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Kohima Travel Guide - The Unexplored Riches Of Kaleidoscopic

Discussion in 'Destination Guides' started by Debapriya Deb, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. Debapriya Deb

    Debapriya Deb Active Member

    After introducing you to the spectacular Shillong, it's now time to turn our attention to the sleeping beauty of North East India, Kohima - the state capital of Nagaland. Tucked away in the far North-Eastern corner of India lies the mystical and charming Kohima - a pristine hill station with untouched riches of Mother Nature.

    Kohima At A Glance:

    Destination Category: Hill Station
    State: Nagaland
    Highest Altitude: 4738 feet (1444 m)
    Attractions: Mountain Ranges, Valleys, Streams, Wildlife

    Kohima, pronounced as Kewhima, literally means "the land where 'Kewhi' grows". It is in reference to a wild flowering plant which can be exclusively found in the mountains around Nagaland. Located on a mountain cliff, the Kohima city serpentines along the top of the mountain ranges to offer breathtaking views of the lush green mountain valleys. The towering peaks, the tearing clouds and the misty breeze can make it an absolutely delightful trip for the tourists.

    Inspite of being Nagaland's primary business hub, commercialization could not destroy its natural beauty and Kohima still remains the most charismatic destination in the entire state for nature lovers. Cherishing the nature's splendor with a steaming hot cup of Assam CTC tea can do a world of good in revitalizing yourself in the chilling weather of Kohima.

    Have you ever come across an out-of-the-world wallper and thought that such a beautiful place can only be seen in dreams? One visit to Dzukou Valley would be enough to shatter that thought as you will be ecstatic to discover the amazing landscape that it offers. The twisting Dzulekie stream weaving through the charming grass valley is another attraction for the travellers.

    Japfu Peak and Pulie-badze Peak offer hawk-eye views of the flowering valleys and both these places attract large number of tourists. Finally, if ancient history is of any interest to you, then you must pay a visit to the ruins of Nagaland's glorious past at Tseminyu. Kohima War Cemetery, constructed in the memory of World War II brave-hearts and maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, is another major tourists’ attraction in Kohima.

    Must Visit Places:

    1. Dzukou Valley - A favorite trekking trail for the tourists, Dzükou Valley is a vast stretch of beautiful grasslands along the hilly terrain located at the height of 2438 m above the sea level, along the border of Nagaland with its neighboring state Manipur. It's no less than a dream come true experience for the nature lovers to walk through the lush green valley carpeted with exotic flowers, misty hillocks and enchanting streams.

    2. Japfu Peak - Located at an elevation of 3048 m, it's the second highest peak in Nagaland. Popular with adventurous tourists, Japfu Peak offers a great view of the amazing Dzukou Valley. Decorated with varieties of Lilies and Rhododendrons throughout the trekking route, Japfu Peak is also home to several exotic bird species. The mystical view of sunrise from this peak can be a cherished memory.

    3. Pulie Badze Peak - Overlooking the Pulie-badze Wildlife Sanctuary, this is a must-visit peak for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers. It is home to various wild animals and birds - including a few rare species. Tiger, Himalayan bear, hoolock gibbons, leoperd, tropical langur, wild cat, sambar, barking dear, wild boar and slender loris are a few of the major attractions at Pulie Badze. Bird lovers can feast on some of the exotic species including Blyth's Tragopan (state bird of Nagaland), Indian hornbill, Tragopan pheasant, grey pheasant, jungle fowl, parrot and dove. The sanctuary itself is situated in a refreshingly beautiful location surrounded by green hills and numerous streams.

    4. Dzulekie Stream - Flowing through a sleek and narrow gorge along the evergreen sub-tropical forests, the Dzulekie stream seeps underground at some places. It's a popular picnic spot and ideal for spending some quality time with your spouse and children amidst natural surroundings.

    5. Kohima War Cemetry - The War Cemetary was built in remembrance of the British and Indian soldiers who gave up their lives during World War II. Located off the Imphal-Diampur highway, it is dedicated to the soldiers who lost their lives in protecting the country from the Japanese invasion in 1944.

    6. Nagaland State Museum - Add this to your tour plan to take a sneak-peak in to Nagaland's culture and heritage. The museum portrays the history and traditions of the Naga community. You can find a thorough collection of are articles of different tribes residing in the state of Nagaland.

    Connectivity & Communication:

    By Road: Nagaland State Government Transport operates buses which ply between Kohima and all major towns within the state and Assam. Besides there are a number of luxury private bus operators. You may also avail taxi service, although the rates are on the higher side.

    By Rail: Kohima is not connected by railway service. Dimapur is the nearest railway station from which regular train services are available to Guwahati.

    By Air: The nearest airport is at Dimapur. Guwahati and Imphal are well-connected to Dimapur by daily flights operated by Alliance Air. Services to and from Kolkata and Delhi are available on every alternate days.

    Getting Around:

    City buse service connects all major tourist destinations to Kohima city center. There are buses aplenty and it is very cheap compared to local taxi or cab operators. Pre-paid taxis are also there but mtered taxi service is not available.


    Kohima has a number of government run guest houses, private hotels and tourist lodges. Do not expect lavish luxury as most of the accommodations available are very basic in nature.

    Must Eat Local Cuisine:

    A must try food item while you are in Kohima is the pork masala cooked with dry bamboo shoots. Served hot along-with steamed rice, it's a traditional cuisine for the Angami Naga tribes.

    Concluding Verdict:

    Kohima is a great choice for a romantic leisurely trip away from the busy city-life. Weather is great all throughout the year, but if wish to avoid possible road-blocks due to landslide, then monsoon days are not recommended. With its foggy atmosphere, chilling breeze and beautiful landscapes, a tour to Kohima can turn in to a memorable trip of your life.Nagaland as a whole is also a flower lovers paradise and this page is incomplete without finally mentioning that if you love flowers then Kohima is the place you want to be at.
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  2. Chahal

    Chahal ਜੱਟ ਕੀ ਤੇ ਘੱਟ ਕੀ Staff Member

    Very well written and very engaging. I wonder why North Eastern states have not become a global hub for tourism. Natural beauty that our North-Eastern states have is one of its kind in the whole world and I find local people to be extremely friendly and warm. It has all the elements to become a huge success story if the central government gives it a little push.

    The least central government can do is to make air travel tax free and the flights would cost less then a train ticket and it would be a great boost to the local economy. This wont even be a lengthy process. Let Mr Modi make an announcement that air travel will not carry any taxes any more and there is a 5 year service tax break on hotels and restaurants there. It would take two days for the whole nation to start looking at the North East instead of going to Europe. The amount of economic impact such a step would have is unimaginable.

    I always encourage people to pick North East as their next holiday destination.

  3. BadBoy

    BadBoy Active Member

    the 7 sisters have always been neglected by the government.. The militant group in those regions have increased due to this..

    I went to imphal back in around 2008 we were not allowed to see a famous lake there as all those who speak Hindi basically non imphalians would be killed by the militant group.. We stayed there for 2 days and that too just in our hotel and visited the market..
  4. Chahal

    Chahal ਜੱਟ ਕੀ ਤੇ ਘੱਟ ਕੀ Staff Member

    That sounds a bit extreme. I hope situation has improved now.