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New Jalpaiguri to Kathmandu by Train

Discussion in 'Nepal' started by Mili, Jun 7, 2016.

  1. Mili

    Mili New Member

    I am from Sikkim and this year I had made a decision that I would make my long awaited trip to Nepal. I am certain that there are trains which go from Sikkim to Kathmandu, and I just require some details about it.

    I need details from New Jalpaiguri to Kathmandu by train, details such as time to travel, the cost of the ticket and timings of the train are required.

    I would also like to know do we need to change trains when at the border, how does it work?

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome to the forum!

    There is really no railway system in Nepal but you can reach any of its bordering towns via the Indian Railway System. So from Sikkim, take a taxi or a bus to reach New Jalpaiguri or take the train to reach New Jalpaiguri Station. Then from New Jalpaiguri, take a taxi to Kakarbhitta. Once you have reached Kakarbhitta, there are buses to take you to Kathmandu from there.

    From Sikkim to New Jalpaiguri, it can take two and a half hours if you take a taxi. From New Jalpaiguri to Kakarbhitta, it can take about 40 minutes if you take a taxi. And from Kakarbhitta to Kathmandu, it can take you 12 hours if you decide to take a bus.

    The taxi from Sikkim to New Jalpaiguri can cost as much as Rs 4,000. The taxi from New Jalpaiguri to Kakarbhitta can cost Rs 1,400 or higher. The bus from Kakarbhitta to Kathmandu costs Rs 866 or higher, depending on the type of bus.

    Sadly, I cannot seem to find the exact schedules and timings of the buses from Kakarbhitta to Kathmandu. But it says from their site that it leaves at night.

    If you'd like to take the train though, then consider Birgunj. It's the main entry point of Indians coming from Kolkata and Patna. It also has its own station from Raxaul.

    Good luck!