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High Security Number Plates Gurgaon

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Ronak, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. Ronak

    Ronak New Member

    I need to get two high security number plates and all I know is they are obtained from Gurgaon (or should I say Gurugram), which is not far as I live in Delhi.

    Can someone please kindly tell me the procedure to get the high security number plates, and whether anything special has to be done to obtain them.


  2. Anurag

    Anurag Member

    Getting a high-security number plate for an old car

    • You first need to get an authorization letter from the Ekal Seva Kendra, which is in Gurgaon itself. When visiting the Ekal Seva Kendra, you should make sure you have with you the car RC and ID proof.
    • Once you have been to the Ekal Seva Kendra and received your authorization letter, you need to pay for the plate fees at HSRP. When going to HSRP make sure you have your authorization letter, RC, ID proof, and money to be paid which is around Rs400. Once the payment has been made you will receive a receipt which you need to keep it with you.
    • You will have to visit the HSRP after a couple of days and show your receipt there, so you can obtain your car plate.

    Getting a high-security number plate for a new car

    • When you purchase your car make sure you ask the dealer for the authorization letter for high-security registration number plate.
    • After this step just go straight to the HSRP.