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Andaman And Nicobar Islands Tourism Guide

Discussion in 'Destination Guides' started by Debapriya Deb, Aug 19, 2015.

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    Are you fascinated by the stunning underwater landscapes as portrayed by Jacques Cousteau in his film 'Andaman Islands: Invisible Islands'? Wouldn't you love to dive into these unexplored opaque emerald waters to catch a few glimpses of the marine life? If your answers to both the questions are in affirmative, then it's time to take a break from your busy schedule and get lost in the wilderness of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

    Famous for its breathtakingly pristine beaches, Andaman and Nicobar Islands has made its way on top of the 'dream destinations' list for travel enthusiasts in India and even beyond the national border. Irrespective of whether you wish to laze around for miles on isolated beaches or indulge in a fun-filled vacation with lots of activities, Andamans does have the goods to satisfy people belonging to both the worlds.

    Beautiful Andaman.jpg

    Best Time to Visit Andamans

    Andaman is blessed with pleasant tropical climate, so you can plan your travel throughout the year. Minimum and maximum temperature ranges between 23 degrees to 30 degrees Celsius. Humidity is on the higher side at 70% to 90%. However, the gentle sea breeze always makes its presence felt to keep the extreme heat at bay.

    If you are planning a trip during the monsoon season in July-August, then don't forget to pack your rain gears. With strong winds, frequent rain and low visibility underwater, the monsoon is not the best season for snorkeling and scuba diving. November to April is regarded as the peak season time, but try to avoid this period if you are looking for a quiet vacation.

    How to Get There?

    Being a cluster of archipelagic islands located in the Bay of Bengal, transportation by road is out of the equation. Andaman and Nicobar can be accessed either by air or water. Air travel is more comfortable compared to the basic ferry services, and it is far less time consuming, but cruising on the sea has a charm of its own. Also, if budget is a concern but you have ample time in hand, and then travelling by one of the Government ships can be your best choice.

    Another option can be a combination of both, arrival via flight and departure through cruise or the vice versa. By doing so, you can keep the expenses in control and also have just enough time to explore the unadulterated beauty of Andamans.

    Andamans by Air:

    Port Blair (IXZ), the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Union Territory, has a functional airport for connecting to mainland India via airline services. Direct flights are available from either Kolkata or Chennai on a daily basis. Air India, SpiceJet, Jet Airways and Go Air operate daily schedules on the Kolkata - Port Blair and Chennai - Port Blair routes. Kolkata and Chennai are two of the busiest airports in India, and these are well connected to the rest of the country.

    Airfare usually starts from around INR 2,500 when you book early. However, it can go beyond INR 15,000 if you are looking for air tickets at the last moment.

    Andamans by Cruise:

    Cruising is the only alternative to air travel for visiting the Andamans. Many travellers prefer cruise service over flights to experience the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Sailing through the heart of the ocean with nothing ahead of you except the blue waters, can leave you wonderstruck.

    If you have no time constraint and wish to explore Andamans in an inexpensive manner, a sea voyage can be an attractive option. Five ships in total operate between Port Blair and mainland India. These are owned and operated by "The Shipping Corporation of India Limited" in collaboration with "Andaman & Nicobar Tourism Department". You can avail the cruise service from three Indian cities - Chennai, Vizag and Kolkata. While, from Kolkata and Chennai, as many as four cruises are scheduled every month, Vizag has just one connecting service to Port Blair in a given month.

    From Vizag, it takes 56 hours to reach Port Blair, while the Chennai-Port Blair ship service takes another 4 hours more. It's a 66 hours journey from Kolkata. Kindly note that the fare structure is same irrespective of from which port you are cruising.

    Given below are the details of the ships and the routes they operate.

    1. M.V.Nicobar:

    M.V. Nicobar operates in two routes - 1. Kolkata - Port Blair - Kolkata and 2. Vizag - Port Blair - Vizag. It has 4 passenger classes - Bunk, Second Class Cabin, First Class Cabin and Deluxe Cabin. The fares for all the classes listed below -

    Deluxe Cabin - INR 9,280
    1st Class Cabin - INR 7,690
    2nd Class Cabin - INR 6,110
    Bunk - INR 2,380

    2. M.V. Swarajdeep:

    It operates in all the three routes - from Vizag, Chennai as well as Kolkata. Service classes and fares are the same as M.V. Nicobar.

