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Discussion in 'Travel advice' started by raghav@hayabusa, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. raghav@hayabusa

    raghav@hayabusa New Member

    Hello members.

    I am planning to go for a short trip ( a week)
    To kasol from delhi on the 04 Dec 17, i am planning to ride on my bike (suzuki hayabusa), reason i have mentioned my bike is as i know theres a patch of bad road near bilaspur, and i am a little skeptical about my bikes low ground clearance.

    1. Request update on the road condition.
    2. Any good place where i can put up.
    3. Any thing else you deem necessary or is important.
    4. Its freezing cold out there? Any special precautions i need to take other than tbe regular ones.


  2. Prarthana Varma

    Prarthana Varma New Member

    Hi Raghav,

    I have been to Kasol a number of times and I don't think the road is going to be an issue for you.
    1. I have always found the road in a decent condition. Although if you are planning to include Tosh in your itinerary, you should rethink about visiting the place on a bike since the road condition is not good.
    2. Hotel Alpine is one of the most popular and good places in Kasol, where you can plan your accommodation.
    3. The only thing locals keep warning you about is getting too close to the Beas river. The river has a very strong flow and it is advised to maintain your distance from the river.
    4. Ensure you layer yourself well. Since you'll be riding a bike, you'll have to take special care of your hands and avoid frostbite. You can always purchase warm jackets from Kasol itself and they are very warm and good in quality.
    I hope you have a great trip!
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