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How To Reach Goa From Bangalore

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by Wanderlust, May 5, 2016.

  1. Wanderlust

    Wanderlust Member

    Can Goa be a good choice for a weekend trip from Bangalore? If I start on Friday night from Bangalore, can I visit some of the must visit places in Goa and return to Bangalore by Monday evening or Tuesday morning?

    What's the best way to reach Goa from Bangalore? Bus or train - what would you prefer? Also how long does the journey take? By the way, is there any cheap direct flights between Bangalore and Goa?

  2. Debapriya Deb

    Debapriya Deb Active Member

    The only way for you to visit Goa from Bangalore over a weekend is to fly in and fly out. A distance of over 560 KM is far from being an ideal weekend getaway - if you are travelling by road or train. It would take no less than 14-16 hours to reach Goa from Bangalore by bus. Trains would be no different. So excluding the travel time, you will be left with just 24-36 hours to explore such a buzzling destination, which is not justifiable at all.

    Bangalore to Goa Flights: There are multiple direct flights between Bangalore and Goa. Low-cost carriers like Air Asia and Go Air also operate in this route, so you can possibly get it cheap - if booked 1-2 weeks in advance. I just checked the Bangalore-Goa air ticket fares on MMT, and it can cost you a little over INR 3000 for one-way flight ticket. If that's within your budget, then you can go for it.

    If you prefer to travel by roadways or railways, then you should atleast have 5 days (including the travel time) to explore Goa in a good way.

    Bangalore to Goa Buses: There are overnight buses that run from Bangalore to Goa on a daily basis. The roads are in great condition, so the bus journey will not be too hectic. Both AC and Non-AC buses are there for you to choose between. Volvo, Mercedes and sleeper coaches are also available. A semi-sleeper non-AC bus would cost you around INR 800, while a AC Volvo ticket comes at around INR 1200. SRS Travels, Paolo Travels, Seabird Tourists are some of the renowned bus operators that connect Bangalore to Goa on a daily basis.

    Bangalore to Goa Trains: As far as the trains from Bangalore to Goa are concerned, the Kacheguda Yesvantpur Express (Train No 17603) runs daily between Bangalore and Vasco. Besides you have Vellankanni-Vasco Express (Train No 07316) and Chennai Centrail-Vasco Express (Train No 17311) running once per week. Both these trains have scheduled stops in Yesvantpur railway station in Bangalore. Moreover, there is a direct train between Yesvantpur and Vasco (Train No 17309) which runs on every Monday and Saturday. It takes around 14 hours for the train journey between Bangalore and Goa.

    So there are quite a few options to reach Goa from Bangalore by train, but you need to book well in advance as these trains run to their full capacity almost always. You can probably try your luck with IRCTC Tatkal ticket booking.

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  3. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Yes, Goa is definitely a good choice for a weekend trip. For me, Goa is a perfect place for partying and having fun. If you're into a night life, drinking and just dancing, then Goa is for you. However, there are also some remote beaches around Goa that can work well for those who want serenity and tranquility.

    There's lots of places to visit in Goa, that's for sure. But you don't have to visit them all to have a great time. There are 22 beaches in Goa alone, however you can just pick the most popular ones. Then, if you're into museums, pubs and sanctuaries, there are those places in Goa as well. In a three to four day trip, you can squeeze in plenty of destinations already.

    It depends. I have always loved enjoying the scenery whenever I travel so I always take a bus. It can be longer and a bit uncomfortable, but it's the only way I can see all the views completely. However, since you're crunched for time, you're better off getting a flight from Bangalore to Goa. It can be expensive but it's the fastest way to reach Goa. Trains are a bit faster than buses as well, but you'd have to book in advance in order to get a seat.

    If you take the bus, it can take as long as a day before you reach your destination. If you take the train, it can take more than half a day to reach your destination. And via airplane, it can take just an hour or two.

    The lowest price I've found is at Rs 1,635 from the site Yatra. Bus prices range from Rs 600 to Rs 1,000. Train tickets prices range from Rs 900 to Rs 1,340. There's not much difference as you can see, so it's better for you to take the airplane one so you can reach Goa faster.

    I hope this helps!
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