    Deluxe Cabin - INR 9,280
    1st Class Cabin - INR 7,690
    2nd Class Cabin - INR 6,110
    Bunk - INR 2,380

    3. M.V. Harshavardhana

    M.V. Harshavardhana is one of the most popular ships for travelling to Port Blair. It operates from both Kolkata as well as Chennai. Besides the four classes available in M.V.Nicobar and M.V. Swarajdeep, it also has an additional class called 'Second Class B Cabin' which is very popular among budget travellers. Given below is the fare break-up for this cruise line.

    Deluxe Cabin - INR 9,280
    1st Class Cabin - INR 7,690
    2nd Class Cabin - INR 6,110
    2nd Class B Cabin - INR 3,890
    Bunk - INR 2,380

    4. M.V. Nancowry

    M.V. Nancowry operates between Chennai and Port Blair and it is the most preferred ship for travelling to Port Blair from Chennai. Service classes and fares are the same as M.V. Nicobar and M.V.Swarajdeep.

    Deluxe Cabin - INR 9,280
    1st Class Cabin - INR 7,690
    2nd Class Cabin - INR 6,110
    Bunk - INR 2,380

    5. M.V. Akbar

    The oldest ship in the fleet that connects Andamans to the rest of India is the M.V. Akbar. It sails from the 'City of Joy' Kolkata and covers the journey to Port Blair in 66 Hours. Besides bunk accommodation, 1st class and deluxe cabins, it also comes with a unique class - A/C Dormitory, which is a hit among middle-class Indian holidayers.

    Deluxe Cabin - INR 9,280
    1st Class Cabin - INR 6,560
    A/C Dormitory - INR 3,990
    Bunk - INR 2,380

    Important Information on Cruise Services:

    1. Cruise tickets can be bought at the STARS (Ship Ticketing Advance Reservation System) counters in person at Kolkata, Chennai and Port Blair. There is no STARS counter at Vigaz, but SCI has a ticketing agent right at the Vizag port.

    2. Kolkata STARS Counter - Shipping Corporation of India Ltd., Shipping House, No. 13, Strand Road, Kolkata. Contact no is (+91) 33 2482354.

    3. Chennai STARS Counter - The Deputy Director of Shipping Services, A&N Administration, 6, Rajaji Salai, Chennai. Contact no is (+91) 44 5220841.

    4. Port Blair STARS Counter - The Directorate of Shipping Services, A&N Administration, Phoenix Bay Jetty, Port Blair. Contact no is (+91) 3192 232528.

    5. Vizag SCI Counter - M/s AV Bhanojirow Garuda, Vizag Port Main Gate, PB.No:17, Vizag . Contact no is (+91) 891 256 5597,
    6. Online ticketing system does not exist at the moment, although it is on the cards in near future.

    7. Within the Andamans region, you can also book the cruise tickets from the Directorate of Shipping Services, A&N Administration at Port Blair, Diglipur, Mayabunder, Rangat, Havelock, Hutbay, Car Nicobar, Nancowry and Campbell Bay.

    8. Whether your point of origin is Kolkata, Vizag or Chennai, the fare remains constant for each of the classes. For example, if you are booking a bunk ticket on M.V. Swarajdeep, then you need to pay INR 2,380 irrespective of whether you are boarding at Kolkata, Vizag or Chennai.

    9. Discounted fares on all the cruises are available exclusively to the Islanders, that is the residents of Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

    10. Foreign nationals availing the cruise service must produce valid permit (Restricted Area Permit) to visit Andamans at the time of boarding the vessel.

    Inter-Island Transportation:

    DSS Operated Government Ferry:

    There are regular ferry services for visiting the tourist attractions and islands within the Andamans. Government-operated ships are managed by the Directorate of Shipping Services and tickets are issued through the STARS counters at Phoenix Bay Jetty in Port Blair. These vessels can accommodate up to 400 travellers and cover the major tourist attractions - Port Blair, Havelock Islands, Neil Islands, Mayabunder, Diglipur, Car Nicobar, Hut Bay, Nancowry and Rangat.

    Privately Owned Luxury Ship - M.V. Makruzz (Port Blair - Havelock Island):

    Besides the Government vessels, there is a privately owned luxury catamaran service, M.V. Makruzz, plying between Port Blair and Havelock Island. If superior comfort is a priority and budget is not a constraint, then you can avail this luxury service that offers three classes - Premium, Deluxe and Royal Class. This fully air-conditioned catamaran can hold 280 passengers. It can attain a maximum cruise speed of 27 nautical miles per hour and covers the Port Blair - Havelock Islands trip within 1.5 hours.

