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Best Time To Visit Lahaul Spiti Valley

Discussion in 'North India' started by Vikram14, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. Vikram14

    Vikram14 New Member

    I would like to know when the best time to visit Lahaul Spiti Valley is? So far I have got some mixed opinions from people, some say go during November and some say go in May or June. I am from Rajasthan so I would like to get away from the hot weather but I don't want it to be too cold either, and would prefer pleasant weather. With the pleasant kind of weather, I think it would be good to relax as well as go sightseeing, as sightseeing is not much fun when it's too hot or too cold.

    I have an image from Lahaul Spiti Valley and I would like to know where this is and during what month can I get such a view?


    Can more be done during the months of May/June as compared to November/December?

    I am quite a busy man and hardly get any time out to go on holiday with my family, so you can take this as maybe a once a lifetime holiday (not literally), so please give some good honest suggestions so I can make the most of this holiday.

  2. Deven

    Deven Member

    The best time to visit Lahaul Spiti Valley is from the months of June to October. This is the summer season in these areas, and the weather is neither too cold or too hot, just right. It is also a good time as mountain passes are all open, if you go in November, there may be chances when roads or mountain passes may be closed and with the weather factor it does start to get a bit cold.

    I can not be too sure about exactly in what month this picture was taken, but I am guessing that it maybe during late April to early May when the snow is just beginning to melt.

    I would say there is more to do during the summer season than in the winter months. Some of the activities you can do int he summers in Lahaul Spiti Valley are mountain biking, a bike tour of Spiti and also trekking. Not too far from Spiti in Khir Ganga is a hot spring pool.

    Other than activities there is plenty you can do when it comes to sightseeing such as monasteries, mountain passes, temples, and lakes.

  3. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hi! Here's a little guide on the seasons in Lahaul Spiti Valley:
    • From April to mid-May: This is a great time to visit Spiti Valley just because the snow is melting and there's the transition from winter to summer. Basically, visit during this season if you want to play with snow or watch the snow capped peaks. The weather would be cold but tolerable. However, the downside is that you won't be able to do everything during this time, some hotels would be closed as well as some roads.
    • From mid-May to mid-July: This is what we call the "peak" season in Spiti Valley. Tourists from all over the world and even locals go the valley during this time. Most of the hotels and other activity places open during this time as well. The roads are mostly open during this season. Still, it's a nice getaway since it is not hot here during this season, neither is it too cold. The temperature is just enough to enjoy the place.
    • From mid-July to August: Better avoid Spiti Valley during this time as it's monsoon season.
    • From September to mid-October: This is considered autumn so if you love this season, you can try and go in Spiti during this time. Keep in mind that the weather is harshly cold at this time so you need to bring clothes for this. There will be no snow or snow caps as well during this season.
    • From November to March: Basically, the winter season and if you want to explore the valley during this time, prepare mentally and physically for it.
    I highlighted the first one which is from April to mid-May simply because that is the season of the picture you have posted:

    I hope this helps!
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  4. Pawan Ranta

    Pawan Ranta New Member

    Lahaul & Spiti are two valleys of Lahaul & Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh. Lahaul & Spiti have different weather and climatic conditions so the best time to visit places in the two valleys varies substantially.