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Extraordinary auto rickshaw for sale in Delhi

Discussion in 'North India' started by Schakl, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. Schakl

    Schakl New Member


    I'm Mischa from Germany. I bought an autorickshaw in madurai in march and i have driven it up all the way to Dheli. Now it's time to sell my baby. I had such a good time driving this beautifull vehicle and i like to pass it to a traveller. So somebody else can travel the country and see it in the way i did. The rickshaw is really unique. Have a look at the pictures and you gonna fall in love with it. An auto rickshaw is the perfect vehicle to travel India, because it's between a car and a bike. You can travel really comfortable with two people. While one is driving the other can relax in the back. You have fresh air coming in all the time and overall it feels like you are part of the environment. And if it rains? You just close the curtains and you have the advantage of a roof. And the best is the trunk. Just throw your luggage in there abd forget about it till the next stop. So if your interested in making this experience you'll find the quikr ad with my contact details here:

    20170618_151007. IMG-20170626-WA0003.

    Best Greets


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