    Privately Owned Luxury Ship - Coastal Cruise (Port Blair - Havelock Islands - Neil Island):

    Operated by Coastal Cruise Seaways, it is a brand new, super fast, luxury catamaran that covers Port Blair - Havelock Island - Neil Island. It has a seating capacity of 218 passengers, distributed into four classes - Executive, Lounge, Premiere and Coastal. Coastal Cruise is a fully air conditioned vessel with audiovisual entertainment facilities.

    Andaman Travel Permits:

    Indian Nationals:

    Indian citizens do not require any permit to visit and stay in the tourist circuits in the Andamans. You just need to show a copy of your passport or any other GOI issued identity and address proofs. However, visiting remote areas of Andaman and Nicobar districts inhabited by tribals is prohibited. If you intend to visit the restricted areas, then you need to obtain an exceptional approval by the Deputy Commissioner, Andaman District, Port Blair.

    Foreign Citizens:

    All foreign nationals require Restricted Area Permit to visit the Andamans region. Valid Indian Visa is required for this purpose. Kindly note that if your Visa is stamped with "Entry to restricted areas not permitted", then RAP will not be issued, and you will not be allowed to enter the Andaman Islands. In that case, you need to contact the embassy and have the visa re-issued.

    If you are travelling by air, then you can easily collect it on arrival at the Port Blair airport. Immigration authorities issue the permit for a duration of 30 days, which is extendable for another 15 days on request. The whole procedure usually takes no more than 15-20 minutes. It is free of cost and is available to all foreign nationals with a valid Indian Visa.

    If you are planning to arrive via sailing, then you need to obtain the permit before arrival. The most convenient way to get the permit is while applying for your Indian Visa. Otherwise, you may also get the permit from Foreigner’s Registration Offices at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. Immigration authorities at the International airports in India can also issue the permit on your arrival.

    Places of Tourist Interests

    1. Havelock Island, Radhanagar Beach & Elephant Beach

    One of the most popular spots in the Andamans for tourists, Havelock Island is an excellent choice for a scenic holiday in the lap of nature. Besides lazing around on its virgin beaches, you can also indulge in Scuba diving and Snorkeling here. It has world class Scuba diving facilities, arguably the best in the country.

    Radhanagar Beach in Havelock, located at a distance of 12 KM from the Havelock Jetty is regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches not only in India but also in the entire Asian continent. Sunset at Radhanagar Beach is a sight to behold. Its sparkling blue waters look spectacular in shades of fiery red during sunset. There's a water sports centre at the beach where tourists can hire snorkeling and scuba diving equipment. If night outs on the beach fascinate you, then you can book a tent accommodation at the Radhanagar sea shore.

    Elephant Beach is another untouched paradise at the Havelock Island, which is yet to lose its idyllic charms to commercialization. You need to hire a boat from the Havelock Jetty to go to this near-deserted beach. It's a must visit place for the travellers who prefer to spend some romantic times with their loved ones amidst peace and solitude.

    2. Neil Island, Laxmanpur Beach, Bharatpur Beach & Sitapur Beach

    Covered with lush greenery and decorated with a vast stretch of white sandy beaches. Andaman trip can never be complete without visiting the rejuvenating Neil Island. Neil Island is regarded as the 'Coral capital of Andaman'. Also known as the 'Vegetable bowl of Andamans', three amazing beaches in Laxmanpur, Bharatpur and Sitapur are the main tourist attractions here.

    Located near the jetty at the Neil islands, Bharatpur Beach is as much famous for its coral reefs as it is for the beautiful beach. You can spot a diversified variety of marine life while snorkeling at Bharatpur Beach in Neil Island.

    Interested tourists can also get themselves engaged in fishing and angling activities at the golden and silver colored sandy beaches of Laxmanpur and Sitapur.

    3. Cellular Jail

    Cellular Jail in Port Blair is a historical attraction. Constructed in 1896 this prison occupies a prominent place in India's freedom movement. Famous freedom fighters including Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, Diwan Singh Kalepani, Yogendra Shukla, Bhai Parmanand and Maulana Ahmadullah were locked up here in individual cells for solitary confinement. A visit to this place not only brings alive India's heroic freedom struggle but also reminds us about the atrocities meted out to our freedom fighters by the British rulers.

