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Places to Visit in East India

Discussion in 'East India' started by Shamir, Jul 7, 2016.

  1. Shamir

    Shamir New Member

    I want to explore East India, yet it is a region of India which is very less talked about or visited. I believe that the East part of India is a lot better and has more to offer.

    As someone who will be visiting East India for the first time, I would need some assistance when traveling to there. I need help in finding out what places to visit in East India.

    I would also like to know what parts of East India I should visit.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome to the forum!

    There's lots of places you can visit in East India. There are scenic spots, hill stations, valleys... It has everything you might want in a tourist destination. So, here's a list of the best places you must visit in East India:

    Popular Tourist Destinations in East India

    1. Darjeeling in West Bengal. This region is best known for its tea industry. It also has a pleasant climate all year round which makes it a perfect destination for many tourists. Here's some attractions in Darjeeling:
    • Singalila National Park. There's lots to see here, from plants to animals. The Red Panda and Clouded Leopard are amongst the most famous attractions in here as well.
    • Padmaju Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park. Most famous for its Snow Leopard, this park is located above 2,134 metres above sea level.
    • Observatory Hill. Most famous for its majestic views of the Kanchendzonga. It also has a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva on its peak.
    • Happy Valley Tea Estate. This houses one of the highest tea factories in the world.
    2. Sikkim. This is the least populated state in India and the second smallest state. Places to visit are:
    • Pemayangste Monastery. This was built by Lama Lhatsun Chempo and the monastery is only for monks of pure Tibetan lineage.
    • Nathu La Pass. This is about 4,310 metres above sea level and visitors to the area are restricted by the government. It's still worth visiting because of the amazing views at its peak.
    • Tsango Lake. To visit this place, you'd need an Inner Line Permit. This lake is sacred to the locals.
    • Namchi and Ralong Monastery. These are both important Buddhist pilgrimage sites.
    3. Assam. This region is best known for the variety of races, culture and religions of the people here. Places to visit are:
    • Kaziranga National Park. You can spot elephants, tigers and deers in here. You can opt for a jeep or an elephant safari as well.
    • Dibru Saikhowa National Park. Feral Horses are the most famous attractions here. There's also a wide variety of animal species you can see here.
    • Orang National Park. The famous One-Horned Rhinoceros can be spotted here.
    Offbeat Destinations in East India

    1. Phek in Nagaland. The state itself is rich in flora and fauna, 1/6 of it is covered by tropical forests. On the other hand, Phek has about 70% forests in its area. If you'd like a serene and relaxing vacation, it's the place to be. Here's some attractions here:
    • Zanibu Peak. Offers amazing views of the Mount Everest along with the whole of Nagaland.
    • Pfutsero, Khezakenoma, Thetsumi, Poruba and Yurba. These are all villages in the town of Phek. Experiencing the village life is one of the most important things you can do in Phek. It's a great way of immersing one's self into other people's culture, especially one that's as traditional and interesting as these villages.
    • Shilloi Lake. A great place for relaxing and unwinding.
    2. Cherrapunji in Meghalaya. The second wettest place on Earth, that's Cherrapunji, which receives rainfall all throughout the year. Some attractions here are:
    • Nohkalikai Falls. The tallest waterfall in India and the fourth highest in the world. It differs in colour, in winter it's blue and in summer, it's green.
    • Mawsmai Cave. A very dark cave which makes traversing it quite hard but that's part of the adventure really.
    • Thangkharang Park. This park is located on the edge of a cliff which also offers amazing views of the surroundings.
    3. Senapati in Manipur. This is one of the least explored regions in East India. About 80% of the region is covered in forests, which makes it a perfect destination for nature lovers. Attractions here are:
    • Sadu Chiru Waterfalls. This is about 15 metres high and is surrounded by dense tropical forest.
    • Dzuko Valley. You'd need to trek for about 5 hours to reach this. But it's all worth it, once you reach the top, be in awe of the natural flora and fauna of the valley.
    • Makhel Cave. Located in the village of Makhel, it is believed that even older civilisation used this cave as a way to reach other areas in the region.
    I hope this helps!
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