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How To Reach Badrinath from Delhi?

Discussion in 'North India' started by Sudanshu, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. Sudanshu

    Sudanshu New Member

    My wife and I would like to go on the Badrinath yatra this year. We are from Delhi and need some advice on how to reach Badrinath from Delhi?

    We have not preference on the type of transport, as long as it is comfortable.

    Please also provide some details about the duration of the journey from Delhi to Badrinath.

  2. Dhruv

    Dhruv Member

    There are three ways of reaching Badrinath from Delhi, by air, road or train. Below I have mentioned the way of reaching Badrinath from Delhi in detail.

    Delhi to Badrinath by Air
    The nearest airport to Badrinath would be the Jolly Grant Airport. The distance from the airport to Badrinath is 315km. Once you reach Jolly Grant Airport you would have to travel by road to reach Badrinath, which can easily be done as there are buses and taxies which are available from the airport.

    Delhi to Badrinath by Train
    The nearest train station to Badrinath is the Rishikesh train station. Just like the airport, the Rishikesh train station is at quite a distance from Badrinath. you would have to travel another 300km from Rishikesh train station to reach Badrinath. From outside of Rishikesh train station you can find buses and taxies to take you to Badrinath.

    Delhi to Badrinath by Road
    You can either get a taxi or bus from Delhi to Badrinath. Getting a taxi is obvious as you would get the local taxi service or a cab company like Ola. For buses, you would need to go to ISBT Kashmiri Gate, where you would find a number of buses going to Badrinath. It is best to check whether pre-booking is required for the buses.