    4. Baratang Island & Limestone Caves

    Limestone Cave is located at the Baratang Island around 100 KM from Port Blair. Unique shapes formed due to the erosion of limestone are the main attractions here. Baratang Island can be accessed from Port Blair by riding on a speedboat, and the eventful journey amidst the canopy of green forests is worth a visit. You can spot a variety of exotic birds on your boat ride through the nature-made tunnel of thick mangrove plantations. As the Limestone Caves are covered in darkness, ensure that you are carrying along a powerful torchlight for exploring the caves.

    Baratang Island is also home to India's only mud volcanoes that are active. The nearest town that also has decent accommodation is Diglipur.

    5. Long Island

    Located at a distance of 80 KM from Port Blair, Long Island can be visited by boat from Phoenix Bay Jetty. This isolated island offers a picturesque sandy beach, Lalji Bay, on the backdrop of untouched evergreen forests. The beach is a further 6 KM away from the Long Island jetty and can be accessed after a 30 minutes walk through the woods.

    Lalaji Bay is known to be frequented by dolphin convoys, so be ready with your camera to capture the beautiful dolphins in their natural habitat. Long Island also offers you the opportunity of island camping on the sea-shore. Island camping is organized during the peak season by the Directorate of Tourism, Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

    6. Viper Island

    Known to be inhibited by the dangerous Viper snakes, the Viper Island is famous for the ruins of a jail used to confine the freedom fighters before the Cellular Jail at Port Blair was constructed. Besides the pristine natural landscapes, you can see the ruins of the gallows atop a hillock, which was used to incarcerate political prisoners in the pre-independence era.

    7. Rangat

    Situated at a distance of 170 KM from Port Blair and can be accessed by a ferry service, Rangat is famous for Cutbert Bay Beach. Cutbert Bay Beach boasts of the solitude of virgin nature, and it is a favorite nesting ground for the turtles. There is a sanctuary near the beach where you can experience turtle nesting between December to February.

    Amkunj Beach is another tourist attraction at Rangat. Last, but not the least, if time permits, then you can also catch a glimpse of the famous Panchavati waterfalls located en-route Cutbert Bay Beach from the Rangat Jetty.

    8. North Bay Beach:

    North Bay Beach, located at Port Blair, attracts the tourists with the prospect of sea-walking. You will be provided with a transparent helmet and an oxygen cylinder, accompanied by skilled sea-walkers to guide you underwater. You can spot exquisite coral reefs and rich marine life, decorated fishes and lobsters while walking barefoot on the bottom of the sea.

    9. Corbyn's Cove Beach

    Just 6 KM away from Port Blair Town, Corbyn's Cove Beach, surrounded by coconut and palm trees, is an ideal spot for sunbathing. Snake Island, situated right in front of the beach, is famous for Scuba Diving and attracts a large number of tourists.

    10. Chidiya Tapu & Munda Pahar Beach

    Chidiya Tapu is located towards the southernmost tip of Andaman at a distance of 25 KM from Port Blair town. Frequent bus services are available from Port Blair to Chidia Tapu. Covered with lush green mangroves, it is home to numerous native and migratory birds. It also has a biological park for introducing the tourists to its diversified flora and fauna.

    A family picnic to Sylvan Sands and Munda Pahar beaches can turn into a remarkable expedition. Ideal for swimming in the sea waters, Munda Pahar Beach is also known for its fabulous sunset views.

    11. Marina Park Museum and Aquarium

    Managed by the Indian Navy, the Marina Park Museum and Aquarium was established with the objective to create awareness about the conservation of the aquatic life and resources in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Located in Port Blair town, the museum provides insights into the tribal life, and the aquarium has a rich collection of marine life. You are allowed to visit this place from 9 am to 12 noon and 2 pm to 5 pm every day; except on Mondays.

    12. Wandoor Beach, Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Jolly Bouy and Red Skin Islands

    Located 25 KM away from Port Blair on the western side, Wandoor Beach is famous for swimming and Coral Viewing. It can be a memorable experience to go to Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park from Wandoor Beach by a short boat ride.

    This Marine Park is spread across an area of 281.5 square kilometers and covers a cluster of 15 islands. The main attraction here is to view underwater marine life through glass bottom boats. You get the opportunity to experience Scuba Diving and Snorkeling at this marine park.

    Jolly Buoy, one of the islands in Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, offers breath-taking exotic riches of underwater marine life. It is the perfect spot for sea bathing and snorkeling.

