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Kerala honeymoon packages from Delhi

Discussion in 'Kerala' started by NegiPaul, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. NegiPaul

    NegiPaul New Member

    I am planning my honeymoon which we have decided to go in either February or March 2017. The destination my wife and I have chosen is Kerala, and we would really prefer to get a package as it works out better and everything is pretty much planned.

    We would like to know what kind of Kerala honeymoon packages from Delhi are available. We would like the best package details and can spend up to 14 days in Kerala.

  2. Deven

    Deven Member

    As you may know, very travel agent provides different kinds of packages, I am just providing some details of one kind of package which is for 14 days. This should give you a good idea of what a 14 day Kerala honeymoon package includes.

    Day 1 - This day will be spent sightseeing at Kochi with some shopping experience.

    Day 2 - Kochi to Munnar. Day 2 will be spent at the popular hill station Munnar. In Munnar, you will go sightseeing and also be able to see the cultural programmes.

    Day 3 - Day 3 is another day spent at Munnar sightseeing, going to the parks, museum, elephant ride and bath etc.

    Day 4 - Munnar to Vagamon. Day 4 will be spent at the hill station Vagamon, where you can do paragliding, sightseeing and see the lake.

    Day 5 - Vagamon to Thekkady. Day 5 spent at Thekkady where a spice tour is given. Jungle safari, trekking bamboo rafting is optional.

    Day 6 - Day 6 again is spent at Thekkady where you will visit the Thekkady Periyar Wild Sanctuary & Ecotourism.

    Day 7 - Thekkady to Kanyakumari. Day 7 is spent at Kanyakumari sightseeing, visiting temples an seeing the sunset which is famous.

    Day 8 and 9 - Kanyakumari to Kovalam. Day 8 is spent in Kovalam where you spend your own time at the beach where you can do water sports or get an ayurvedic massage.

    Day 10 - Kovalam to Trivandrum. Day 10 spent in Trivandrum sightseeing and visiting the zoo and famous temple and also do some shopping.

    Day 11 - Day 11 spent in Alleppey, popular backwater destination in Kerala, where you would stay in a house boat.

    Day 12 - Alleppey to Kumarakom. Day 12 is spent in Kumarakom which is one of the popular backwaters. You would be able to explore the backwaters here.

    Day 13 - Day spent at Guruvayur and Athirapally, sightseeing at both places. This is the best monsoon destination to be visiting in Kerala.

    Day 14 - Day 14 would be visiting Alleppy beach, some shopping at the local malls and then heading back to Kochi.