip to India.

  3. joejoe913

    joejoe913 New Member

    I hope you enjoy your stay and enjoy the food. My advice is to watch out for street side vendors for food because some of them tend to be unsanitary. One food i would suggest is coconut milk and batata(potato) wada.
  4. btalivny

    btalivny Member

    Most of the food you will encounter will be very good. Indian food in general is filled with spices which are very delighting to the taste buds.
  5. pwarbi

    pwarbi Active Member

    While I also enjoy Indian cuisine, I find that it does taste different compared with the restaurant's we have here in the UK. For example we have our favourite Indian restaurant that we go to a couple of times a month, but the same dish there, tastes different to what we can get off a couple of Indian friends we know.
  6. travelguide

    travelguide Active Member

    I think that is a valid point. You need to take special care to avoid food from unhygienic places / restaurants. A slight food poisoning can ruin your entire trip. That is where a forum like this comes in to play. Just listen to what others are saying from their own experiences. I would never support going to street vendors as it might not be suitable for you. Moreover, as you are not accustomed to such food, your stomach will find it difficult to adjust. So, better go for popular places recommended by others.
  7. bluegreen

    bluegreen New Member

    I tried coconut milk and it's very good (although it was on Gran Canaria, I don't know if they have the same coconut species on India, but the ones on Gran Canaria where very good, and after drinking the milk I asked for them to break the coconut so we could eat the interior, it was pretty good as well). The batata wada I never tried, I think, what spices do they put on it? Because my mother from times to times cooks some oriental food and she might have done that :p

    What I like most about Indian food is specially the spices, here in Europe we don't use that kind of spices that often and I like it a lot when my mother does chicken with curry for example! Curry is one of my favourite spices I have to say!
  8. glockman

    glockman New Member

    I like Indian cuisine, but where i come from almost all Indian food commercially available is very hot and spicy. Are there any particular foods available to a visitor that are not very spicy while still retaining the variety and character that is innate to Asia in general and India in particular? Something that a young child can handle for instance.
  9. bluegreen

    bluegreen New Member

    What are the desserts that you would tell people should definitely taste if they go to India?
  10. greybird29

    greybird29 New Member

    When I was very young I was married to a member of the US Air Force we lived in on the base housing. There came a time when this feisty young lady and their family moved in next door. She spoke broken English, I spoke with a massive southern drawl and we became friends; I had trouble pronouncing her given name she asks me to call her Miss Nina.
    That young lady could take a pot of rice and turn it into a fabulous gourmet meal. One of the first meals she shared with me smelled a bit spicy, I asked her it was hot she said yes it just came off the stove LOL. I ask no as in spicy hot, she said no I toned it down for you; I took one bite and my mouth was on flaming fire. She laughed hysterically as she handed me some of her homemade bread and a cold beverage. After that she would make a small dish not as spicy and share with me several times a week; I grew to love her food. She had never had a hotdog or a hamburger and really enjoyed coming over to our house and sharing in a BBQ; bringing a dish to share and some extra spices for her food. I still love to eat spicy Indonesian food and will never forget her; Miss Nina she was a good, fun friend.
  11. BadBoy

    BadBoy Active Member

    Gajar Ka Halwa, Gulab Jamun,
    Though there are other desserts as well but you may not get thm at every sweet shop..

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  12. Ashwin Mahesh

    Ashwin Mahesh Member

    Well if you are visiting the southern states there are many dishes you can try which are specific to this region, for eg:
    1. Biryani in Hyderabad
    2. Masala Dose in Bangalore
    3. Fish curry in Kerala
    4. Kothu parota in Chennai

    I am not saying they are not available elsewhere but you will miss out on the local taste which maybe a bit different.
  13. pwarbi

    pwarbi Active Member

    Here in the UK all Indian foods tend to be hot and spicy aswell, especially if your buying them from a take away, and it seems to be a tradition that it as to burn your mouth for it to be enjoyable.