    Another island in Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Red Skin Island has a beautiful yet secluded beach. This isolated beach is suitable for lazing around, sunbathing and marine life spotting.

    13. Barren Island

    Barren Island houses the only active volcano in India. Situated at a distance of 135 KM from Port Blair, the island is around 3 KM in diameter. You are not permitted to land on Barren Island, but you can catch a view of the volcano from the ferry.

    14. Mayabunder, Karmatang Beach and Avis Island

    Situated in the northern part of Middle Andaman, Karmatang Beach at Mayabunder is known to offer outstanding scenic beauty. Situated at a distance of 242 KM from Port Blair by road (136 KM by water), this beach is almost devoid of the usual mad rush. There is another scenic yet isolated beach at the Avis Island, which is surrounded by mangrove creeks. Snorkeling at Avis Island is a must do activity for the adventurists.

    15. Diglipur

    Diglipur, the abode of eco-friendly tourism in the Andamans region, can be accessed by road (290 KM) as well as the sea (180 KM). Situated on the bank of Kalpong River, which is the solitary river in the Andamans.

    If you prefer to stay away from the hustles and bustles of urban life, then head to Diglipur for a peaceful vacation. Diglipur is the gateway to the famed Ramnagar, Kalipur and Lamiya bay beaches. You can access these virgin beaches from the Aerial Bay jetty.

    Another attraction at this place is the trekking trail that leads to Saddle Peak, the highest point in the Andaman Islands, through the evergreen rain forest.

    16. Little Andaman Island & Butler Bay Beach

    Little Andaman Island can be accessed using a 8 hours cruise from Port Blair towards the southern side. It has two incredible beaches - Butler Bay and Hut Bay - which attract a large number of tourists during the peak season.

    17. Collinpur Beach:

    Situated at a distance of 64 KM away from Port Blair, you can find a beautiful sandy beach at Collinpur. Its shallow water level is ideal for swimming. Collinpur Beach also offers an amazing sunset view point.

    18. Car Nicobar

    The headquarters of the Nicobar district, Car Nicobar is famous for its enchanting beaches on the backdrop of swaying coconut palms. The first sight of this island gives an impression of discovering a jungle-clad lost town. Situated at a distance of 270 KM from Port Blair, the ferry service takes around 16 hours to complete the journey.

    19. Katchal

    Does the name 'Katchal' sound familiar to you? Want to think harder or have you given up already? Well, it was in the news at the start of this millennium for being the place that received the first ray of sunlight on 1st January 2000.

    Katchal is a tiny island in the Nicobar region, located 425 KM away from the Port Blair jetty. Dotted with three picturesque beaches at East bay, Jhula and West bay, Katchal can be an ideal choice for a peaceful and secluded vacation.

    20. Great Nicobar & Indira Point

    Great Nicobar Island marks the end of Indian territory. This island is the southernmost tip of Indian soil, also known as the Indira Point. Besides being a biosphere reserve, the Galatia Beach is famous for being the nesting ground of the Gaint Leather Back Turtles. Great Nicobar Island is situated at a distance of over 540 KM from Port Blair. It takes around 50 hours sailing by a cruise to cover the distance.

    Must Do Activities:

    1. Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex: Located at the city center of Port Blair Town, the Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex is the first pit-stop for the majority of the Andaman tourists. It is one of the best aqua-sports parks in the country. You can enjoy your vacation with jet skiing, parasailing, speed boat rides and rowboat paddling at this state-of-the-art infrastructure.

    2. Underwater Sea-Walk: Walking underwater on the seabed can be a magical experience. A 20 minutes boat-ride from Port Blair brings you to North Bay Beach where you can satisfy your quest for the marine life.

    3. Snorkeling: Snorkeling lets you experience the underwater marine life. Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park is your best bet to enjoy this activity. Besides, several other beaches in Andaman also offer snorkeling opportunity. Some of the popular snorkeling spots are Corbyn's Cove, Radhanagar Beach at Havelock and Bharatpur Beach at Neil Island.

    4. Scuba Diving: Another favorite activity for the adventure seekers is scuba diving. Scuba diving offer a fascinating world of underwater marine life, varieties of colourful fishes and the rarest of the coral reefs in the world. You can also spot wreckage of sunken ships while diving into the inviting blue waters.

    Havelock Island is unarguably the most popular diving spot in the Andaman region. Cinque Island, Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park and Rutland Island also have scuba diving operators.

