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Boat Tours To Visit The Waterfalls

Discussion in 'Itinerary' started by Joanne, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. Joanne

    Joanne New Member

    I was looking for a few unique thing to do in India. I found a site that is filled with adventure and fun. Here I saw a group of people visiting the waterfalls by boat. I can't seem to find out where this or anything more about this tour. Does anyone know anything about this?

  2. Seraphina

    Seraphina New Member

    I have seen a bunch of information about touring waterfalls, but I haven't come across anything about taking a boat tour to see them. Does it look something like the Maid of the Mist at Niagara Falls?

  3. Andre

    Andre New Member

    This sounds like fun. Are you talking about on of the photos in the site's photo gallery? I saw one photo in the gallery that showed two boats and the mall waterfalls. If this is what you're talking about I'd love to learn more. This looks exciting to take a small boat and go behind a waterfall and be so close to one. I guess the name on the image says it all; "Up close and in person."
  4. Joanne

    Joanne New Member

    Here on the site I saw a photo a person took. It showed two small boats with people touring the falls. The boats were right next the waterfalls. They were beautiful. In the photo you saw 3 small waterfalls off a small rock face. The boats went to these falls and allowed people to be up front and close to them. I thought this would be a wonderful tour to take.
  5. Andre

    Andre New Member

    After reading your response I wanted to see the photos on the site. I did see the one you're talking about. There is 3 small waterfalls and 2 small boats. It seems you're taken to the waterfalls by boat. This would be amazing to sit under a waterfall or even be able to go around the back of one. I like this idea and want to check who offers these tours.
  6. JManara

    JManara Member

    I love waterfalls and have visited Niagara Falls before. It would be fantastic to take a tour of the waterfalls. I know some of the waterfalls have lookout points and parks that allow you to get a good view of them.
  7. Andrew

    Andrew New Member

    You might want to do a bit of searching here on the forum. I did see the photo you were talking about. Not long after this I read about the person’s day trip. He did talk about these waterfalls.