    I've also tried food that as been homecooked by an Indian family and I have to say there is a big difference and the emphasis is more on flavour rather than spice.
  14. Chrisanswer

    Chrisanswer New Member

    As a life long fan of curry, I suppose India, to me is what Italy is to a person who loves pasta. They say there are over 2000 types of curry available in India. I couldn't possibly say if that's true or not, but I can say I've been more than 10 times to India and I'm still trying new ones.
  15. travelguide

    travelguide Active Member

    Idli/vada/dosa with sambar is the most famous south Indian breakfast meal. They are made from rice and black lentils that are fermented. Sambar is a stew of vegetables and toor daal sprinkled with tamarind.
    Another one is Briyani which is made of rice (usually Basmati rice) mixed with various spices, eggs, meat or simply vegetables. This can also be used during lunch time. Cities like Hyderabad is famous for Biryani.
    Chole Bhature - This is yet another North Indian dish you should never miss. Bhature are soft deep fried Indian bread which is usually served with curry of chickpea known as chole. They are really tasty.
  16. Devendra patel

    Devendra patel New Member

    India is well known for its delicious foods.Every state has its different dish and sweets.I like north Indian dishes mostly.Matar paneer and rajma is my favourite dish.Biryani and tanduri chicken is my favourite non veg foods.Chole Bhature is famous dish in Haryana and Delhi which I like most.Simple but tasty dishes make me hungry like gajar ka halua,Aalo ke parathe and pyaaj ke pakude.
  17. ChrisB

    ChrisB New Member

    It was mentioned above that location is very important in food suggestions because of the difference in flavors in each region. Food and local cuisine are major decision makers for me when I'm planning out a trip and India is a big country. What states or regions do you consider to be the best for local offerings? There are always more things factored into the vacation, but I think a "food map" is always a good way to start the planning.
  18. travelguide

    travelguide Active Member

    You are very true. Every region has its own food culture and specialties. But if you want to enjoy the right taste you need to visit the place and have food from that location itself. It is a fact that nowadays any food is available all over the world but nobody can guarantee that same local flavor. India can be categorized into South, North, East and West for its varied food cultures and practices. Every sector has its own specialized local food items to offer.
  19. nemanjanp

    nemanjanp New Member

    In Jammu & Kashmir you should try gustaba and tabak maz,in Uttar and Madhya you should try out lapsi, bafla, kabab and biryanis, in Telengana try out gongura gosht and papucharu,in Manhashtra you should try shirkhand and modak, and if you are visiting Sikkim try momos and thukpa.

    If anyone is interested in the whole food map, just google it. It's kinda impossible to try all these things in 1 trip but you have to make tough choices, right? :D
    As a huge food and overall taste lover, I can't wait to go to India and try some of these delicous looking things.
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  20. bluegreen

    bluegreen New Member

    Hello BadBoy,
    I searched the dessert you told me, and Gulab Jamun seems really tasty! I will definitely taste it when I go to an Indian restaurant or if I don't have the opportunity I will make it mysel! :p I like to have some diferent desserts and plates when I invite my friends to my house! I learned how to cook a chinese plat, and I think that is dessert will be really good with that plate! Mixing the two kind of foods! Chinese and Indian :p
  21. debilechat

    debilechat New Member

    I thought that momos and thukpa were Tibetan rather than Indian? Delicious at any rate!

    I would love to know the names of traditional dishes from Himachal Pradesh. I was invited to a wedding while I was there and the food was probably the most delicious I have ever had in my life. One dish seemed to be spinach (or another green vegetable) cooked with sour yogurt and spices and another was chickpeas in a creamy sauce. Oh there were too many to list but they were better than anything I have had in a restaurant and they were cooked by a man with a fire and a pot. We used leaves as plates and the food was all vegetarian.

    Can anyone recommend somewhere to look for authentic Himachal Pradesh food?