    5. Island Camping: For witnessing the pristine beauty and natural riches of Andamans in its unadulterated form, Island Camping is the way to go. Island camping allows you to spend quiet holidays right on the beach. Andaman & Nicobar Tourism Department organizes island camping at the Radhanagar Beach. However, it is usually overcrowded during the peak season. If you are looking for an isolated place to put up your tent, then a better alternative would be the Long Island. It can be an unforgettable experience to camp at Lalji Bay Beach at Long Island on a full-moon night.

    6. Trekking: A trekking trail is originating from Mount Harriet and concluding at Madhuban, winding across a picturesque terrain of 16 long kilometers, is an exciting prospect for trekkers and mountaineers. The route goes through the evergreen forests of Andaman. You can spot a variety of birds along this scenic trail. Diglipur to Saddle Peak trek is another popular hike off the beaten paths that can leave you enthralled.

    7. Surfing: The coastline of Little Andaman Island is the best place for surfing. You can rent surfing equipment from the beachside shacks.

    Where to Stay?

    Andaman and Nicobar Islands have lots of accommodation options catering to budgets of all sizes. Right from basic tents to the luxury resorts and everything in between, you can be assured of finding the right accommodation according to your preferences.

    Reliable Hotels at Port Blair:

    HotelLocationMinimum TariffContact
    Dream PalaceHadoo, Port BlairINR 600(+91) 99324 89466
    Hotel SarvottamTelerabad, Port BlairINR 650(+91) 9434266567
    Hotel Anmol PalaceHadoo, Port BlairINR 850(+91) 9933215727
    Andaman ResidencyGoal Ghar, Port BlairINR 1250(+91) 3192 242 200
    Tango WavesM.G. Road (ATR), Port BlairINR 1500(+91) 99332 92984
    Ripple ResortNayagaon, Port BlairINR 1650(+91) 3192 220 134
    Port MeridienDelanipur, Port BlairINR 1800(+91) 94342 82328
    Hotel Marine ViewAberdeen Jetty, Port BlairINR 2000(+91) 3192 241 241
    Hotel Islander InnPhoenix Bay, Port BlairINR 2700(+91) 3192 234 234
    The Oceanus ResortChidiya Taapu, Port BlairINR 3800(+91) 96795 05185
    Reliable Hotels at Havelock Island:

    HotelLocationMinimum TariffContact
    Cross Bill Beach ResortGovind Nagar, Havelock IslandINR 1250(+91) 3192 282 446
    Dreamland ResortRadhanagar Beach, Havelock IslandINR 1500(+91) 94742 23243
    Gold Star Beach ResortVijay Nagar Beach, Havelock IslandINR 2500(+91) 81012 21000
    Holiday Inn Beach ResortGovind Nagar, Havelock IslandINR 4500(+91) 3192 282 208
    Barefoot at HavelockRadhanagar Beach, Havelock IslandINR 6500(+91) 98402 38042
    Reliable Hotels at Neil Island:

    HotelLocationMinimum TariffContact
    Kalapani Beach ResortBeach No 3, Neil IslandINR 1000(+91) 94742 74991
    Hotel KingfisherBeach No 2, Neil IslandINR 1200(+91) 3192 234 788
    Blue Stone LodgeLakshmanpur Beach, Neil IslandINR 1500(+91) 3192 252 552
    Pearl Park Beach ResortNeil IslandINR 1850(+91) 3192 233 880
    Tango Beach ResortLakshmanpur Beach, Neil IslandINR 2500(+91) 99332 92983

    Safety Precautions:

    1. Crocodiles are aplenty throughout the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. There have been a few instances of crocodile attacks in the past. Although the rivers and coastal mangrove creeks are their natural habitat, they occasionally roam around the sea beaches as well, especially in the Little Andaman region.

    2. Malaria is a common occurrence in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Make sure that you are carrying mosquito repellents, especially while travelling with kids.

    I do hope that the information provided in this Andaman & Nicobar Islands Travel Guide would prove to be helpful in planning your tour. If you have any queries or concerns, please feel free to drop me a note.

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    I wish I knew about Andaman islands when I came to India for my holidays and spent most of my time exploring Goa and Kerala. Andaman islands is my kind of place as I love quite beaches and white sand. Loved the first picture with that boat, it is out of this world.

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    Thanks, Jessica. It's never too late to visit a new place. I am sure, you will find ample time to explore Andamans on your next trip to India. And you won't be disappointed for sure.

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