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How to go Nepal from India?

Discussion in 'Nepal' started by Vidush, Nov 1, 2016.

  1. Vidush

    Vidush New Member

    My friend and I wish to travel to Nepal one day. We are interested in exploring the place and seeing the culture there which would be different from India.

    What we would like to know is what are the different ways of going to Nepal from India and which would be the most convenient way?

    We have read about people doing road trips there, how safe or successful is this way of going to Nepal from India?

  2. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    You can go to Nepal using one of these three ways :

    Take a bus : There is a Delhi to Kathmandu direct bus or you could take a bus from the border areas like Sunauli border crossing near Gorakhpur which is the busiest crossing as it is near a rail head which makes it convenient.

    Nepal by road in own car : You can drive into Nepal in your own car if you are willing to get a permit for 15 days or whatever other durations are available.

    Nepal by Air : There are direct flights between India and Nepal and this is the quickest and most convenient way of visiting Nepal.

    Have a look at this thread : India To Nepal By Land