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How To Reach Casino Royale Goa?

Discussion in 'Goa' started by AishaKalra, Oct 10, 2023.

  1. AishaKalra

    AishaKalra New Member

    I am planning a trip to Goa with friends and one of the places we all wish to visit is the Casino Royale.

    Our stay in Goa is not confirmed yet, but we are planning things out, one of the things we wanted to know is how to reach Casino Royale Goa.

    We are hoping it is easily accessible and reachable.

  2. Dhruv

    Dhruv Member

    Casino Royale Goa is a popular casino located in the Mandovi River in Panaji, Goa. It's a well-known entertainment destination in Goa, and reaching there is relatively straightforward. Here's how you can reach Casino Royale Goa:

    1. By Road:

    • If you're staying in Goa, you can take a taxi or hire a local cab to reach the Casino Royale. Just mention the casino's name, and most local drivers will know the way.
    • The casino is situated near the Mandovi River, and you can board a casino shuttle from various pick-up points in Goa. The shuttle service is often provided by the casino itself, and it's a convenient way to reach the casino.
    2. By Boat:

    • One unique way to reach Casino Royale is by taking a boat cruise. The casino offers a complimentary boat transfer service for its guests.
    • You can board the casino's boat at designated pick-up points along the Mandovi River. The boat ride itself is a part of the experience, offering scenic views of the river and the coastline.
    3. By Air:

    • If you're arriving in Goa by air, you can book a taxi or use ride-sharing apps to reach the casino from Goa's Dabolim Airport. The airport is approximately 29 kilometers away from Panaji.
    4. By Train:

    • If you're arriving in Goa by train, you can take a taxi or cab from the nearest railway station to Panaji, such as Madgaon Junction or Thivim Railway Station.
    Important Tips:

    • It's a good idea to check the casino's website or contact them directly for information on their boat shuttle schedule and pick-up points.
    • Casino Royale Goa may have specific entry requirements and age restrictions, so make sure to check their policies before planning your visit.
    • While planning your trip, consider the casino's operating hours, as they may vary.
    Please note that Goa has several casinos, so ensure you're heading to Casino Royale Goa specifically if that's your intended destination. Enjoy your visit to the casino and your trip to Goa with your friends!