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Hotel Suggestion Near Taj Mahal (details Inside)

Discussion in 'Hotels' started by Codygr89, Sep 9, 2015.

  1. Codygr89

    Codygr89 New Member

    I'll be in india late Jan. 2016 and we're looking for a good clean hotel to stay at.

    Preferably in a city near the Taj Mahal. Budget is about 20,000 IR (300$ usd) a night. It needs to be clean and in a well centralized area. Tourist hotels are fine.

    Made this new thread because I didn't want to hijack someone else's

  2. Gabydi

    Gabydi Member

    Well you have a very good budget, for this money you will find very nice hotels. The Radisson and the Hilton are nearby and are veru nice hotels. At the most you would pay 150 or 200 dollars the night. Other thing you could do is save some money in other things so you could stay in the Obreroi Amarvilas at least one night. This hotel has rooms with view to the Taj Mahal, so it would be pretty awesome to stay there at least one night. I think the price is like 750 dollars the night or something like that.

  3. travelguide

    travelguide Active Member

    Yes, Oberoi Amarvilas is unique with its splendid view of Taj Mahal. Try to stay there if your budget allows you. It will be a good experience for you.

    If you are looking for a luxury hotel which is also not heavy on your budget, I think The Retreat will be a good option for you. It is 1 km away from Taj Mahal and 5 km from Agra Fort. It is a three star hotel with good premium rooms. For Superior Rooms they charge around $100 for single and a little bit more for double occupancy. They have a nice buffet breakfast which is also included in the rate. Taxes would be extra.