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Farm Regency Gorai

Discussion in 'Hotels' started by HarishMalhotra, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. HarishMalhotra

    HarishMalhotra New Member

    I will be with my family and friends in Mumbai and we will be there to go to Essel World.
    We are a group of around 15 people and as our primary place of visiting is Essel World, we have found an accommodation by the name of Farm Regency in Gorai, which is only 1km away from the park its self.

    The advantage of this accommodation is that it is very close to the park, but we would like to know more about it and not ruin our stay just because something is not right or lagging.
    It would be the first time that a group of us family and friends would be going out together as a large group, so everything has to be to planned right.
    We have checked for the room availability, and they have the required number of rooms for us.

    1. Does the accommodation have WiFi?

    2. Is there a play area for small children?

    3. What is the food quality like of the accommodation?

    4. How far is Farm Regency from the beach?

    5. Does the accommodation have a generator?

    6. What other attractions are near the accommodation which we can visit?

  2. Destiny

    Destiny Member

    I've actually stayed there while visiting Mumbai! I really liked it! They do have WiFi. I didn't think the food quailty was bad, but I guess that depends on your preference. They have a water park which small children will enjoy including an area especially for them at said water park. I'm not sure about a generator and it isn't very far from the beach and there are TONS of accommodations! It's a great place!

  3. jnorth88

    jnorth88 Active Member

    Yes, the waterpark is a big draw for children. if you let your kids swim, they should have a lot of fun with that. The food is also said to be good, especially the chicken skewers, which are a big favorite during their lunch buffets. I think the resort is a little over a kilometer from the beach. I am not sure what else is in the area.
  4. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello there! Welcome to the forum!

    They do have WiFi in the resort and it's free of charge.

    They have a lawn garden just in the resort vicinity that kids can enjoy and play outdoor games in. There's also a children's park with slides, swings and seesaws. Just beside the children's park, they also have a water park with multiple slides that can be quite fun for kids. They have one swimming pool for adults and another swimming pool for the kids.

    Their restaurant serves North Indian cuisine. Food quality is good enough especially for the price. I don't know much about the other dishes but their chicken dishes are delicious. Try out their chicken lollipops.

    Here are the beaches nearby the resort:
    • Gorai Beach is about 1.8 kms away from the Farm Regency Resort.
    • Palm Beach is about 1.34 kms from the Farm Regency Resort.
    • Culvem Beach is about 1.96 kms from the Farm Regency Resort.
    • Uttan Beach is about 2.96 kms from the Farm Regency Resort.
    Other beaches are quite far from the resort but still accessible like the Marve Beach, Hamla Beach, Aksa Beach, Manori Beach and Silver Beach.

    Yes, the resort has its own backup generator in case there's a power cut.

    Here are some other attractions nearby the Farm Regency Resort Gorai:
    • Global Vipassana Pagoda - This is just 2.8 kms from the resort. It was Pratibha Patil who built this meditation hall. This pagoda serves as a monument of peace and harmony. It was mainly built as a sign of gratitude for the Buddhist monks and Buddha as well. It has a Burmese design signifying the relationship of the two countries of Myanmar and India. At the centre of the pagoda, you'll find a stone dome built without any supporting pillars. This is the largest supporting stone dome in the world.
    • Gorai Creek - This is just 5 kms from the resort. Although this creek has ferries going to Essel Park, you can opt to ride it from Marve Beach for a longer cruise across the creek. You can also reach the Global Vipassana Pagoda by a ride across the creek.
    • Water Kingdom - Just very nearby the Essel World, there's the Water Kingdom. This is the largest water park in Asia. It has different rides, lagoons and slides that friends and families can enjoy.

    There you go. I hope this helps!