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Most Haunted Place in Delhi

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chit Chat' started by Brij, Jul 7, 2016.

  1. Brij

    Brij New Member

    I have seen and read the thread about Bhangarh Fort, which is in Rajasthan. I have been there and not found anything haunted about the place.

    I am more interested in knowing about the most haunted place in Delhi. I have heard a few places are haunted but do not know what the exact location is or whether it is just a rumour.

    I wanted to find out from others which is the most haunted place in Delhi and what is so haunted about it.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome to the forum!

    There's supposed to be many haunted places in Delhi. Here's a little list for you, the most haunted places in Delhi are:
    • The Delhi Cantonment Station. This is probably the most well-known haunted place in Delhi. Many passers by here have related the same story. The story goes that a middle-aged woman, in the middle of the night, asks you for a ride in your vehicle. Since many of the people are afraid, the natural reaction is to immediately pump the engine and get out of there. The supposed lady ghost would then follow you, despite the speed of your vehicle. Once you stop, she would also disappear. The moral? Don't talk to strangers, especially at night time!
    • Dwarka Metro Station Sector 9. Another station, what is up with that, right? Lol. Anyway, the story goes that people have experience paranormal energy here. Sometimes it's as if someone's slapping them at night. There were also accounts of people seeing a woman in the middle of the road and this figure suddenly disappears. Pack your courage if you visit this place at night time.
    • House No. W-3 in Kailash. An incident happened here years ago when an elderly couple was brutally murdered in their own house. Now, their house is said to be haunted. Locals hear screaming and murmuring from the house during night time.
    • The Jamali-Kamali Tomb or Masjid in Mehrauli Archeological Park. The tomb houses the graves of Jamali and Kamali, both are Sufi Saints. However, visitors recall voices calling out to them when they visited this place. These are disturbing voices as well, not you know, sweet and pleasant calls. Surely an eerie place to visit at night.
    • Khooni Darwaza. Warn your foreigner friends against this place as it only seems to do strange things to non-Indians. The Khooni Darwaza means Bloody Gate and it is said that the sons of Bahadur Shah Zafar was executed here in public. The spirits here are said to be okay with Indian visitors, but not foreigners.
    • Khooni River in Rohini. Much like the Bermuda Triangle, it is said that whoever goes to the river, gets sucked inside it.
    There you go, a list of the most haunted places in Delhi. There's some more that I didn't include, I just included the ones that gave me chills. Precaution: Visit at your own risk! I hope this helps!

  3. audrinaa

    audrinaa New Member

    Have you ever personally visited these places? Do you know if you have to pay a fee? If so is it very much? I love all things haunted and ghostly and would love to have a list of things to do before I even get there. Are these places close together? Are there any haunted tours there? Do they believe in Halloween? Sorry for all the questions but I just want to know about these things ahead of time so that I may plan around my schedule.
  4. Rako

    Rako Guest

    The archaeological ruins of the Indus Valley civilization like Dwarka and Lothal are thousands of years old. Wouldn't they have ghosts?