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Canary Island for Christmas?

Discussion in 'Travel advice' started by dusty31, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. dusty31

    dusty31 New Member

    Has anyone been to the the Canary Islands in Winter? Thinking of going for Christmas.

    the weather is in the early 20s at in December. Is it warm enough for a beach holiday and swimming in the sea?

    I'm expecting a very touristy/British holiday but fancy some winter sun with the missus and the baby (who will be 6 months old then).

    Any tips of good places to stay that are not 'too' crowded and touristy would be excellent!


  2. StuDixon

    StuDixon New Member

    The weather in The Canaries during Christmas is supposed to be good and a lot of people visit this destination during Christmas.

    It's difficult to suggest a place which is good, not too crowded by tourists. I would a be mixture of things across the Islands, but the South would be best.

    Two places which I think would interest you are Los Christianos which is an ideal place for families, and Puerto de la Cruz which is in the North West ideal if you want a hotter climate and less crowded than the South.