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Is June the right time to visit Meghalaya?

Discussion in 'Meghalaya' started by Sharath S, May 18, 2016.

  1. Sharath S

    Sharath S Member

    Is it fine to come visit Meghalaya and Cheerapunji in the month of June? How safe are the transportation facilities here in the month of June as it seems to be raining almost the entire year there and Is it wise to travel there during the monsoons. How is the Climate at that time of the year ? If June is not ideal when is the right time to visit an evergreen paradise like Meghalaya?
    Thanks in Advance.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello there!

    Meghalaya can be visited all throughout the year. Cherrapunji, a town in Meghalaya, can also be visited all throughout the year. During June, it's the start of monsoon season in both places. Rainfall might be heavier but since Cherrapunji is one of the wettest places on Earth, you cannot expect anything less.

    Well, first, let's talk about the road conditions to Meghalaya. Out of the 7,633 kms road networks in the state, 3,691 kms are paved. The remaining 3942 kms are gravelled. Your problem would be the gravelled and rocky roads. It can get a bit uncomfortable especially for older or younger passengers. Landslide-wise due to rain, this only happens during heavy rainfall and can be rare to happen. During heavy rains, your other enemy might be the fog which can get worse.

    Now, the road conditions to Cherrapunji are more or less the same. Some roads leading to the area can be rough and patchy. It's not entirely that bad but add in the rain and it can be a different battle. Fogs and mists can make navigating through the roads a bit tough. Most especially if you're new to the area and doesn't know it well. Make sure that you reach Cherrapunji right before nightfall comes as it can be dangerous by evening to still be in the roads.

    The climate in Meghalaya during June is quite cold. It is the start of the monsoon season after all which lasts until September. Temperatures range between 15°C - 20°C. During this time, Meghalaya stays true to its name, it does become an abode of clouds because of the fogs due to the rain. Expect to be drenched in rain almost all the time you are here especially during the month of July.

    The climate in Cherrapunji in June is the same, quite cold. Temperatures are between 18°C to 23°C during the monsoon season, sometimes even lower. Being dubbed as one of the wettest places on Earth, receiving rainfall all-year round is a natural phenomena in the region. In fact, it receives 11,777 mm of rainfall each year! It even holds the Guinness World Record for receiving the maximum rainfall in a year and receiving the maximum rainfall in a month.

    If the idea of being drenched in the rain all the time doesn't appeal to you, then it's best to avoid Meghalaya during the monsoon season. The best time to visit Meghalaya would be the summer season, from March to June. The temperatures during this time range between 15°C to 25°C. It's a pleasant time to go sightseeing, trekking and exploring the wonders of the region.

    However, if you're quite used to the cold, you can also visit Meghalaya after the monsoon season. This is from October to February and is the winter season. Temperatures range between 4°C to 16°C. Expect some places to be covered in fog though. But just after monsoon season, in October, you can see lush greenery all around and the waterfalls turn into a beautiful spectacle.

    I hope this helps!