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Help on Itinerary for two week trip to Lahaul Spiti.

Discussion in 'Itinerary' started by Ajay Bindal, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. Ajay Bindal

    Ajay Bindal New Member


    I am planning a trip to lahaul spiti on 17 June for two weeks. Have made a rough itinerary for the same. Please suggest if I have missed something. We have ample time as we are planning the trip for two weeks, so would be great if you can suggest where we should spend more time in the itinerary.

    Day1: 17 June 2017 arnd 4 in the evening
    Noida - Panchkula

    Day 2: 18 June
    Panchkula -- Rampur

    Day3: 19 June
    Rampur - Sangla
    Places to see: Nichar,Baspa River

    Day 4: 20 June
    Sangla Batseri, Rakchham,Chitkul,sangla, Karoham,Raang,Kalpa Reckong Peo
    Places to see: Kamru Fort,Sangla Buddhist Monastery, Bering Nag Temple,Rarang Monastery,Reckong Peo, Sarahan,Suicide Point Kalpa,Kothi,Kalpa

    Day 5: 21 June
    Reckong Peo Ribba ,Moorang,pooh,Dubling Tabo
    Places to see: Ribba village,Moorang Old Fort,Lippa after Moorang, Pooh,Nako,Giu Mummy ,Chogskhor Monastery ( Tabo),The Golden Temple (Tabo) ,Nako Lake

    Day 6: 22 June
    Tabo Hikkim,Komic, kibber Kaza
    Places to see: Tabo Monestry,Tabo Caves , Tabo Rock Art ,Dhankar Monastery,Dhankar Lake ,Sagnam Monastery in Dhankar, Kungri Gompain pin Valley after Dhankar, Kibber Village, Kungri Monastery in Pinn Valley, The Chamber of Picture (Z'al-ma) in Tabbo.

    Day 7: 23 June
    Kaza - Stay in Kaza and Explore All Near by Places kaza
    Places to see:Key Monestry on of the Remotest and old , Sakya Tangyud Monastery,Hikkim Village world highest Post Office, Komic Village

    Day 8: 24 June
    Kaza - Stay in Kaza and Explore All Near by Places Kaza
    Places to see: Kunzum Paa/la , Spiti River,Langza as fossil village 16km from Kaza on Langza Road, Rangrik village ,Chandra Taal Lake.

    Day 9: 25 June
    Kaza Kokhsar,Sissu,Keylong Keylong
    Places to see: Gandhola Monastery 18Km before keylong,Shashur Monastery, Kardang Monestry Remote Location ,Tayul Monastery, Sissu ,Kokhssar, Tandi Village views, Ghondhla after Sissu.

    Day 10: 26 June
    Keylong Pikur,Gemur,Jispa,zingzing bar,Sarchu Keylong
    Places to see: Darcha Village, Baralachala Pass , Suraj tal Lake ,Deepak Taal Gemur-Gompa

    Day 11: 27 June
    Keylong Rohtang,Manali
    Places to see: Rohtang Pass

    Day 12: 28 June
    Manali - Chandigarh

    Day 13: 29 june
    Chandigarh - Noida

    Day 14 and day 15 are complete buffer.

    Please suggest if I have missed something or if I should stay more at some place as I have enough buffer time of around 2.5 days.


    Best R

  2. Lisa

    Lisa New Member

    I am not an expert on India but to me your itinerary looks impossible to cover in two weeks or even three weeks for that matter. I am also wondering how you plan to travel? is it motor bikes? driving a car or have a driver with you?

    Take for example your day 9 25th of June : You plan to travel from Kaza to Keylong and that is around 200KM and you also plan to do sight seeing on the way, if you ask me I would suggest three days for the places you have listed and your journey from Kaza to Keylong and you plan to do it all within one day and I assume you wont be travelling after sunset or atleast not for long as those roads arent the best I have seen. That straight 200KM will take atleast 7-8 hours if you drive sensibly. I am assuming you are just looking at the distance and getting info from Google maps but their travelling times arent realistic if that is what you are looking at.

    If I was you I would either increase the number of days or be a bit realistic about number of sights I would cover enroute.

  3. Ajay Bindal

    Ajay Bindal New Member

    Thanks Lisa, that's what I was exactly looking for......to get the better idea about where it will take more time or where I should spend more time. I haven't put straight away from the google maps and have a bit of idea that traveling takes much more time in such terrains (as I have done similar road trip to ladakh also). But yes, I am a bit unsure about the itinerary, for 25 and 26 June specifically. As I have around 2.5 buffer days, will plan to include at least 1 more day in the itinerary of 25 and 26 June. I would go by car, self driving.

    Thanks a lot for your reply. Any other suggestion or any place you think I have missed.

    Best R
  4. Lisa

    Lisa New Member

    In my opinion Keylong is normally considered as just a stopover on the way to Leh but I feel it is highly underrated and deserves atleast a couple of days. I have stayed at Keylong for 5 days and I still think I should have spent a bit more time, it is a beautiful place although the accommodation that is available is not that great but prices are pretty low as well so thats a consolation. Spending time going for long walks or just small treks is a great idea.

    I cannot suggest places for sightseeing as I have only been there twice so I will let others help you out on that :) Have a safe trip and don't forget to take lots and lots of pictures.
  5. ChaiNashta

    ChaiNashta Active Member

    That's a lot of place in that itinerary in my view especially the number of monasteries. I have been to a few and after a while they all look the same to me but that may be just me and you might have a different opinion but I would still look into the sheer number of monasteries that you have in that list and cut down a bit on monasteries. I also feel that your trip is looking a bit hectic as you are not staying long enough at any place to get some rest.

    All the best for your tour.
  6. Ajay Bindal

    Ajay Bindal New Member

    Thanks Lisa for the prompt replies and the suggestions. Will try to explore keylong a bit more..
    Yaa, one of us is crazy about clicking pics...so I am relying on him for that.. :) :)
  7. Ajay Bindal

    Ajay Bindal New Member

    @ChaiNashta : first of all trendy nickname I must say... ;) ;)
    Yaa, we may plan to optimize the visits to monasteries on the run. Actually, not necessary we will cover everything listed. The idea is not to miss anything if we feel relaxed and had time to explore. More you can say kind of having the knowledge of all the places, so as to optimize in the best possible way depending on the time we have/weather/health etc.. Any specific places where you would suggest just to stay and enjoy a day.
  8. Lisa

    Lisa New Member

    When I traveled with a group I joined we just camped where we wanted but we were a large group and had our own tents and food supplies which may or may not be an option for you but if you can, just camp near a village and stay a couple of days doing nothing walking around and taking pictures and keep that phone switched off :) No specific location to be honest, just anywhere that looks like a good base but make sure you talk to the villagers or the head man/woman and get permission so people dont get suspicious of you being there.
  9. ChaiNashta

    ChaiNashta Active Member

    Ahaha thanks bro, but you obviously haven't met @DhongiBaba and Dihadi Mazdoor and a few others. Welcome to the forum and we would love to have another regular here.
  10. Pawan Ranta

    Pawan Ranta New Member

    Though this is an old post, it is still relevant.
    You are covering 230kms of distance on day 2 and just around 90 km distance on day 3. This is strange.
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  11. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    I agree, Panchkula to Rampur is a long long way. Not good idea to drive such long distances in one go in the mountains. Keep it a maximum or 100-150 kilometres in one day. Whats the rush :) Holidays are supposed to be relaxing, not like an election rally.
  12. Kate Collins

    Kate Collins Member