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How much baggage is allowed on domestic flights in India?

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by ShawnK, Oct 10, 2016.

  1. ShawnK

    ShawnK New Member

    I am getting a Lufthansa flight from the USA to Frankfurt, from there I am getting a connecting flight to Delhi. I wish to go Guwahati from there after my tour in Delhi, which would be on a domestic flight. As I plan to stay in India for three weeks, my luggage would be quite a lot, and I was wondering whether I would be able to take all my luggage with from Delhi to Guwahati on the domestic flight?

    I would like to know how much baggage is allowed on domestic flights, and whether it is the same for all flights?

    Which domestic airline provides the maximum amount of baggage?

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello there, welcome to the forum!

    Here's a list of all airlines in India and their baggage allowance for domestic flights:

    Airlines in India with their Baggage Allowances (Domestic Flights)

    Airline NameCabin Baggage Allowance (Dimension)Checked Baggage Allowance (Dimension)
    Tru Jet7 kilograms, 1 piece (115 cm)20 kilograms (158 cm)
    Air India8 kilograms, 1 piece (115 cm for Boeing and Airbus and 110 cm for ATR/CRJ)First Class - 45 kilograms (158 cm)
    Executive Class - 35 kilograms (158 cm)
    Economy Class - 25 kilograms(158 cm)
    Go Air7 kilograms, 1 piece (115 cm)Go Smart and Go Flexi - 15 kilograms (158 cm)
    Go Business - 35 kilograms (158 cm)
    Jet Airways7 kilograms, 1 piece (115 cm) Standard - 15 kilograms (158 cm)
    Silver - 20 kilograms (158 cm)
    Gold - 25 kilograms (158 cm)
    Platinum - 30 kilograms (158 cm)
    Spice Jet7 kilograms, 1 piece (115 cm) 15 kilograms (158 cm)
    Air Asia7 kilograms, 1 piece (115 cm) Economy - No checked baggage allowance
    Business - 20 kilograms (158 cm)
    Air India Express7 kilograms, 1 piece (115 cm) 20 kilograms (158 cm)
    Vistara7 kilograms, 1 piece (115 cm) Economy - 23 kilograms (158 cm)
    Premium Economy - Up to 2 bags, 23 kilograms each (158 cm)
    Business - Up to 3 bags, 32 kilograms each (158 cm)
    Indigo Airlines7 kilograms, 1 piece (115 cm) 15 kilograms (158 cm)
    As you can see, for the cabin baggage allowances, it's the same for all airlines except for Air India, which has an allowance of 8 kilograms. In contrast to all other airlines which only has a 7 kilograms allowance for the cabin baggage. As for the checked baggage allowances, they are different for the different airlines. It also depends on the class of seat you book. Air India has a good checked baggage allowance at 25 kilograms. Vistara is a good choice as well at 23 kilograms of checked baggage allowance per passenger.

    There you go, I hope this helps you!:)

  3. Karan

    Karan Member

    When traveling on domestic flights in India, baggage allowances can vary between airlines. Here are some general guidelines regarding baggage allowance on domestic flights in India:

    Baggage Allowance on Domestic Flights in India:
    1. Common Standards:
      • Most domestic airlines in India adhere to standard baggage allowance policies.
      • Economy class passengers typically have a free baggage allowance, and excess baggage fees apply for additional weight.
    2. Weight Allowance:
      • The typical weight allowance for checked baggage in economy class ranges from 15 kg to 25 kg, depending on the airline.
      • Cabin baggage allowances usually range from 7 kg to 10 kg.
    3. Variation by Airline:
      • Different airlines may have different baggage policies, so it's essential to check the specific guidelines of the airline you choose.
      • Some airlines may offer more generous baggage allowances, especially for premium classes.
    Airlines with Generous Baggage Allowance:
    1. Air India:
      • Air India often provides a relatively generous baggage allowance compared to some other domestic airlines.
    2. Vistara:
      • Vistara, a full-service carrier, also offers competitive baggage allowances.
    3. IndiGo:
      • IndiGo, a low-cost carrier, may have a standard baggage allowance with options for additional paid baggage.
    Tips for Managing Baggage:
    1. Check Specific Policies:
      • Visit the official websites of the airlines you plan to fly with to check their specific baggage policies.
    2. Book in Advance:
      • Some airlines may offer discounted rates for excess baggage if booked in advance online.
    3. Consider Connecting Flights:
      • If you have connecting flights with different airlines, be aware that each airline may have its baggage policy.
    Before making plans, it's recommended to check specific event details, ticket inclusions, and safety protocols on the official websites or through reliable event platforms. Book tickets in advance to secure your spot, and get ready to welcome the New Year with enthusiasm in the dynamic city of Delhi!