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Places And Attractions To See In Chennai

Discussion in 'South India' started by ChaiNashta, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. ChaiNashta

    ChaiNashta Active Member

    Are you heading to Chennai for a holiday? Well, you have chosen well. Despite the heat and lack of greenery, Chennai has so much to offer for the traveler. Above all, the warmth of the people and rich cultural background will make up for everything else. Chennai is one of the biggest metros in India and it is an integral part of South India. Chennai is the 4th largest Indian city. This is a must-see place in the state of Tamil Nadu. They have a rich heritage and tradition to offer to the visitors. The city was established in 17th century during the British rule. The city was called Madras for a long time. However, the city boasts of great historical past of hundreds of years. Let’s take a look at some of the most attractive tourist places to see in Chennai below.

    • Marina Beach
    Marina beach is undoubtedly the biggest tourist attraction in the city. Everyone who visits the city heads to this beautiful beach. Notably, this is the second longest beach in the world. The silver sand provides a great walk along the seashores. People head to this beach to see the sunrise and sunset. Also, it is perfect for sports activities including wind surfing, fishing, beach volleyball, etc. However, one thing we should tell is that it is not as well maintained as it should be. But one cannot overlook the fact that this beach embodies the soul of this city. Therefore, one cannot stop loving this beach. Also, there is no entrance fee to worry about here. It tends to be a crowded place in the evenings. People from all classes flocks to marina beach every day.

    • Semmozhi Poonga
    Chennai is known for its scorching sun. If you are looking for an escapade then this is the perfect place. This park was opened in 2010 for the public. This park is located at the center of the city. Lush garden and beautiful landscapes over 20 acres are the biggest attractions here. They brought a variety of plants and trees from all over the world to the park. The park also hosts already existing trees as old as 100 years. The garden has got aromatic herbs as well as medicinal plants in it. Another attraction is the beautiful artificial waterfall. Children will have a great time in the park. If you have kids, you should definitely take them to the park.

    • The Huddleston Gardens Of Theosophical Society
    Why did they establish Theosophical Society? They did it with the intention to create universal brotherhood. This society tries to blend messages from all major religions to improve the quality of human life. Chennai hosts the headquarters of this society. And it is located in Adyar. People from all faiths visit this place and respect them for their teachings. The society came into existence in 1883. One of the biggest attractions here is the Huddleston Gardens. Those who love bird watching visit this place as you can see many rare species of birds here. The garden has a huge banyan tree at the center of it and this 450 year old tree is the center of attraction here.

    • Arignar Anna Zoological Park
    Another important destination is the Arignar Anna Zoological part, which is the first zoo in India. It was established in the year of 1855. Though the zoo was initially in the Moor market, later it got shifted to Vandalur. You will find more than 170 species of wildlife in this massive zoo. It has got tiger, lion hyena, panther, elephants etc. in it. They have provided lion safaris and elephant rides there for the visitors. If you are game for it, you walk the entire stretch of the zoo. Or else you can depend on the vehicle rides.

    • Pulicat Lake
    Without any doubt, this is a must-see place if you are in Chennai. As you know, Chennai is not blessed with greenery unlike few other cities in India. So a trip to the Pulicat Lake will be a welcome change for you. You can enjoy nature in close proximity here and you will totally love it. It is actually located on the border of Tamilnadu. You will find the serene atmosphere very relaxing. Boat rides are the most popular thing here. You can enjoy fishing during the boating. You can also enjoy bird watching here.

    • Kapaleeswarar Temple
    This is one of the oldest temples in the city. Though there is no proof, it is believed to be built by Pallava Kings in the 7th century. The architecture is really magnificent here. Some historians claim that Portuguese destroyed the original temple and later someone else rebuilt it. The Dravidian style architecture is the most attractive thing about this temple.

    • Breezy Beach
    Though Marina beach is the longest in Chennai, Breezy beach attracts many due to the unpolluted atmosphere. This small beach in Valmiki Nagar will give you a serene time if you are looking for that. Picturesque sunsets are not to be missed here.

    • National Art Gallery
    It was established in 1907. You can clearly see the Indo-Saracenic architecture influence here. The red sandstone construction is something you shouldn’t miss. It has got four sections of galleries and you shouldn’t miss any of them. You will see the ancient paintings here dating back to the 11th century. The Rock and Cave Art Gallery is another attraction.

    • Connemara Public Library
    It was established in 1896. You will find many rare and unique collections here for your reference. The architecture is a blend of many styles across India. You will be definitely impressed by the collection of books here. It keeps copies of all periodicals, newspapers and books published in India.

    • Little Mount Shrine
    This shrine boasts of a rich history. St. Thomas hid in a cave here before he was killed and you can see the cave. Sadly, they haven’t preserved important monuments and structures here. You can get a view of the city and airport from here.

  2. Karan

    Karan Member

    Some other places to see in Chennai are as follows:

    • Elliot's Beach
    If you prefer a quiet beach and something less crowded as compared to Marina beach then you should visit Elliot's beach. On the south side of the beach, there is a Laxmi temple and church as well.

    • Fort St George
    This church was one which was built during the British rule, and it also includes a museum which is worth visiting.

    • Sri Parthasarathy Temple
    This is one of the oldest temples in Chennai and is dedicated to Lord Krishna.

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