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How To Go Ajanta Ellora From Kolkata

Discussion in 'East India' started by Boskar, May 11, 2016.

  1. Boskar

    Boskar New Member

    I am from Kolkata, and I wish to take my wife and children to Ajanta and Ellora.
    I have a few queries which I would like members to answers to make my trip easier. The distance is quite far, and I would like to plan the trip properly.

    How to go Ajanta Ellora from Kolkata?

    What is the nearest train station to Ajanta & Ellora?

    Apart from the caves there what else is there to see?

    What is the current weather like in Ajanta & Ellora?

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome to the forum!

    The distance between Kolkata and Ajanta Caves is 1,543.1 kms. The distance between Kolkata and Ellora Caves is about 1,620 kms.

    You have several options:

    1. You can ride an airplane from Kolkata to Aurangabad. Some flights I was able to find are:
    • Jet Airways at Rs. 6,805. Departure at 11:55 and arrival at 17:50.
    • Jet Airways at Rs. 6,547. Departure at 9:25 and arrival at 17:50.
    • Air India at Rs. 5,954. Departure at 9:45 and arrival at 16:05.
    From Aurangabad, you can take a bus to Ajanta Caves or Ellora Caves. There are also some conducted bus tours to the caves and other attractions that the government does from Aurangabad. This is probably the most expensive option but it's also the fastest way you can reach your destination.

    2. Your next option would be to ride a train from Howrah Junction to Jalgaon Junction. Here's some trains running this route:
    • Gitanjali Express Train No. 12860. Train runs everyday at 13:50 and arrives at 13:38.
    • Howrah Mumbai Mail Train No. 12810. Train runs everyday at 20:15 and arrives next day at 21:38.
    • Azand Hind Express Train No. 12130. Train runs everyday at 21:50 and arrives next day at 21:54.
    From Jalgaon, a few kms away from the caves, you can ride buses going to Ajanta or Ellora Caves. Fare varies but range between Rs. 1,600 to Rs. 2,500.

    I've mentioned the Jalgaon Junction Railway Station above, which is just about 60 kms from Ajanta Caves. Then, the other one, a bit further, is the Aurangabad Railway Station which is about 120 kms from Ajanta Caves.

    Here are some other attractions in Aurangabad:
    • Bibi Ka Maqbara or Dakkhani Taj. You could see quite a resemblance with the Bibi Ka Maqbara and the Taj Mahal. The name itself, Dakkhani Taj means "Taj of the Deccan." It was Aurangzeb’s son that built this majestic structure.
    • Pitalkhora Caves. Yet another cave/temple in Aurangabad, but it's relatively lesser known than the other two. However, you will find the carvings here just as intricate and detailed. These caves were built in the 2nd Century BC to the 1st Century AD.
    • Khuldabad. This is a holy shrine for Muslims. Several tombs can be found here including Aurangazeb and Khan Jahan’s Lal Bagh tombs.
    • Ghrishneshwar Temple. This is considered as one of the twelve Siva Temples.
    • Devgiri Fort. This was built by Billamraja and it is one of the strongest forts in the country owing to the fact that it was never conquered by other armies.
    • Jayakwadi Bird Sanctuary. You can find the Nath Sagar Lake in here which attracts many migratory and resident birds to the sanctuary.
    Right now, it's the monsoon season in Aurangabad, including Ajanta and Ellora. Although temperatures drop during this time, there's a rise in humidity. July is also considered as having the most rainfall during the monsoon season. If you can avoid travelling to Aurangabad at this time, do so.

    The best months to visit Aurangabad would be from November to February. It is the winter season but the drop on temperature is quite pleasant. Sightseeing, exploring and enjoying the attractions are possible as well. Temperature can even go as low as 10°C.

    I hope this helps!