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Good Budget Hotel In Srinagar

Discussion in 'Hotels' started by Devansh, Aug 6, 2015.

  1. Devansh

    Devansh New Member

    I would like suggestions for a good budget hotel in Srinagar, and the location should be where the tourists destinations and food outlets are easily accessible.
    I am not too fussed about the hotel having their own restaurant as food would be eaten from outside. The budget which I would like the hotel to be in is Rs3000.

  2. Shiv

    Shiv Member

    There are two hotels which come into mind and they all fit in the Rs3000 budget and. You did not mention your time of travel and the prices which are for the hotel are the current prices which may change depending on the time you visit.
    The hotels are Welcome Hotel and Hotel Centre Point, which are also well located.

  3. Tanni

    Tanni New Member

    There are many hotels and restaurants on Boulevard Road, which makes it an ideal location for choosing your budget hotel.
    Some of the hotels which you can choose from are Welcome Hotel, Hotel Pine Grove and Hotel Dawer Heaven.
  4. ManishArora

    ManishArora New Member

    Rs3000 is not really a budget hotel, a budget hotel would be priced at something like Rs1500 which s half of the cost which you have given.
    Back to your query a hotel for Rs3000 there are many, Hotel Imperial Lake View for Rs3800, Hotel Dandoo Palace for Rs3000 and Hotel Duke for Rs3500.
  5. BronsonAkana

    BronsonAkana New Member

    Hotel Paradise was a good hotel that we had gone to.
    Boulevard Road, Opp. Ghat No.5, Dalgate

    But it can be on the higher side. But still cheap :).
    I hope this helps. If anything just google cheap hotel in Srinagar.
    There will be tons of places you could look up. Look for at least 10 hotels before you make a choice.
  6. fatema

    fatema New Member

    I'm not sure if they have it at the state or country you're talking about, but I recommend Best Western! It's literally the best ever! Even if you're in such a bad country and there's a Best Western, it's most likely going to be do clean! Everywhere I go, I have to check if they have a Best Western! They have good service, most of them have free food, and free wifi!
  7. Alexandoy

    Alexandoy Member

    For us, the Rs 3,000 is okay with our budget. But our main concern for a hotel is the breakfast. When we went to Beijing and Kuala Lumpur this year, our hotel accommodations included breakfast. Nice and good. Last year in Singapore, the budget hotel (Fragrance hotel) had no breakfast so I had to go out in the morning and buy something from the 7-11 store. It's a hassle, really, so now I would prefer a hotel with breakfast even if it costs more.
  8. Codygr89

    Codygr89 New Member

    Ya, I agree, a good hotel should have breakfast. You don't want to have to wake up and find a place to get breakfast, especially in a foreign country.
  9. travelguide

    travelguide Active Member

    I think Hotel Paradise located at Boulevard Road, Srinagar is a good option for you. It is a good semi-luxury hotel within your budget. For double bedroom deluxe they charge around Rs.3500/- (excluding service tax of 10%). The hotel got a calm and serene atmosphere, which is perfect for family stay too. It is just half kilometer away from Tourist Reception Center. Government Arts Emporium is just close by. Srinagar Airport is 15 kms from here.
  10. Ashwin Mahesh

    Ashwin Mahesh Member

    Is there any particular reason why you want to stay in a hotel when you're in Srinagar? The place is known for its Shikaras (houseboats), I have stayed in one of those and they're very comfortable, you are not too far from the roads either.